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Edit: I made this thread on last Thursday...

I got the idea right...only aspect I had wrong is I had lesnar winning....orton won...rollins cashed in to make it a triple threat.

I seen no one else make this prediction....

props to me...old school fans know the game hahaha


So I was thinking and a thought occurred as how to have Brock retain and reigns save face.

First off let me say I dislike reigns with a passion, he is the embodiment of every thing that is wrong with the modern WWE meaning looks> any kind of actual talent.

That said like it or not reigns be it Sunday or not will eventually be the main top guy because of Vince's infatuation.

I'm not a big WWE fan but WWE like any other pro wrestling show is scripited and rules can be irrelevant anytime Vince see's fit. I have never seen where the money in the bank winner has to defend his title in a one on one match, so.....

why not have a grueling match between lesnar and reigns, reigns has lesnar about beat for whatever reason Rollins comes out and cashes in( I know I know the reasoning for this would have to be there but again its scripted, they could make something up, maybe he loses to Orton and feels he needs to prove something) reigns gets knocked out of the ring or whatever, Brock hits the f5 on Rollins 123...

This keeps the belt on Brock, eliminates the mitb situation, and will allow the WWE additional time to either, properly build reigns over time or just flat out find a new top guy to groom to become the next top face...and people could still have the reigns Rollins feud out of this...
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