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Let's scrutinize Superstar's ring names...

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Any Superstar ring names that strike you as particularly awesome/odd/awful?
I'll hit you with a few:

The Good:

John Cena- His actual name, and it works. All good action heroes are called John.

Mark Henry- His real name, and the name was famous. Why change it?

The Undertaker- Perfect fit, even though he's not the best at burying people.

Bray Wyatt- Seems to fit just fine for a backwoods hillbilly.

Kane- Sounds suitably sinister.

Jack Swagger- It works. Needs to show a little more swag, but it works.

The Bad:

Sheamus- It's just a first name. Like "Bob". Imagine a wrestler called "Bob".

Big E- Just makes me think of a big letter "E".

Brodus Clay- "Brodus" just sounds dorky and "Clay" is something you make pottery with. I don't get it.

Ryback- He's named after a Steven Seagal Character.

Yoshi Tatsu- Reminds me of that dinosaur thing in Mario games.

Curtis Axel- Well... it's better than "Michael McGillicutty", but not by much. Whilst his previous ring name sounded too dorky, his new one seems like it's trying too hard to be cool.

The OK:

Dolph Ziggler- Kinda sounds douchy and overly flashly, but that fits the character.

The Miz- He's a Miz. What exactly is a "Miz"? He is. He is The Miz.

Drew McIntyre- "Drew" sounds like a girls name. But at least he has "Mc" in his name. If you don't have a "Mc" you aren't Scottish enough.

Daniel Bryan- Well it's a rejigging of his real name... not much to say.

Big Show- Well yes, he is big. And apparently he's a "Show". Not too bad.

Randy Orton- Do I make you randy, baby? Do I? Plain name.

Wade Barrett- Sounds like a very American name. How many Brits do you know called Wade? Not a particularly bad name per se, just unfitting (then again, maybe he isn't supposed to be a typical Brit stereotype like Regal was).

The Bland:

WWE Seems to love giving their "Superstars" extremely normal/generic names for some reason. Perhaps creative has a very limited list of cool names they don't want to waste on someone they won't push?

Dean Ambrose- Reminds me of Ambrosia Custard.
Seth Rollins
Luke Harper
Erick Rowan
Darren Young
Evan Bourne
Justin Gabriel
Damian Sandow
and many more...

One more thing... what's with giving the divas a generic, common first name and nothing more?
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Dean Ambrose is a badass name though.

Agreed about the divas. But they have a lot of divas with 2 names too-

Nikki Bella
Brie Bella
Eva Marie
Rosa Mendes
Alicia Fox
AJ Lee (?)
Tamina Snuka
Sasha Banks
Summer Rae
Alexa Bliss
Devin Taylor
Renee Young
Eden Stiles
Raquel Diaz
Becky Lynch
Veronica Lane

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