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Hi Everyone.

Just joined this site and would love to chat about some good old wrestling. Willing talk about almost anything. A little about the kind of wrestling I enjoy and specific promotions. You guys tell me if you agree or disagree and we'll talk about it.

WWE- Absolutely enjoyed it from the birth of Hulkamania until it reached the Super Cena era. I've even gone back to earlier content to see some Bruno feuds as well as the WWWF Championship reign of Superstar Billy Graham. To see the many Wrestlers that were part of Wrestlemania was a great time for all wrestling fans. Seeing wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Rock, Undertaker and so many others have the greatest moments in their careers is something a fan will never for get. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the current product. It seemed to start at the super Cena era of 2005 and has gone down hill since. No fault of John Cena, I mostly blame the lack of direction by the higher ups of the WWE.

WCW- Loved WCW for the most part. To me WCW was the working man company that brought you great matches that surpassed WWE. Even though considered the number 2 promotion in the U.S., WCW always had a bit more of a realistic feel opposed to WWE. Wrestlers like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat always gave you the impression that they really hated each other. Those feuds are what sucked fans like me in. Wrestlers like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, Lex luger, The Steiner Brothers, Brian Pillman and even Great Muta all made a huge impact on me as a fan. Then you enter the nWo. The nWo put WCW on the map and surpassed WWE starting the Monday Night War which in my opinion was the greatest era to be a wrestling fan. And who didn't love the Cruiserweights? Great matches by future legends like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr. Unfortunately for all of WCW's good, it also had it's bad as the company had a lack of direction from the revolving door of those incharge. Even though it had some of the best matches, WCW's inept leadership would see it's downfall. No need to mention WCW in the 2000's. We all know Vince Russo destroyed whatever they had left to keep WCW alive product wise. In many ways today's WWE product seems like a blue print of 2000 WCW.

ECW- Loved ECW. Who didn't? It was the little promotion that could and really brought you stand out stars like Shane Douglas, Taz, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn and many others. No matter how many times I've seen it I can always watch a RVD vs Jerry Lynn match. The bitter feud between Tommy Dreamer and Raven was done so well that even the smart fans of Philly believed it. To me ECW's best year was 1997. The talent pool was at it's highest and really made me a steady fan where I had to tune in and watch. Unfortunately with wrestlers being taken from WWE and WCW and Paul Heyman's bad business decisions ECW would close down in 2001 along with WCW. 2001 was a death blow to wrestling fans as there were no more alternatives in the U.S. And we won't mention the WWE-ECW. No thank you, lol.

TNA- Oh TNA had so much potential to be the next number 2 promotion in the U.S. Like WCW's Cruiserweights, they had the X Division to bring wrestling fans something different. Personally I always saw it as another Cruiserweight championship. But perhaps it was better cause now you didn't have a weight limit. Wrestlers like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin really gave the fans a quick paced style in many ways more crisp then the old WCW Cruiserweights. This was a promotion I definitely rooted for and wanted to succeed. And at one point I thought it was especially when they signed Kurt Angle. Having Kurt Angle added to the roster to me made TNA even more legitimate. They needed that one big mega star who could physically compete and advance the younger guys. Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction. The only main downside of TNA's early years were some very questionable booking and storylines by non other then Vince Russo. Moments that were so bad that fans literally broke out in "Fire Russo" chants. Not a great moment for a fan like myself. I pressed on and supported TNA. Then you enter the Hulk Hogan. Oh Boy! After a failed reboot of the Monday Night War, and home grown stars being misused in ridiculous storylines TNA began to collapse. In my opinion they rushed too hard to be competition to the WWE that they missed alot of holes in their foundation. Not to mention the horrible Ace's of 8's storyline. If you thought the Black Scorpion from WCW was a bad payoff, imagine 8 Black Scorpions and each person unmasked gets more lamer then the next. Once AJ Styles left I tuned out. If you can let your ace leave the company you obviously don't care about what the fans want. So I stopped watching TNA. I just recently watched some clips of Impact to see what's going on these days. OMG!!!! What happened? TNA......... excuse me, now known as Impact! have virtually no fans in the stands. They are lucky to have 50 people. Then to see Rob Van Dam in a tag team called "Cancel Culture" looking very old and acting very un-RVD-ish was enough for me. RIP what could have been.

