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lk., NDF, W-OLF, request to any of you guys.

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I just thought you guys are the best I've seen on this board so I thought Id request a banner. LOL, if anyone else besides the name mentioned in the title does this thanks also.

Credit to: Rage for the request format

Colour = Blue and black.

Size: Normal Size, but a bit smaller.

Text: JuggaLotus (Cool text, any will do) And, under it.. have King of XTreme

Picture: Sabu (left) Raven (center, preferably bleeding) Tommy Dreamer or Sick Nick Mondo (right)

Once again thanks to ANYONE who does this.
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Nice list of names, it's the same as saying:

Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Heidenreich...

ANYWAY, I can't do it. My computer is scrrrreeewed up.
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