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Live Ongoing Smackdown Spoilers 13/04

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Starts out with Edge RAW Recap

Alberto Del Rios ring announcer comes out

Alberto comes out in car

Alberto Del Rio Promo - says edge is giving up, says he wants to be the no1 contender again, calls out edge. He says he wants Edge to present him with the belt.

Teddy Long Comes out, not happy with adr, says ADR will be in the ladder match at extreme rules, ADR will face the winner of a 20 man battle royal

ADR says "Im glad I hurt Edge, Im glad im the man who forced him to retire" "It was his destiny for him to go out like a crippled coward"

The Corre on the way to the ring

Kofi Kingston vs Ezekiel Jackson with Corre at ringside

Ezekiel Jackson completely squashes Kofi

After the match Ezekiel says he will be the no1 contender

Video Recap of Wrestlemania

Theorpy Segment with Laycool, Layla says im sick and tired of carrying you

Cody Rhodes Promo - Cody Rhodes has an in-ring promo, saying that he wanted to disfigure Rey Mysterio the way that Cody has disfigured him. Mysterio comes out and they fight. Rey nails the 619 and Cody leave.

Awesome Kong Video (The same as RAW)

Rey Mysterio Beats Drew Mcintyre with the 619, a long and decent match

Edge is backstage with a load of old guys, Dean Malenko etc - shaking their hands

Edge on his way to the ring - huge pop, thank you edge chants

Edge says he has always appreciated the fans, goes over the highlights in his career.

Says he always gets goosebumps when he comes out for his entrance, so he decides to walk to the top of the ramp, and does his entrance one last time

Gets back in ring, says "damn im out of shape already!"

Says he's happy that the doctors found out before it was too late

Says this is where I won my 1st wwe championship, his mum is in the front row

Thank you mum chants

"I now have to do what ive gotta do, and that is relinquish the world title, says thanks to fans, puts the mic down, puts the belt down in the middle of the mat

Bows out to the crowd, he has tears in his eyes, hugs his mum, throws his hands in the air, standing at the top of the ramp

Backstage Edge and Rosa Mendes backstage, Rosa is crying.

Del Rio appears and offers to shake hands and edge walks away

Kelly Kelly beat Layla (w/Michelle McCool). After Layla lost, McCool backed Layla to the center of the ring. Michelle went to leave, but Layla grabbed her. Michelle then shoved her off.

Everyone is coming out for the battle royal-

In the Battle Royal: Big Show, Kane, The Corre, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Brodus Clay, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Trent Baretta and JTG.

Alberto Del Rio is coming out for commentary

JTG eliminated, Big Show & Kane are teaming up, Heath Slater eliminated, Big Show Eliminated, Cody Rhodes Eliminated, Brodus Clay eliminated.

10 guys left

Kane Eliminated. Justin Gabriel eliminates Wade Barrett

Final 4 - Justin Gabriel, Jack Swagger, Christian & Rey Mysterio

Justin Gabriel Eliminated

Michael Cole gets hit with the 619

Rey Mysterio Eliminated

Jack Swagger vs Christian final 2


Edge & Christian are hugging, they are both crying.

Christian on the mic - Christian is crying, he says some of you may not remember, but for those of you with flash photography etc - they do the 5 second pose

Smackdown roster at the top of the ramp. HHH comes out too

Christian, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio & HHH are all together in the ring.

Edge is giving a speech, says that was a complete suprise, he is thanking everyone including the cameraman wrestlers, writers, announcers etc. He is talking about Christian. Edge is really excited to see where Christian goes from here

"Probably isn't the last you've seen of me, but im gonna go off the radar for a while"

Says thank you, puts mic down, hugs mum, hugs booker t, josh, goes around to everyone at ringside
Im listening to wzronline and someones ringing in from the arena, so I thought I would type it up
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if they handle it right. the adr promo on edge could be an awesome heat generator
"It was his destiny for him to go out like a crippled coward"

I got to give Alberto credit to that. lol

Great way to give him some big heat and I actually think he should use that as life long credibility as a Heel as "The Man who retired Edge"
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I'm glad I got the "not so spoiling part" of the spoilers. The Battle Royal is all I needed to hear, now to wait until Friday :D
the Masterpiece to win the 20 man battle royal. book it
Fuck sake they couldnt have just gave it to Christian since he was involved, cant see him winning :(
Shame the door isn't open for Wade Barrett to take over now. I'm really worried about him.
I hope I'm wrong, but this 20 man battle royal seems like WWE's way of not putting Christian in the WHC match at extreme rules. It smells like WWE's typical bullshit.
Fuck sake they couldnt have just gave it to Christian since he was involved, cant see him winning :(
People should really learn by now
A face should win the battle royal, Kofi just got squashed so that leaves Christian, Kane & Big Show?
WOW a squash towards Kofi? I'm no fan of him by all means but Jesus Christ what did he do backstage for him to be on this losing streak as of late?

Shame the door isn't open for Wade Barrett to take over now. I'm really worried about him.
No door is open for him sadly since he is the Intercontinental Champion.
People should really learn by now
LOL This.

I'm not holding my breath on Christian winning the battle royal...but if he wins it will make me super happy.
Kane will probably win it.
Christian is winning, no doubt in my mind.
So Corre wants all the belts, Zeke as World Champion now?
Please christ let Christian have the Rey Mysterio 2006 push.
Good god, if Christian does not get the championship or a shot at it after virtually having the path cleared for him, we ... PARTY! :eek:

Seriously, this forum's implosion would be a joy to behold.
Please christ let Christian have the Rey Mysterio 2006 push.
A push that led to one of the worst title reigns in history? I would rather it not be that way.
Cody Rhodes Promo - Challenged Rey to another match, Rey comes out and 619's Cody and heads to the back
lol.. can they be lazier than this.
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