ROH- Don't love it, don't hate it. I always caught ROH whenever I could, but it never really clicked with me. Not sure why. I attended the NJPW/ROH G1 MSG show here in New York and it was a great show. The fans were so energized in a way I had not seen in a long time. I loved it. But I think that might have been more to do with NJPW then ROH.

AEW- I tried to like AEW, I really did. But unfortunately they push that comedy button too often. And alot of things sometimes make no sense. Not sure if they're trying too hard, or just inexperienced with TV, Booking or whatever. Chris Jericho is the best thing on the show. A mega star that can help bring talent to a new level. I'm a big Kenny Omega fan, but for some reason he just doesn't seem the same then when he was in NJPW. Cody has potential but I can't say I really enjoyed his matches all that much. The only two matches I liked was his match with Jericho and his brother Dustin. The Young Bucks......, Eh! Don't love them, don't hate them. They just seem to be there. They really have to work harder on the storylines and feuds. The company seems to be going down the TNA route which might result in Tony Khan being cut off as well just like Dixie Carter. But regardless I hope AEW Succeeds. We need them.

NXT- Don't watch it simply because I've given up on all WWE content.

NWA Powerrr- What a blast from the past. I really enjoy NWA. I always enjoy good storytelling and matches and NWA seems to try and give all of that. While the matches aren't 5 star classics, they do keep my attention. The build up of characters and feuds make sense and don't leave you confused. Nick Aldis is a great World Heavyweight Champion and gives credibility as the front runner of the new NWA. Tim Storm is excellent as the veteran baby face trying to keep up with the younger stars while new a comer like Ricky Starks bring a whole lot of chrisma to the table. NWA Powerrr isn't flashy or edgy, but it is good story telling. They take time to tell you who these wrestlers are and why they are feuding. I can't say there was ever a time they left me scratching my head. For the most part I'm always left wanting more every time an episode ends. The only complaint I have for NWA Powerrr is that they changed their intro theme from Dokken's "Into the Fire" to Pantera's "I'm Broken". Horrible move. Now their intro sounds like every other indy promotion intro. But rumor has it they'll be changing it again for Season 3.

Lucha Underground- Glad we had a alternative but it wasn't for me.

NJPW- I was always a huge fan of New Japan. Like WCW they put alot of effort to give great matches. I first really noticed NJPW when I first watched the classic matches of Tiger Mask and the Dynamite Kid. Antonio Inoki and Tatsumi Fujinami were great main event wrestlers in the 80's. The 90's era to me really cemeted NJPW talent wise as they had talented Heavyweights like Great Muta, Masahiro Chono, Shinya Hashimoto, Vader and Hiroshi Hase. Lets not forget their talented Junior Heavyweights like Jushin Thunder Liger, El Samurai, Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit, Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) and Shinjo Otani. As a fan I have to say I lean alittle more towards the Junior Heavyweight matches. Unfortunately NJPW didn't go without it's set backs. In a bad case of Inoki-ism in the 2000's the company was losing fans fast when the product was mixing MMA into the matches. I mean Bob Sapp was the friggin IWGP Heavyweight Champion for god sake. But things went back to normal when Antonio Inoki was forced out. Jado and Gedo would become the new and create what's called another NJPW boom period. They gave us a new generation of wrestlers like Kazuchika Okada, Kenny Omega, Prince Devitt, Kota Ibushi, Hiroshi Tanahashi and even AJ Styles was there for a little while. Porbably the number 1 promotion going today in my opinion.

