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M987 ad J_TV's RAW and Smackdown Thread

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masacre987's Roster
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Bubba Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Juventeer Guerrera
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy Ver.1
Nathan Jones
Paul Heyman
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Scott Steiner
Sean O'Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Triple H
Ultimo Dragon

WWE Championship (Kurt Angle)
WWE Intercontinetal Champion (Edge)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion (Billy Kidman)
WWE Tag Team Champions (Team Angle)

Tag Team/Stables
Team Angle- Kurt, Shelton and Charlie w/ Paul Heyman
Evolution- HHH, Steiner, Batista, Orton w/ Flair
Dudleyz- Bubba, D-Von
A-Train/ Big Show w/ Paul Heyman

James_TV's Roster
RAW Roster:
Brock Lesnar
Jeff Hardy
Stone Cold
HBK Shawn Michaels
Lance Storm
Kevin Nash
Booker T
William Regal
Hulk Hogan
Scott Hall
Trish Stratus
Dean Malenko
Road Dog
Rick Steiner
Stevie Rey
Tommy Dreamer
Chris Nowinski
Al Snow
Spike Dudley
Macho Man
Curt Hennig
Cacktus Jack
Disco Inferno
Alex Wright
Steven Richards

World Title- Lesnar
U.S Title - Austin
World Tag Team Title- Christian and Lance Storm
Light Heavyweight Title- X-Pac

Stables/Tag Teams
Christian/Lance Storm
nWo - Nash, Hall, Hogan, Trish
Boogie Nights- Disco Inferno/Alex Wright
Booker T/Stevie Ray
DX- HBK, X-Pac, Tori and Road Dogg
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Finally RAW!

Red Fireworks EXPLODE! and Then Fans Cheer and Scream

JR: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! l'm Jim Ross with Jerry "The King" Lawler!

King: Tonight is gonne be exciting!

First Match(#1 Contenders Match for the Light Heavyweight Championship at Backlash) Jeff Hardy v Raven
Nice Cruiserweight Match Here Raven starts the match off with some punches then a quick suplex but then Jeff gets up and Dropkicks him then a quick cover..1..2.thr no! Raven gets him shoulder up then Raven gets up and throws Jeff to the ropes but then Jeff Reverses it and throws him to it and then he picks Raven up and throws him to the outside! then Jeff runs towards the ropes and jumps over and lands over on Raven and then two Minutes later Raven gets up and then Jeff gets up and Jeff runs on top of the rails and then jumps off it but Raven grabs Jeff while hes in the air and throws him into the Steal Post and then Raven throws Jeff Back in the ring and he covers Jeff but then Jeff kicks out and then Raven kicks him in the gut for the Raven Effect but Jeff reverses it into a Flip Suplex and he goes on the top turnbuckle and Swanton Bombs him for the 1..2.3
Winner: Jeff Hardy via Pinfall

Eric is walking around in his office with Scott Hall

Eric: Scott..you want a match with Road Dogg?!

Scott Hall: Yes...

Eric: Fine, Fine but l have alot on my mind so you have your match..

2nd Match: Kane v Booker T
Good Match Here Kane punches Book in the stomach and then he goes for a DDT then a pin for a 2 count but then Kane gets up and hits Booker T with a Big Boot!!!then Kane picks Booker T up and he Tosses him to the Turnbuckle and then Kane runs for a Headbutt in the Turnbuckle but Booker T moves and tosses Kanes head in the Corner and then Booker grabs him and gives a kick to the head followed by a Suplex and he goes for a cover 1..2.kickout Kane gets up and runs to Booker T for a clothesline but Booker Ducks and hits Kane with a Harlem Sidekick and then Booker stomps on Kane but the ref pulls him off..then Booker T rolls out of the ring and Grabs a Chair and is aboout to hit Kane but the ref takes the chair off him and then Book argues with the ref and then Kane gets him in a roll up and gets a two count again then when Booker T gets up Kane runs towards Booker and hits him with a quick clothesline and then when Book gets up Kane gets Booker T in the Chokeslam position but Stevie Ray runs down to the ring and tells Kane hes a Big Red Fart!! and then Kane chases Stevie Ray and then Stevie runs in the ring and knocks down the ref with Stevie pushing him on the ground and Booker T grabs a chair and nails Kane with it and then Booker T throws it out and pins him 1..2..NO! NEARFALL!!!! then Stevie Ray gets in the ring and Kane gets up and Chokeslams Stevie Ray off the apron onto the cemente and then Kane picks Booker T up for a Tombstone and then a cover 1..2.kickout but Kane then Chokeslams Book and covers him for the 3 Count..then Kane goes after Stevie Ray in the back..
Winner: Kane via Pinfall

The nWos music hits with Hogan, Hall, Nash and Trish walking down the ramp and Trish gets the mic

Trish: You know..the nWo hates DX!
Fans Boo
Trish: And l hate Tori!
Trish passes the mic to Hogan
Hogan: Ya Know brother..HBK Shawn Michaels and l..are Icons..Icons and l wants HBK at Backlash
Erics Music hits
Eric: Then Guess what..at Backlash it with be a Indergender 8 Person Tag!!

