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No, it's not a live webcast where you'll be able to watch the event online but it's a broadcast. A chatline will be available where the results will be posted by the host of the chat while the event is happening. The chat line is at www.ccwf.2ya.com . Look on the homepage for a button saying "CCWF Ringside". Click on that because that's the chatline. Incase you haven't noticed yet it's not WCW it's CCWF. You can also go to www.ccwf.2ya.com to read what's been happening leading up to the show.

THE DATE IS SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd At 2:00 central. We hope you're there!

I'm gonna write what's been happening so far...

This was our first show. Replacing the old SuperBash and Gore! This is the first show since Fantasy VIII.

Juvy entered the ring and talked about Stevie Glory and the heavyweight title. He then called out the Knight Of Fantasy, Scorpion! The corronation was given to Scorpion and then at the end Juvy asked,
"So, when do you want to use your title shot?"
"Right now!"Scorpion replied.
"Alright, me and you in the main event tonight." Juvy declared.
Both left the ring staring eachother down.

Backstage Matt Labossiere sat down. Mike, Sean and Jess "The Body" entered the room.
Mike: "You suck Matt, you can't even beat somebody 3 times smaller than you!"
Matt: "Don't make fun of me!"
Jesse: The only reason you're wearing that mask is 'cause your so ugly!"
Matt:"I said, don't make fun of me!"
Mike: "You heard him, let's leave before he cries.
Sean: "Ya!"
They leave, Matt Labossiere stands up and punches a whole in the wall.

Tag Team Title Match
Sniper/Raptor retain their titles against Malaysia/Jenny.

In the back, Sean, Mike and Jesse "The Body" are unconscious and bloody. Ace and Brittney walk by.
Ace:"I bet you that Matt did this."
Brittney:"All just because he lost to a little kid."
Ace: "I can probably beat Scorpion."
Brittney: "I already have."
They both leave.
Stevie Glory walks out making fun of Canadians. After the jokes, he issues an open challenge to anybody for a shot at his "American Title"(Really the Canadian Title). What Stevie Glory never suspected was CCWF Hall of Famer, first girl to compete in the company, Justine to come to the ring. She's been out of action for about 6 years but surprised us all.
Justine wins the Canadian Title from Stevie Glory.
In the back, Scorpion is interviewed.
Interviewer: "Why did you choose tonight for your title shot?"
Scorpion:"I think tonight's my lucky night."
Juvy enters and says,
"Luck has nothing to do with it. There's no way you can beat me!"
Interviewer:"Wait, I'm being told to look in the hallway."
The interviewer runs to find Brittney and Ace unconscious with Matt Labossiere looking down at them.

Matt: "I told them not to make fun of me!"

Back to the ring, Great Milenko enters.

Great Milenko: "Matt, you've been destroying people all night. How's about you pick on somebody your own siize. Face me in a Street Fight right now!"

Matt Labossiere defeats Great Milenko in a Street Fight.

In the back, Scorpion is getting ready for his match and then goes to the ring.

During the match, Scorpion wins the belt but is reversed because the ref sees that he hooked the tights. Juvy wins and continues to beat up Scorpion. Great Milenko races to the ring and saves Scorpion. Juvy walks away with a smile on his face.

Will Sean, Jesse, Mike, Brittney and Ace come back?
What's Matt Labossiere gonna do next?
Why is Great Milenko defending Scorpion again?
Are they gonna go for the tag team titles?
What was Juvy smiling about?
I guess you'll have to wait and see next time.

There were alot of questions to be answered on the first show of Revolution.

To start of the show, Juvy walks out.

Juvy: "I have many things to talk about tonight. Many important things to talk about. First, I find that we need 1 more title in this company, that's why I'm starting a tournament tonight. At Bash At The Beach, we will declare the first eXtreme champion. They will be gimmick matches chosen at random. Secondly, a certain someone has been attacking my superstars, Matt Labossiere, if you ever attack somebody ever again like you did on Tuesday, you will be given a choice: You can unmask or I will fire you!

Matt comes out.

Matt: "Everybody's making fun of me!"
Juvy: "Doesn't mean you have to kill them! I'll tell you what, if somebody makes fun of you then tell me and I'll take care of the situation."
Matt: "You think I can't handle the situation? You think I'm a baby? You're making fun of me!"
Matt grabs Juvy by the throat getting ready to chokeslam him.
Great Milenko and Scorpion race to the ring and throw Matt out.
Juvy: "I'm glad you two showed up. This is my final announcement, tonight's main event is Scorpion Vs. Great Milenko, the winner faces me for the heavyweight title at Bash At The Beach. Goodbye."

Sniper/Raptor retain their titles against Skylar/Drake

Stevie Glory walks out.
Stevie: On Tuesday, I got screwed out of my title and I want a rematch now!
Justine walks out.
Justine: "You just can't stand that you lost to a girl."
Stevie: "Shutup!"
Justine: "Juvy told me not to give you a rematch yet. He told me to find a suitable opponent for you."
Matt Labossiere comes out.

Matt defeats Stevie Glory.
Justine: It's me and you at Bash At The Beach, Stevie Glory!

Sniper/Raptor are interviewed in the back.
Interviewer: "You guys are on a roll as of late."
Sniper: "Thank you, but as of late there's no competition for the tag titles."
Raptor: "That's so true."
Juvy: "Really? Well, tonight you're against eachother in the eXtreme championship tournament!"
Raptor: "You can't do that!"
Juvy: "Yes I can. So get out there, now! You're match will be a Hardcore match."
Raptor defeats Sniper.
Avalanche defeats Jenny to advance in the eXtreme tournament in a Street Fight.

