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The last few years everyone involved with competing for the WWe championship have been alway Cena, Orton, Edge, HHH and the last year intrduced Sheamus and Wade Barrett (as a potential new champion wait until SS to see). This for me is getting boring.

Why not try something new. A league format. Each week the wrestlers involved will compete one on one. Similar to having a fixtures list so as a fan you know why you want tune in next week and then the week after. The winners of the match can be allocated points for a win, none for a loss and then share the points if the match exceeds its time limit. In the league you can have shocks and upsets. Stop and think about this and it could get interesting.....the potential is high and most of all its NEW.

The winners of the league could be crowned champion, new number one contender, or the two wrestlers finishing top would have a one of match at the nest big PPV.

I still loved the concept of Wrestlemania 4, it would be great to see that again.

It's just idea.....What ideas do you have, lets hear them.

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Single knockout tournaments always draw well on TV but rarely on PPV.

There are numerous reason why a league system wouldn't work, either way:

- It would be nigh-on impossible to book.
- It wouldn't capture the imagination of a U.S. audience the same way it would in Europe, for example. The league systems in American sports are a joke at best - with teams playing other teams who their record is never compared to, no promotion or relegation, the losing teams getting the best draft picks, the possibility of a team with a poor 'league' record winning the end of year play-offs etc. etc.. Americans prefer the razzamatazz, the spectacle and the money to the actual competition (see Brock Lesnar walking into UFC and having the belt handed to him on a platter, despite his poor record).
- You'd burn your way through money matches in no time and make all of your top characters stale.
- There is no 'season' in wrestling.
- Wrestlers, their employment statuses and their pushes come and go. NXT only just about managed to maintain somewhat of a vague league rankings system. They ran into issues with talents like Carlito getting fired and people who were winning not getting over and so on.
- Wrestling is completely fake. Batista won around 3 out of 40 televised matches last year but was permanently in World title contention. It's about who gets a big response from the crowd whether through winning, losing or otherwise.

All-in-all, you'll never see a league system in U.S. wrestling. Least of all the very non-serious WWE. Japanese wrestling has league-based tournaments, which do well because of the fact wrestling has always been seen as a legitimate sport over there. If you want to watch league wrestling, done meticulously, watch the G1 Climax or one of the many tag league tournaments.
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