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Lovin the 'old school' this year!

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Slower introductions & subsequent squash matches
Brodus Clay started it with two month hype of a new generic monster, only to then swerve us with a fun character. He's built up a nice 4 month undeated streak and gotten over. Shame they've put him with Hornswoggle.

Tensai is being booked that way too. He's had the luxury of a rare pinfall victory over SuperCena. Now Ryback, Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro are getting in on the act. Even Young and O' Neil seem to be getting the same treatment. Much better than how they've been introducing people since the mid 2000's.

Damien Sandow - Intellectual guy against pop culture and social networking.
Lord Tensai - Japanese legend.
Brodus Clay - Camp, tracksuit wearing funk loving fun guy.
Antonio Cesaro - European wrestling master/Rugby player.
Ryback - 'Terminator'

In addition to this, Dean Ambrose and Levi Wyatt have developed interesting character in FCW which could be coming soon.

Not for everybody, but I enjoy it much more than clean shaven, generic 6'4 dude in black pants.

Abraham Washington's agency faction is reminiscent of faction of the 80's and early 90's, yet realistic enough for a modern audience. He has signed Primo and Epico; Mark Henry and Drew McIntyre could sign next.

Growing tag team division
We have: Kingston and Truth, Swagger and Ziggler, Epico and Primo, O' Neil and Young, The Usos, Kidd and Gabriel (when he returns), and Reks and Hawkins (assuming they ain't fired).

Masked Kane
Turning 45, Kane is very slow and boring in the ring. But he's much more cooler and intimidating with that predator mask and attire.

Bad-ass evil boss
Yeah, it's been done to the death. But Laurinaitis turn from played-for-laughs figurehead to evil boss this monday has lots of potential. Teddy Long has been the babyface boss of smackdown for most of time since 2004. Bischoff was evil but a weasel character, and he left in 2005. Vickie was so annoying it was brilliant laughably. With the exception of Regal, who only ruled Raw, this is the first time we've had a credible heel figurehead in years.

Depth to fueds
Jericho vs. Punk is very personal. It has moved from a war of who is 'best in the world' to Y2J attempting to turn Punk to the darkside of alcohol abuse and getting family involved. Lesnar/Cena was very heated, with the reasoning of Cena taking Lesnar's spot only because Brock quit. Hardway blood has made it ultra intense. Bryan/AJ's relationship has been intergrated into his feud with Sheamus. Cowboy Bob and Paul Bearer had cameos in the Kane/Orton feud; Cody Rhodes/Big Show was about who could embarrass the other the most. Much more interesting than simply 'I want your title'.
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I like how they are going with the potential star versus jobber matches more since it A) gives the guy they are pushing a chance to build their characters, etc instead of sacrificing the rest of the mid-carders who are trying to do the same thing by establishing their characters. And you wonder why the WWE has trouble creting new star.

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If you look at the guys they're just calling up and the guys they have in development you'll see there's going to be a myriad of depth in the company. Wyatt, Cesaro, Ryback, Sandow, and Ambrose are all compelling characters. Wyatt's promos are insanely captivating and twisted at the same time. He could be a huge addition to the E's pool of heels. Cesaro I haven't seen much of. A little ROH and one FCW match, but he looks very promising, has a menacing look, and I've heard very good things. Ryback is going to need some very strategic booking to break out of the Goldberg typecasting. He has the look, he just needs more. Sandow's character is great and I like him, but again it's about the booking. Book him well and you'll get good results. I've had the privilege of seeing Ambrose work live at a Superstars taping before Raw a few months back and he's quite the character.

Not to mention fresh faces stepping up into the main event scene. 2010 was a distrastrous year for WWE because of the talent loss. Jericho, HBK, and Batista headlined that group. Then Edge last year along with the likes of MVP and other promising stars being cut along the way. It took some time, but finally guys like Punk, Bryan, and Sheamus are stepping up to take control of things.

WWE is in a rebuilding period and they have a plethora of talent to rebuild with. It's ridiculous how much they have to work with, but WWE has been very shaky with booking the last few years. Guys like Barrett and Ziggler continuously get the shaft when they should be main eventing. Barrett's story is a tragedy within itself; just ask Pyro. :D But hey, if Sheamus recovered from being relegated from WWE champ to jobbing to a jobbing US champ Daniel Bryan with a Bella on each arm, then there may be hope after all.

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Wouldn't say I'm loving it just yet. I'm gaining interest, that's for sure.
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