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Most Dedicated
Sol Kat

Most Underrated


Biggest Sheep


Biggest Troll


Most Active


Most Improved


Best Individual Performance

CP Christmas Mafia

Worst Individual Performance

Junk Christmas Mafia

Best Game

Xmas Mafia

Worst Game

Tekken Mafia(or whatever Flay's dueling gaming was)

Best Role Usage

A bunch of stuff, so EVERYONE wins. :side:

Worst Role Usage

Junk in xmas mafia and flay blocking the vig out of spite

Best Newcomer


Best Host


Best Scum Player


Best Town Player


Best Overall


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Dan coming in with Xmas Mafia & taking best game :mj2

He's just too good for me.

Grats to all the winners. I would have voted but I played in like two games & hosted a couple, and honestly can't remember anything :lol

Guess I better get a new signature cooked up for @Poyser, move aside, we've found the FUTURE @Xenus

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man I actually would have had a chance at one of these if people followed my hunch on CP from Christmas mafia earlier on :lol but nah he earned that one easily and Xmas mafia was definitely the perfect first game for me :) (let's not discuss the one after though :side: )

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Btw I'm removing myself from future awards. I've won enough.

also now when anyone ever questions how good I am and if I'm the GOAT or not this will literally be the response:

I won Most Dedicated? Wow. Thanks. :eek:

Magic, who won Best Host?
you came second for best host. it was really close(as in 1 vote)

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I voted The Fourth Wall for Best Host. I lost because of that. :CENA

Quality over quantity. Not to say mine wasn't quality. But you get it. :bayley2

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Runner ups would be cool to see
Best overall: Magic(7), sk(1) cp(2)poyser(1)
Best Town: CP(2)magic(4)doc(3) titania(1)curry(1)
Best Scum: Magic(3)cp(3) poyser(2)junk(1)
Best Host: SK(3) tfw(4)reaper(2)rop3(1) dan(1)
Best New: Xenus(9)banez(2)chimp(1)
Most dedicated: reaper(1) poyser(4) skybox(1)sk(4) chimp(1)magic(1)
Most underrated impo(3)curry(2)sk(2)poyser(1)sweenz(1)gambit(1)doddsy(1)
biggest sheep: t'challa(1)lawls(4)skybox(1)aizen(1)
biggest troll: flay(9)chimp(1)
most active: banez(1)poyser(6)impo(1)reaper(1)magic(1)
most improved: doddsy(5)skyfall(1)skybox(1)
Best individual: poyser in izombie(3) magic in wire mafia(1)sk 80's mafia(1)cp in xmas mafia(4) chr1sto faking a pr(1)magic death note mafia(1)
Worst individuaL: jigsaw(1) junk in xmas(3)flay(1)brutus xmas mafia(1) magic claiming scum(1)
best game: treater hunter mafia(1) witcher 3(2) kingdom hearts mafia(1) xmas mafia(2)80s movie mafia(1) sitcom mafia(1) who kill junkheadx(1)
worst game: ???mafia(1) duel flay(3)town of salem(1)tekken mafia(1)
best role use: sweenz witcher 3(1) magic hip hop(1) impo/who killed junkheadx(1) curry 80's movie(1) cp xmas mafia(1)doddsy pgo salem mafia(1)
worst role use: banez salem mafia(1) junk xmas mafia(3) flay blocking vig izombie(3) doddsy junkhead mafia(1)

includes everything but my vote.

also maybe we just have like a reminder check midyear or something because christmas mafia always seems to influence the awards heavily.

junk was nowhere near the worst usage(he literally shot only 2 town players, like wtf).

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Wait, I got one vote for biggest sheep… :lmao

Those two games I played really left a terrible impression to that one poster. :mj

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I think that was me Doddsy. I was just being a prick. If anything it was probably Reaper and Banez's fault for not roleblocking me that game.

I also voted your PGO for best usage to balance it out. I think I voted Chimp as most improved, but that was before Xmas Mafia. You definitely deserved that award :goku

I'll take Most Underrated, but thinking on it, that could also mean most people think I'm shit, but the three people who voted for me think I'm only decent. I voted Gambit for that award, who I think was a good choice, but Curry probably deserved to be a co-winner of it with me. He's the one who gets killed N1 every game now after all.
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