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Lawler's commentary

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The King just keeps getting better with age. In the attitude era, I always found him to be too serious, disinterested and unenthusiastic. However, the last 6-7 years he has been legendary. It's obvious this guy spends hours preparing for each show. He brings a ton of energy and knowledge to the broadcast. Quite the improvement from the boring Lawler of the 90's.
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What? He's terrible. Stupid comments and mistakes all the time. Tired of his perverted comments to which is 90% of what he says. Only enjoy him when he's telling of JBL who started great now repeats himself all the time. Ugh it's worse than the wwe app tutorial....ok not that bad yet

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Cesaro does the giant swing on Khali at Battleground. They show the replay to marvel at Cesaro's freakish fete of strength, and what is Lawler's contribution?

''Look at Khali's hair'' :lawler
Don't forget "Can he swing him twice???" :lawler
Hey Jerry, he did it once, he can do it again .. please don't say such stupid crap.
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