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If WWE can renegotiate Lesnar's contract then they should push both of these stars and set up a match at WM 30...

They should both just be booked as powerhouses similar to how the build up of Goldberg vs lesnar happened...but Goldberg ran out of dates so their feud got over shadowed by Austin...

I think that if they just smash through the entire roster yet avoiding one another and set up the a train collision at WM 30 I think It could be great! With Paul Heyman in the middle. This could set up a Brock Lesnar Face turn.

The match itself would not be that great but if they have them start off faster and more aggressive then lesnar/Goldberg did then I think the storyline mixed in with a brawl would be great.

Your thoughts?

Taker vs Cena
HHH vs Bryan vs Big Show
Ryback vs Lesnar
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