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Lesnar vs. Austin

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Make it happen WWE before times runs out.
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Can we please stop suggesting matches like these? Sting Vs Rock, Austin Vs Lesnar, etc.

Why do we need to see these matches in 2015? We need to see matches like Cesaro Vs Bryan, Reigns Vs Lesnar, Luke Harper Vs Cesaro, etc, not fucking Sting Vs Stone Cold.
They aren't stupid threads because Austin has talked about matches with both Punk and Lesnar. He only last week mentioned on his podcast talking with Heyman that if creative was right he'd be tempted to do a match against Lesnar.

If Austin didn't talk about it so openly then people wouldn't get their hopes up, as it gives us all a glimmer of hope that he'll come back for one more match.

If he did have another match i'd sooner it be vs Punk because I could see Lesnar legit hurting Austin whereas Punk would protect him more and wouldn't work as physical of a match, however Lesnar's style would go better with Austin and I think Austin would work better in a brawl type match than wrestling type match at this stage of his career.
Honestly, Austin only keeps talking about another match to keep his name in the people's mouths. He would've done it in 2007, or maybe in 2009, or against Nexus in 2010, or Punk in 2011 or 2012, or maybe even last year he could've done it, but he didn't. We should just let it go. It's been well said he had his farewell match at WM19.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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