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The ones who were to unimportant to get noticed and I am serious, anyone who debuted after 2001 and had any sort of prominent TV role has gotten bashed by people on these forums.

But this is really nothing new. Even in the almighty AE the "new stars" then gotten criticised just as much and people then said they would never be as good as Wreslter X from the previous era.
No. The difference during the AE was Rock and Austin were beating the hell out of wrestlers X, Y and Z from the previous era in ratings and relevance, who were still active in the other promotion. Back then, people genuinely thought of guys like Hogan and Savage as inferior to Rock and Austin.

Nowadays, unless you were born in the mid 90's, wrestling fans still long for the days when Rock and Austin were entertaining them every week. No wrestling fan ever had the need to feel nostalgic during the Monday Night Wars compared to those who watch the current product.

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Well, since the thread said post Attitude Era star and I'm sure he wasn't a star before 2002, I will say Eddie Guerrero.

If that isn't good enough, maybe Yoshi Tatsu, never hear many mention him at all.

All depends on definition of star, I guess.

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Yeah, a lot of people said he had no mic skills, but the argument could be made that WWE never gave him a CHANCE to get better on the mic.
I dislike it when people act like there's only good or bad.

Some people aren't "talkers", some are "yellers", we never really got to hear Shelton be a "yeller", most of the time he was being cocky.

I don't think any time he was in the mic he was in an extremely heated argument with someone, he could've been believable then, you never know.

Regardless, his mic work that we saw was pretty sub-par, not terrible, but sub-par.

Honestly, I thought I was going to be the only person who would say Kidd.
Here's a list of people I know who have been untouched by groups of hate:

Christian (90% of the world marks for Christian),
Chavo, (How could you even disrespect the guy?)
Beth Phoenix,
JBL (everyone in the IWC <3 JBL)
MVP once he turned face (iirc?)
Kurt Angle,

People whose in ring ability is rarely, if never criticised, but are pretty bad on the mic:
Shelty B,
Haas, (never had a chance unfortunately)
Tajiri, (lol)
Greg Helms post-Hurricane,
Orton (to an extent. He gets ribbed for doing shit-all moves sometimes much like Cena but it's not his fault)

Really wanna see some peoples opinions on my list, reply if you want.

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Victoria for a diva, Never heard anything bad about her, Played her crazy role to a T it was awesome, Solid worker. Also she is 41 and still looks damn good just sayin :agree:

Hurricane, I mean up until his car accident and his non stop man crush on Matt Hardy last year everyone I saw post on a forum back then till now I can honestly say never see much hate for Hurricane Helms. Hell alot of people liked his Heel Cruiserweight run, I did.
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