THE MAIN EVENT-Scorpion defeats Great Milenko
Juvy comes out.
Juvy: "Bash At The Beach, Juvy Vs. Scorpion for the heavyweight title...in a LADDER match!"

Many questions were answered here but there are still some remaining.

What's Scorpion's thoughts about his match at Bash At The Beach now?
Will Matt Labossiere attack anybody else?
Will Stevie Glory win back the belt?
Who else is in the eXtreme tournament?
Will anybody defeat Sniper/Raptor for the tag titles?

I guess you'll have to find out on the Tuesday show-RUSH!

Here's a look at the Bash At The Beach Card so far...

eXtreme Tournament Finals

Canadian Title Match
Justine (champion) Vs. Stevie Glory

Ladder Match for the heavyweight title
Juvy (champion) Vs. Scorpion

Not bad so far...


The announcer started to sing O Canada! Stevie Glory interrupted.

Stevie Glory: "That anthem sucks! Canada sucks! Everybody here sucks! You wanna know what else sucks?"
Announcer: "Your attitude sucks!"
Stevie Glory: "What was that?"
Stevie Glory grabs the announcer and gets ready to hit him but Justine comes out.

Justine: "He’s right your attitude does suck. But what’s gonna suck even more is when I beat you for the second time at Bash At The Beach."

Stevie Glory: "I don’t think so. See what’s really gonna suck at Bash At The Beach is when I win my belt back from you. Then you’ll go cry to somebody but nobody will care, simply because you are a nobody. You left this business a long time ago, I say you get out!"

Justine: "I said it last week and I’ll say it again, you’re just mad because you lost to a girl!"

Stevie Glory: "Shutup, girls suck! You see, I’m a guy...that makes me smarter than you, better than you, and much better looking than you!"

Justine: "Really? Then why don’t you prove it tonight in a bathing suit competition!"

Stevie Glory: "You’re on!"

They both leave the ring.

Tag Team Title Match

Sniper/Raptor def. Malaysia/Jenny

After the match, Jenny beats up Malaysia.

Jenny: "You ruined my chance at becoming a champion. Now it’s my turn to ruin yours...at Bash At The Beach...me and you for your Cruiserweight Title. Trust me there’s no way you can beat me! You’re nothing but a little wimp with luck."

In the back, Matt Labossiere is sitting in a corner and looking at the wall. Scorpion walks in the room.

Scorpion: "What did the boss tell you to sit in a corner or something?"
Matt Labossiere explodes out of his seat and grabs Scorpion by the throat.

Scorpion: "Remember, attack anybody and you’re fired!"
Matt Labossiere sits back down in the corner after letting go of Scorpion.

Great Milenko enters the room.

Great Milenko: "What are you gonna do about your match against Juvy for the title?"
Scorpion: "Don’t worry, I got it under control."
Great Milenko: "K, well I gotta go. I’ve got a match."
Great Milenko defeats Skylar to advance in the eXtreme tournament.

Matt Labossiere defeats Malaysia to advance in the eXtreme tournament.

Here’s how the tournament looks like now for RevØlutiØn...

Great Milenko Vs. Avalanche

Matt Labossiere Vs. Raptor

In the back, Scorpion is interviewed.

Interviewer: "What are your thoughts about your match against Juvy at Bash At The Beach?"

Scorpion: "I like the idea. Me and Juvy are both undefeated in ladder matches. Ladder matches also give me an even bigger chance of winning. I think it was a mistake on his part."
Interviewer: "You seem pretty confident yourself. Will Great Milenko play a part in the main event?"
Great Milenko: "What kind of a question is that? I’ll be in the corner of Scorpion but I won’t interfere in anyway, shape or form."
Scorpion: "That’s right. I won’t need help and I’m going to prove it in the main event tonight against Stevie Glory."
Stevie Glory: "Hold on a second...you beat me? That’s a joke. Tonight, I’m going to beat Justine in the bathing suit competition and then take you out in the main event. What more can an american ask for?"

Great Milenko: "A punch in the face if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut."

Stevie Glory: "Alright, alright. Just remember...Glory is what keeps the pain from happening, cold winters don’t!"

Scorpion: "Anyway, I’m gonna defeat Glory tonight and at Bash At The Beach, you’re gonna see some incredible moves by me. Juvy your days of being champion are over just like this interview."

Bathing Suit Competition: Justine Vs. Stevie Glory

Stevie Glory starts and reveals his american trunks and shows his physique to the crowd who is booing him chanting "Ca-na-da!Ca-na-da!"

Then the floor was given to Justine who first took off her shirt and then slowly took off her shorts to reveal her bikini as she showed her moves. Stevie Glory wasn’t too pleased with the standing ovation she was recieveing so he took off her top although she quickly covered up with her hands as he gave her "Old Glory" (his version of the superkick) as she fell face first to the floor.

Stevie Glory: "I obviously won this competition just like our match at Bash At The Beach!"

Juvy comes out.

Juvy: "What do you mean match? What you really mean is matches! That’s right Justine Vs. Stevie Glory in a best out of 3 series for the Canadian Title."
Juvy helps Justine up and to the back.

Scorpion comes out.

Scorpion defeats Stevie Glory by hitting a frog splash off a ladder.

REVØLUTIØN is this Thursday. The results will be posted here as well.

REMEMBER SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd at 2:00 p.m. central. www.ccwf.2ya.com . Be there to see the results live in the chatroom.
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