JR: Yes!!!
King: Thats what were all waiting to see!
nWo and Eric then leave

Third Match: Trish Stratus v Tori
Pretty Good womans match Tori starts the match off with a quick clothesline but Trish ducks it and Chickkicks Tori then covers her for the 2 count but Tori then gets up and grabs Trish by the hair and throws her into the turnbuckle and Tori goes on top of Trish and punches Trish ten times as The fans count along and then Tori covers Trish for a two count but Tori trys to suplex Trish but Trish reverses it into a Hiptoss out of the ring!!! and then Scott Hall runs down the ring towards Tori and throws her in the Steal Steps without the ref looking and Tori is in pain holding her shoulder and then Trish throws Tori in the ring and Trish climbs to the top rope but Tori gets up and Throws Trish right off it and Tori climbs it but Hall gets on the apron and throws Tori off it and then he tells Hall to gets out and while the ref is talking to Hall, Nash comes running down and puts Tori in the jackpoint Powerbomb position but X-Pac runs down to the ring and X-Facters Nash but then Jeff Hardy runs down to the ring and hits X-Pac in the back and then Jeff throws X-Pac out of the ring and he Twist of Faites X-Pac out of the ring and Trish gets up and Stratusfactions Tori and covers Tori for the win
Winner: Trish Stratus via Pinfall

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4th Match (Hardcore Match): Al Snow v Steven Richards
Great Match Al Snow and Richards both go out of the ring and look for weapons, Al pulls out a Table and a Kendo stick and then he tosses em in the ring while Richards throws in some Signs and a Trash can lid and then Al Snow goes to the outside and wacks Richards in the back with the Kendo Stick and he rolls Richards in the ring and puts the Table in the Centre of the ring and then Steven gets back at Al Snow and nails a Trash Can lid on Al Snows head and covers him for the to count and then Richards goes to the outside and looks under the ring and he tosses out something, wait its a peice of barbe wire!!! and then Al Snow puts it around the table and then Picks up Steven Richards and Scoop Slams him and then Al Snow rolls out of the ring again and he pulls out some oil and tosses it in the ring and puts all the oil on the table till its empty and then Al Snow pulls something ot of his tights and they are matches! and he sets the Table on fire and he gets Richards up on the top rope and Full Nealson Slams Richards on the table and Richards burns and then the referee stops the match but Al Snow pushes the ref and then Snow picks up the ref for the Snow Plow! and then the match is stopped and the Security comes down the ring and takes Al SNow away from the ring and then the T.N.A (Whatever its called) comes down and takes Richards to the hospital.
No Conest!

-Comercial Break-

JR: People..Steven Richards has suffered major burns to his back, neck and Face
King: and we won't be seeing him for 2 years...
JR: This is a very sad moment for Richards but OH WELL! back to the show!

Main Event: Road Dogg w/ Tori v Scott Hall w/ Trish Stratus
Good Match Hall gets the advantage and Hall kicks Road Dogg in the gut and is gonna go for the Razers Edge but Road Dogg reverses it into a Backslide and covers him but Trish gets on the apron and Distracts the ref but Tori comes down and Gets on the apron with Trish Stratus and Splexs her off onto the hard floor but then Hall kicks out and Hall DDTS RD and covers him for a 2 count and then Tori pulls Halls leg but Hall kicks Tori's face and she lets go and holds her face but Trish comes back and Stratusfactions her on the rails and Trish laughs and calls her a stupid bitch! but Hall gets but and chases Trish around the ring and Hall gets on the top turnbuckle and while Trih is running to Halls side Hall jumps off and clotheslines RD and then Scott Hall throws RD in the ring and covers him again for a 2 count but Hall then hits the Razers Edge on RD and covers him but he kicks out!!!!!then Road Dogg hits the Pump Handle slam and covers him for the win
Winner: Road Dogg via Pinfall

So watcha think!

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l have no idea..l PMed him of he could right his Smackdown..but he didn't reply..anyway if he sees this message M978 could you please write Smackdown as soon as possible..
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