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Let's go Cena/CM Punk???

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Did anyone hear Cole say the chants of "Cena sucks" was really "CM Punk" Dammit I want a new announce team already :gun: :gun: :gun:
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Heard this too. I did hear some Punk chants KINDA, but Cole and Lawler are idiots
Of all of King and Cole's collective sins, this one was pretty mild.
I expect stupidity from those two ass clowns but this was beyond that. Cena even has acknowledged the Cena sucks chants. Cole knew damn well what the crowd was saying.
I hate Cole as much as the next guy, but to be fair to him you could tell he was fed that line from the awkward pause beforehand and the tone of his voice when he said it. What's more troubling is that after acknowledging Cena's lack of popularity and booking accordingly in 2011 (albeit in a ridiculous way by labeling him as 'controversial'), they seem to have regressed to their previous state where Cena is an all-conquering and beloved superman who can do no wrong in the eyes of anyone.
I do think there were some "CM Punk" chants in there to begin with, but then the "Cena Sucks" sort of took over. They weren't entirely wrong.
Portions of the crowd have been going to "CM Punk" instead of "Cena Sucks" for well over a month now. Clear as a bell bro. Not everyone is on the trolley yet, but it's getting there.

The WWE literally has no reason to lie about a "Cena Sucks" chant. They've made the dueling chants part of his character and sell a "Cena Sucks" t-shirt.
Cena sucks and CM punk sounds almost the same. I am not really sure they were chanting cm punk.
They will never admit the fans are saying cena sucks unless he turns heel. Otherwise we'll get the same bs we always get with the love him or hate him he gets a reaction or the outright lies like last night.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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