AJPW- Another great Japanese promotion brought to you by the legendary Giant Baba. All Japan was a little different from New Japan as it brought a little but of a hardcore formula as well as a large variety of wrestlers from around the world. Their Japanese roster consisted of Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Genichiro Tenryu, and Great Kabuki. While they had foreigners like Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. Lets not forget the Four Pillars of Heaven with Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobash, Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue. These four men put a rocket pack on AJPW and gave us some of the greatest matches in the wrestling business. Unfortunately due to a mass exodus of talent in 1999, AJPW had fallen from it's graces and so did it's match quality. Today I keep up with it but you can see it's just a shell of it's former self.

FMW- I like it, but it was definitely not a polished product. But then again what would you expect from the father of ECW lol. FMW has been given credit to being the template for ECW. Atsushi Onita created the promotion and gave us many hardcore matches involving barbwire, glass, explosions, fire, you name it. FMW from 1989-1995 wasn't exactly known for it's great roster, but by what crazy match will Atsushi Onita be in now. But from 1995 on was a big change. Personally my favorite FMW era was when Onita retired and we got matches with Hayabusa, Masato Tanaka, Mike Awesome, Ricky Fuji, and Jinsei Shinzaki. While Onita retiring hurt the company for a little while, FMW was slowly making progress with Hayabusa as their ace. But even though progress was being made it wasn't enough and eventually in 1999 the company would go an entertainment route similar to WWE but in a horrible way. FMW gave horrible storylines and matches that would run off their loyal fan base very similar to what WCW did. Kodo Fuyuki who was the booker at the time was the equivalent to Vince Russo. Everything he booked made absolutely no sense. And anything that did make sense was poorly executed. So personally the best years of FMW were 1996-1999.

Lets chat. What do you guys think?


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WWE – mid 1996 – late 2002 was the best. It’s been all downhill from there. It was briefly good in 2015 – since I’m old school and like having a single WWE brand and a single WWE world title instead of the brand split with two WWE world title – and then it went back down in 2017. I swear it feels like WWE went off a cliff in quality after Jinder Mahal won the belt, like WWE just stopped giving a fuck. And so did I shortly thereafter, as I paid zero attention to WWE in 2018 outside of WM34, unless something newsworthy got my attention, like Becky Lynch becoming the Man, or the brief Sasha-Bayley feud. Rinse and repeat in 2019 as I only cared about WM35, Mandy and Sonya, and Becky vs Sasha. It’s weird how the women have become the draw in the company for me instead of the men. Never use to be like that.

WCW – enjoyed it from late 1997 to early 1999. Knowing what I know now though about wrestling, I would have just stuck with watching WCW and never watched the Attitude Era, as crazy as it sounds.

ECW – Sometime I wished I watched it, when I hear how creative they would be with certain storylines - Dreamer vs Raven comes to mind. Other times I’m glad I never watched. I never really enjoyed most of the matches I saw anyways.

TNA – glad it was around from 2004-06, but it was a bush league run company. I’m not mad Hogan, Bischoff, Dixie, and even Russo ran it into the ground.

ROH – Went to a ROH/NJPW show in 2015. Mainly because I got to finally get to see the stars of TNA perform live (since TNA just would not come to Canada, for some reason), as well as the stars of NJPW. ROH has fallen off since the MSG show though.

AEW – Since its American wrestling’s last chance for a non-WWE alterative, I’m nice to it. And yes, it’s reliant on comedy a lot, and they try to get the fans over too much instead of their talents. Honestly, I’m just here for the video game and AEW needs to be as successful as possible for that game to be released in the near future. If it’s turn out to not be any good though, then it’s back to Fire Pro Wrestling World for me.

NXT – sometimes I watch it, sometimes I don’t. The Takeover shows are awesome. They do the sports based presentation far better than AEW and I can respect them for that. If only they were TV-14 instead of being PG...

NWA – I don’t watch it, which is a shame since I like Melina Perez, and hear great things about Nick Aldis' current run as champion.

Lucha Underground – wish it was still on Netflix so that I could watch the entire series again.

