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Low Ki Suffers Serious Injury In Japan

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Former WWE and TNA Wrestling Wrestler Low Ki (aka Kaval/Senshi) is expected to be out of in-ring action for anything between 6 to 8 months, according to various reports in Japan.

Reports indicate that Low Ki suffered broken or crushed ribs in his match with former WrestleMania guest star Akebono during a recent tour of the country.

Read more: http://www.pwmania.com/former-wwe-tna-wrestler-low-ki-suffers-serious-injury-in-japan#ixzz2hQCx6ZU2
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Injuries, burnt bridges... The guy's done.

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i thought he retired...?
Low Ki Timeline

-Got signed by All Japan.
-Had a horrible debut vs Dark Cuervo where he didn't even take his fucking shirt off.
Announced for a tournament where he gets injured ribs vs Akebono (although it's speculated the injury isn't as severe as reported).
-Tries to fight Hikaru Sato backstage at a show, a Pancrase fighter and student of Minoru Suzuki aka someone you wouldn't want to fuck with
-Gets fired by All Japan
-Goes on Twitter today saying they didn't uphold their agreement in the contract about providing medical care
-Retires again

Keep in mind this was all in the span fucking 3 months. He got signed by AJPW in August and had his first match in Sept.

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Ahh so this is the injury that's forced him out of the game? Shame for him, hopefully he'll be able to land on his feet and move on with his life after a swift recovery.
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