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Mine would be,

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

Randy Orton vs Undertaker

John Cena vs Triple H

Rey Mysterio vs

Trish Stratus vs Mickie James

Evolution vs Rock n Sock

Any MITB match

Lucy Snorebush
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Trish Stratus vs Mickie James

Edge and Christian vs The Dudleys vs The Hardyz - TLC match

Bret Hart vs Austin - Submission match

Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

HBK vs Undertaker - Career vs Streak

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

And if I could re-use Michaels then i'd throw in HBK vs Triple H vs Benoit.

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Doink v Crush
Roddy Piper v Mr T boxing match
Hart Foudation v Bolsheveiks
HHH v Ultimate Warrior
Kane v Chavo Guererro
HBK v Diesel
Big Show v Cena v Edge
Taker v King Kong Bundy
Macho Man + Sherri vs Dusty Rhodes + Sapphire

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Card Would Go In this order

Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus
Randy Savage Vs Ricky Steamboat
E&C Vs Hardy Boyz Vs Duldey Boys
Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio
Kane Vs Undertaker(WrestleMania 14)
Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart
Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lesnar
The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan
Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Benoit

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1) Trish Stratus vs Mickie James - WrestleMania 22
2) Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper - WrestleMania 8
3) Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz - WrestleMania 16
4) Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat - WrestleMania 3
5) Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 19
6) Triple H vs The Undertaker - WrestleMania 17
7) The Rock vs Hollywood Hogan - WrestleMania 18

Didn't use any deceased wrestlers as requested by the OP and only used one match per Mania.
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