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Mafia Awards 2013

Best Overall Player


Best Town Player


Best Scum Player


The Hiplop Award for Best Host

dan_marino aka BEST FOR BUSINESS

The BkB Hulk Award for Worst Host

Roger Sterling & Mikey Damage

The Magic Award for Most Dedicated


Biggest Sheep


The IMPULSE award for biggest Troll


The Faraday award for Mr. Activity


Most Improved Player

Roger Sterling

Best Individual Performance in a Game

LadyCroft - Star Wars Mafia

Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game

Darren Dangerous - American Criminals Mafia

The Breakfast Cereal Award for Best Game

Full Metal Alchemist - Hohenheim of Light

The Mike J Cab00se Award for Worst Game

NBA Mafia - Roger Sterling & Mikey Damage

The AussieFan Award for Best 'Bannee'

Darren Dangerous

The Lawls Award for Future of Mafia


Greetest Fake Claim

Roger Sterling - Town Sensor - Skyfall's Favourite Things Mafia

The sXe Maverick Award for Worst Fake Claim

Magic - Alert Mafioso - Post Restriction Mafia II
TKOK - Martyr - Heroes of Neworth Mafia

Best Town Group in a Game

A Game of Thrones Mafia - Season 3

The DREAM TEAM Award for Best Scum Group

Heroes of Neworth Mafia

The Alcoholic Award for Most Underrated Player


Best Role Usage in a Game

BkB Hulk - Vig - Sports Movie Mafia

Worst Role Usage in a Game

Mikey Damage - Hammerer - HoN Mafia

Best Mini

Big Trouble in Little China mini Mafia - Skyfall aka cesaro_ROCKS

Best New Role Role/Variant

Supporter Roles - Heroes of Neworth Mafia

Thanks to everyone who voted and again a HUGE thanks to Sween for all the work prior to this. Hopefully 2014 is just as good for the section if not better

Winner of Best Overall Player aka Magic gets a coloured usertitle of his choosing. Feel free to PM an Admin for that (not me :side:)

All good things must come to an end.
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Congratulations to all winners! (Y)

I didn't expect to win at all. BUT :mark: :mark: Can't thank you all enough for voting for me, and I'm looking forward to this year of games! :)

Contemplate or Procrastinate?
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Where's my biggest waste of space award?

i worked fucking hard for that
Also what happened to that best assistant mod award I thought you were a shoo in for that one? :no:

In all seriousness though congratulations to all the winners.

Friends Come And Go,Banners Hang Forever
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just noticed GREETEST fake claim. :lmao

congrats to sween, tfw, and roger(as well as titania obviously, but she isnt around).

Shep you should just make it next year that the coloured usertitle goes to the winner of most dedicated or most activity imo as they mean more to the section than the best overall player as it helps the section more. Just my two cents.

oh and:

thanks for the votes guys.

Is a Snit Head
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I'm fine with being on top of the ladder and not winning any awards for being good.

I'm not annoyed that I didn't win best overall or best scum but I feel like I was a much better troll then IMP.

The Loose Cannon
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Has the winner of the future of mafia award ever been the future of mafia or is that award a curse? :ali

Friends Come And Go,Banners Hang Forever
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well shep and doc are the last two winners so it's not really bad company. shep would probably be in my spot if he didn't stop playing so yeah, the FUTURE.

he also appears to already have more of a scum game than both of them ever did. :hayden3
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