NJPW – if it wasn’t for NJPW, and their way of presenting wrestling in a way that made sense instead of hurting my brain like WWE and TNA were, I would have probably quit wrestling for good. The MVP of the 2010s wrestling to me for sure.

AJPW – '90s AJPW is classic, and Kento Miyahara is an underrated talent of the current generation. The promotion also indirectly gave us NOAH, which was great, as least for the first few years.

Stardom – I liked the 3/8 show last month. Will watch more eventually.

MLW – I have yet to check that out. Maybe one day.

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WWF - I always have and always will love early WWF 83-97. I know 98 was the start of the attitude era and it was mainstream but I never felt the same way i did for the early stuff.

WCW- I hated the fact that sting joined the very group the NWO he was suppose to be against!! I loved watching the rise of Goldberg. I still love to go back and watch my favorite and most watched PPVS. Spring Stampede 94,Slamboree 94, and Bash at the Beach 96. Early 90s WCW was great..

TNA - I missed alot of the early stuff when it aired but have since caught up. my favorite years were 2004-2010. instead of going for Hogan and Bischoff, I wished they would have concentrated on getting younger wrestlers Nigel,Danielson,Hero,Joey Ryan, Claudio,Scorpio Sky,etc. and making their product more serious. I could only imagine Bryan Danielson vs Kurt Angle as a main event at Bound for Glory and Chris Hero winning the X Division Title.

AEW- My only problem is I wish they would stop being so comedic at times.

ROH - I go back and watch alot of the old stuff. I saw SOTF in person here in Vegas what a great atmosphere.nowadays hopefully they are in a resurgence.

PWG - watch alot of it when i can i watched over a years worth up until the formation of mount rushmore. awesome stuff. they still put on good shows.

AAW- a great indy company I love to watch.

NWA -i watched the first twelve shows or so as they aired then i stopped watching.

MLW - Glad to see then reborn over the years. I keep up to date on whats going on with them.

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I might be a bit Anti for more than enough promotions but I'll just go right ahead.

WWE-Been a fan since the early 90's and still going strong, Gives me what I need as a Wrestling fan I'm always strictly centered on the 'Sports Entertainment' side of Pro Wrestling where i can enjoy both traditional solid Ring Work of Mat Technicians to High Fliers to Catch as Catch can to Power Roughhousing to Brawling but not without Storytelling and Ring IQ involved, Character Work is essential too and even the silly cartoon gimmicks are fun from time to time, WWE gives me all of that and their stars are the one's I'm most interested in, I'm a WWE loyalist Fanboy through and through so it's to be expected.

TNA-I'll like to say this promotion was a good alternative and presented me with new talent that Could be showcased on a much bigger stage, They did really well around 2005-2010, A Six Sided Ring was a nice touch to see and worked well for X Division wrestlers, Too bad it got worse when Hogan and Bischoff made their debut and slowly but surely got boring after a while now it's complete garbage.

WCW-I got hooked because of the NWO Hollywood/Wolfpack angle and took notice of talent they had in their Cruiserweight division who I thought were great for the time, It was around 1997-1998 when I got into this promotion as a secondary but once 1999 hit it became less and less intriguing and basically nothing more than a boredom killer.

NJPW-I never really got into the strong style or Japanese wrestling until late as a Pro Wrestling fan i first saw a show when TNA did a Crossover for Wrestle Kingdom in 2008 but only watched for TNA talent and didn't care for those signed to NJPW, After AJ Styles started in 2014 I slowly started to appreciate their talent like Okada, Naito, Omega etc but I'm still not too big on this promotion tbh.

ROH-Not really into this King of Indy Feds but I'll sometimes watch old matches when certain favorites of mine do a one shot deal or something, CM Punk made me take notice as well as AJ's occasional appearances also it introduced me to Seth Rollins when he was competing as Tyler Black but that's it.

Any other promotion i didn't like not cared for.

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97-99 WWF and the first two seasons of Lucha Underground was my peak as a fan. 2004-2010 cmll and aaa was big for me as well. I was obsessed with these products.

