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Last nights RAW EC (No spoilers yet)

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Just watched the RAW Elimination Chamber match, and it might be my favourite match so far this year.
It put everybody involved over (except R-Truth, but who cares about him).

Sheamus was a brutal monster, decimating everyone. After months of everyone on here moaning about how he "lost" all his credibility, I think this was a massive F*** you.
Morrison was once again the most memorable superstar of the night. Totally unique spot. Again.
Punk was the chickenshit heel who performed as always.
Orton set up the WM match with Punk, and did some impressive stuff. RKO on the steel gonna hurt yeah?
Cena as always provided a lot of crowd reaction, whether cheer's or boo's.

Point is, massively enjoyed the match and I think it set up WM really well. Opinions?
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sheamus was tremendous. would have been the best guy on the show if rey wasn't gettting thrown around like a lawn dart for a half hour in the other EC. punk was great and morrison/orton were good. cena's booking was weird but w/e.
Where's R-Truth? Oh-- wait! He right there! Oh... He's gone.
The RAW chamber was great.

All the superstars (bar maybe R-Truth) were on point in this match. I was hoping they would keep Sheamsu around because I thought he could be amazing in this match, they did, and I wasn't disapointed, he was awesome. CM Punk performed incredibly well, and Orton did the same. Morrison once again was the highlight and added A LOT to the entertainment of the match.

I've gotta say, the last three guys in the chamber match were amazing. They worked together incredibly well, came up with some great spots, some nice sequences, great near falls etc. I loved it.
I think the only down fall of the match was that R - truth was in the match. It should of been Daniel Bryan in the match instead of him.
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