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Lucha flims

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With the rumour of Lucha Underground doing some movies in the future, I wondered if anyone had seen any old El Santo, Blue Demon or Mil Mascaras movies and if you could recommend some of the better ones to me. You can find most of them on youtube, in Spanish, But I wondered which ones to begin with?

Any advice would be greatly received, thanks.

BTW, I'm sure if Lucha Underground did some movies they would be unreal!
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Just watch this epic encounter. If this doesn't make you want to watch it, nothing will.

The old lucha movies are so cool, and easy to understand to foreign viewers. There are even matches in most of them. Sometimes the only video that exists of the matches happening. Its so amazing to be able to see guys you only hear how great they were but can never find video of. The stories are easy to get, and stick with the priliminary story of good vs bad.

You have to check out "Santo contra Blue Demon en la Atlántida" and "Mil Mascaras"
In the Santo one, they are spys and use some gadgets that make the movie seem prophetic. Mil Mascaras one features alot of old lucha matches and follows a group of yuppies that interact with Mil. Its been years since seeing them but thats what I remember.

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I sort of remember watching some of these with my grandfather when I was very, very young.

Also, the music was pretty decent - mostly 60s beatnik stuff.

I remember this movie in particular because of how colorful it was and also because Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras co-starred with El Santo, which is pretty cool

Misterios en las Bermudas (Mysteries in Bermuda)
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