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WWE: My first introduction to wrestling back when I was a kid. Was too young for the attitude era so I dont have the same attachment as most people to the gods of that era. My wrestling “gods” come from Ruthless Aggression era. Truth be told I’m probably too old to still be watching WWE, and I did stop for many years but I have a soft spot for pro wrestling so naturally I keep up with WWE. I never watch the weekly shows and catch big PPVs from time to time. This shit’s obviously for kids. I cherry pick segments on youtube now.

Impact: Got into it in elementary school and instantly loved that I had a wrestling alternative. AJ Styles was definitely my favorite (he was first CAW i’d make in every single wrestling game that didnt feature him). When I got back into wrestling, I was impressed with the program. At the time they had the nice core of EC3, Lashley, Galloway, Mike Bennett, Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards. This was the same time the broken Hardy shit was going on. As kooky as it was, I fucking loved that shit. I soon realized that nobody wanted to stay at Impact so that kinda fucked things up knowing guys that I enjoyed would just bolt to be mistreated in the WWE so ive back off recently. I catch up with youtube clips from time to time.

Lucha Underground: Seasons 1-3 were the most fun Ive ever had watching wrestling. Truly revolutionary but too ambitious for its time. They just could keep the show financed and now its dead. I’d like to see WWE use Lucha Underground as an inspiration to make something memorable as they have the capital to do so. I dont want every show to go cinematic but I think WWE is in the best spot to make it work.

NJPW: The golden standard on how to present sports based pro wrestling. They have the best core (WWE has the best talent but theyre used very poorly) in all of pro wrestling. Yes they guys like Tanahashi and Okada that have had alot of spotlight and dominant reigns but I love how theyre not invincible forces. They can take a loss and still look great because their competition have all been legit guys like Naito, White, Styles and Omega. I love the faction wars, the wrestling is top notch and stories make sense! It actually pisses me off that WWE could definitely have a product like this but they go out of their way not to.

NXT: Has always been in solid B- to C+ territory. The wrestling is great (Takeovers are almost always epic), presentation is easy to follow. Recently they’ve been on the up. The only knock has been that its a very “safe” show. Rarely do they take chances... thats not necessarily a bad thing but it does subtract from excitement. Random call-ups from guys who arent yet ready also hurt the show sometimes, but thats not NXT’s fault

MLW: A nice and simple hour of wrestling that really appeals to something in me. It might be the fact that all of the fighters seem to have the ego/aggression you’d expect from people who fight for a living. The fighters arent just happy to be there, they’re there to win and get paid. It just feels more real to me. It reminds me of WEC Wreckage (a UFC feeder promotion) with a bunch of up and comers jockying for position. The wrestling isnt the best but guys stand out more with a myriad of different styles. The fact whole shows are on youtube makes it super accessible and I love that.

NWA Powerr: I was totally in love with the old schools feel of this show a few months ago but after Cornette left, I fell off. He just completed the old school package to me. Its still a nice show, that features fighters that act like real people (unlike the stiff heel vs face dynamic we always see in WWE). Being on youtube is a plus in case I ever want to catch up

AEW: Gave a good shot and had very high hopes but it hasn’t impressed me enough to tune in every week. I dont think I really like the vision. To me, the show doesnt distinguish itself enough to warrant my view. I dont hate it though. There’s potential there, I just think they need to find their distinguishing factor... serious question: as of now what is the thing that’s supposed to make them stand out?

ROH: Tried this promotion but I just couldnt get in to it. I will check out clips when NJPW stars come through. I am a big fan of RUSH so I also try to watch ROH matches hes involved in but thats about it. Like AEW theres nothing that makes the show stand out to me

TLDR: I probably like Pro-Wrestling more than any grown man ever should

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Peak times for me as a fan were 95-99 WCW and 2019-current AEW. Those were the years I’ve felt most invested and watched the most shows. I never miss a Dynamite, AEW has brought me back in after a long time away. Since being back I’ve found that I really like MLW also.
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