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Let's scrutinize Superstar's ring names...

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Any Superstar ring names that strike you as particularly awesome/odd/awful?
I'll hit you with a few:

The Good:

John Cena- His actual name, and it works. All good action heroes are called John.

Mark Henry- His real name, and the name was famous. Why change it?

The Undertaker- Perfect fit, even though he's not the best at burying people.

Bray Wyatt- Seems to fit just fine for a backwoods hillbilly.

Kane- Sounds suitably sinister.

Jack Swagger- It works. Needs to show a little more swag, but it works.

The Bad:

Sheamus- It's just a first name. Like "Bob". Imagine a wrestler called "Bob".

Big E- Just makes me think of a big letter "E".

Brodus Clay- "Brodus" just sounds dorky and "Clay" is something you make pottery with. I don't get it.

Ryback- He's named after a Steven Seagal Character.

Yoshi Tatsu- Reminds me of that dinosaur thing in Mario games.

Curtis Axel- Well... it's better than "Michael McGillicutty", but not by much. Whilst his previous ring name sounded too dorky, his new one seems like it's trying too hard to be cool.

The OK:

Dolph Ziggler- Kinda sounds douchy and overly flashly, but that fits the character.

The Miz- He's a Miz. What exactly is a "Miz"? He is. He is The Miz.

Drew McIntyre- "Drew" sounds like a girls name. But at least he has "Mc" in his name. If you don't have a "Mc" you aren't Scottish enough.

Daniel Bryan- Well it's a rejigging of his real name... not much to say.

Big Show- Well yes, he is big. And apparently he's a "Show". Not too bad.

Randy Orton- Do I make you randy, baby? Do I? Plain name.

Wade Barrett- Sounds like a very American name. How many Brits do you know called Wade? Not a particularly bad name per se, just unfitting (then again, maybe he isn't supposed to be a typical Brit stereotype like Regal was).

The Bland:

WWE Seems to love giving their "Superstars" extremely normal/generic names for some reason. Perhaps creative has a very limited list of cool names they don't want to waste on someone they won't push?

Dean Ambrose- Reminds me of Ambrosia Custard.
Seth Rollins
Luke Harper
Erick Rowan
Darren Young
Evan Bourne
Justin Gabriel
Damian Sandow
and many more...

One more thing... what's with giving the divas a generic, common first name and nothing more?
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OP is right. I want some more zazz in the diva names. Less Emma, more THE DARK DESTROYER OF HADES pls.
I thimk Sheamus is a good name for the American audience, since its not a common name to us. I could see why say, an Irish crowd, would view it was just a typical name.
An Irish crowd wouldn't see it as a typical name because it's not an Irish name. Plenty of Seamuses, but this is the first and only Sheamus I have ever encountered :lol

I really dislike the name Sami Zayn.
What, that's crazy! That's... inzayn.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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