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Laycool's time over for a new Two Heel Divas?

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I was thinking about this lately about Laycool, obviously lately we have seen some trouble between Layla and Michelle, do you think this is happening because The Bella's will be the new heel diva duos in the Divas title picture? I know what some may be thinking, yeah I don't want to see either Bella winning the divas title. But they definitely have taken on a mean streak lately. At first I thought it was only going to be between Gail and the Bella's, but now Eve has been put into the mix which is a big deal as she holds the gold.

So do you think the WWE will be going this direction or do you see the Bella's having a short mean streak while Layla and Michelle patching their problems and being put in the title picture again?
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layla keeps shouting for michelle during her matches though, like wives who keep going back to an abusive husband or something lol

i guess it kinda depends how long mccool is out of in-ring action with her foot/broken toe. if michelle is out for awhile, i guess she'll just accompany layla down to the ring as usual.

i don't think laycool will split yet, maybe later in the year, summerslam time maybe. for now, laycool will patch their problems i think.
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