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Riverdale Mafia

Winners: Town

MVP: Phen0m
HM: Chr1st0
HM: CamillePunk

Notes: It was a tough start for town due to inactivity from a few players, which was compounded by them lynching Mikey the Oracle on Day 1. That night, Phenom jailkept Tweetums which prevented his vig shot hitting Chr1st0 who cleverly used his reporter shot on Jeff to catch him out as the Serial Killer. Also CP hid behind LethalWeapon which led to his lynch (although it was slightly later than it should have been for reasons unconnected to the mod :brodgers). The following day, Jeff was lynched, although after his lynch had been reached - he outed Big Man as the Godmother as his kill didn't go through. Big Man was eventually lynched. The game plodded on with scum getting a slight advantage, however this ended at mass claim when MrEvans inadvertently fake claimed the same character as TKOK, leading to both of their deaths and town's win.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts