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Heres what i think should happen between extreme rules and summerslam in the wwe title picture.

1. lesnar vs cena at extreme rules
have them beat the ever living crap out of eachother since its an extreme rules match have it end with johnny ace stopping the match and cena being carted out on a stretcher and the next night on raw we learn hes hurt(kayfabe) so hes written of tv for a few months and it makes lesnar look like a beast.

2. have lesnar run through everybody eventually taking on cm punk for the wwe title and whatever ppv you want before summerslam.

3. before summerslam have lesnar saying that there is no one that can beat him then cue a return of the rock to challenge him for the title at summerslam.

4. at summerslam have rock beat lesnar clean then while hes celebrating his win have cena come back give the rock the AA then setting up for cenavsrock II for survivor serious.

this is just my opinion and im sure it will get negative feed back but whatever
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