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Chimp hasn’t improved lol it’s just because of the period where he tanked his game on purpose. It’s all artificial. He used to be decent and then he regressed and then basically improved to where he used to be :draper2

I voted phenom for most underrated, can’t even remember who I voted for most improved lmao
he was bad at the beginning of the year when he was constantly getting mislynched, then he had that period where his reads were on point which is where the improvement was. the tanking or w.e. came after that

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I definitely don't think Chimp is the worst or even particularly close to it.

And fwiw Chimp I didn't actually vote you for worst overall, just figured it'd be funny to let you think I did for a while.

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- THE KING (Best Overall Player)


- THE VILLAGER (Best Town Player)


- THE DEVIL (Best Scum Player)


- THE JUDGE (Best Host)

Big Man

- THE FUTURE (Best Newcomer)


- SELF IMPROVEMENT (Most Improved)


- UNSUNG HERO (Most Underrated)


- MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (Best Individual Performance)

Magic in I Choo Choo Choose You Mafia

- THE NERD (Most Dedicated)


- DREAMTEAM (Best Mafia Team Performance)

Attack on Titan

- THE ARENA (Best Game)

NJPW Mafia

- RATINGS (Best Post-Game)

Buffy Mafia

- BLOOD WAR (Best Feud)

Magic v Rugrat

- MASTER OF DISGUISE (Best Fake Claim)

Doddsy in suits

- OH MY GOD! (Most Shockingly Good Individual Performance)

Skybox in Bleach Mafia

- LOL Moment of the Year

TKOK and the :francis gambit

- WOODEN SPOON (Worst Overall Player)


- OH GEEZ (Most Shockingly Bad Individual Performance)

CamillePunk fails to win as invincible indy

- SPIRIT SQUAD (Worst Mafia Team Performance)

Video Game OST Mafia

- THE WASTELAND (Worst Game)

Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero

- ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW... (Most Overrated)


- IT'S STILL REAL TO ME (Biggest Meltdown)

Banana in WF Section Mafia

Disclaimer: I only voted magic most overrated cos I couldn’t think of an answer and saw he had a couple votes and figured it’d be a laugh :beckylol
You cut me deep. :sadbecky

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Eh he's still a troll and just asserts reads in mafia without any reasoning (or sometimes bad reasoning) and confidently sticks by them despite often being wrong. That's really bad play in my view. Maybe he's most improved out of everyone else, but he's still comfortably bottom tier to me. :draper2
people also love to conveniently forget when he's wrong for whatever reason and he's wrong a lot.

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My votes were in discord, if you missed em too bad!
think again

THE KING: CamillePunk (He has really peaked this year and deserves to win)
THE VILLAGER: Odogaron (He's easy to trust when he's town since it's hard for him to play as scum to the same standard)
THE DEVIL: Poyser (You were town when you threw that one game right? :p)
THE JUDGE: Doddsy (or Xenus if not allowed to vote for those not on the list)
THE FUTURE: Jamaican (Odo feels like he'll blow up soon with the way he's getting into arguments so Jam seems more like a future WF vet)
SELF IMPROVEMENT: Banez (His attitude still sucks but he's come a long way from being clueless gameplay wise)
UNSUNG HERO: Laughable Chimp (Because I remember games where he did something silly, then played well apart from that, and no-one really paid any attention to his actual play)
THE NERD: CamillePunk (Poyser and Odo both played on other forums right?)
DREAMTEAM: LoL [Skybox, Xenus, Retep, PHEN0M] (Last post in mafia QT: "Well done gang and well done Peter. This is the best scum team I've played with. We didn't put a foot wrong.")
MASTER OF DISGUISE: IMPULSE coaches Lawls to fake claim and bus him to win the game in Dark Tower (I think this is the one I'm thinking of anyway)
LOL Moment of the Year: Reap giving MVP to NotGuilty when he got repped out on N1, and a HM to Magic when he got lynched as the survivor early in the game (I'm laughing AND crying)
SPIRIT SQUAD: Video Game OST [Skybox, Doddsy, Magic/rosslyn, Poyser] (When you have a team that awesome and it's Jigsaw and Chimpy who destroy you, you gotta win some kind of award)
ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW...: Rop3 (Not even nominated for a single player award FeelsBadMan)

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i voted big man most underrated.

rop3 still salty about that HM. :mj2

that was by far the best performance of the year. 100% reads by night 1? no one has done that. NO ONE. :kobe3

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Mine were

THE KING (Best Overall Player)

THE VILLAGER (Best Town Player)

THE DEVIL (Best Scum Player)

THE FUTURE (Best Newcomer)

UNSUNG HERO (Most Underrated)
Laughable Chimp

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (Best Individual Performance)
Magic as Town in I Choo Choo Choose You

THE NERD (Most Dedicated)

THE ARENA (Best Game)
Christmas Mafia 2018

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I voted CP for a lot of things can't remember too much, Jam for improved I think and Chimp for Underrated. Voted Smarks for Host of course and Retep Assassination Classroom game as the best.
Meltdown I voted Sol Katti in Suits can't believe she didn't win and worse plays Sol Katti, Lawls and Banez in Suits.

Oh and thanks big man, I’m fairly certain I voted you for best game/ best host

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My votes:

[QUOTE='Tis The Season]King: Magic

Villager: Poyser

Scum: CP

idk if those choices really make sense, but ya'll are prob the best 3 players so I just fit it in a way it sort of works.

Judge: Rope

Future: Odo

Improved: Jam

Underrated: Chimp

MVP: Xenus in Yakuza

Nerd: CP (mainly because he tries to act like he's not a nerd :brodgers)

Dreamteam: Gotham was pretty impressive IIRC

Arena: Sopranos by Big Man

Ratings: NJPW by Chimp

Feud: Magic v Rugrat (love the slow build)

Fake Claim: Doddsy in Suits

OMG: Daryl in Danganronpa

LOL Moment: Chimp claims survivor as town

Wooden Spoon: MC

Geez: Lawls self hammer in Suits

Spirit Squad: Inactive scum team in Curry's game

Worst Game: Persona 5

Overrated: Me :brodgers idk, maybe Peter. He's good, but not tier 1 imo.

Meltdown: Won't vote here as I want a sweep :eek:[/QUOTE]

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So who else besides Odo voted me in the shockingly good performance, you sure i actually won that award? :hmmm
I dont think I did vote you

Im sure I went with Skybox MANHANDLING junk in bleach
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