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Lana responds to rapper!

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Full article on LANA/RUSEV if anyone is interested -

On Russia, Racism And Why Rusev Only Seems To Squash Black Wrestlers
- Rapper Wale, who was involved in a fan altercation at the recent Washington, DC RAW, tweeted the following in response to Rusev squashing Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Xavier Woods:

"Vince if Rusev fights big E next we gon riot"

Lana replied to him on Twitter:

"@Wale we @RusevBUL CRUSH who ever we want & we want. We make Vladimir Putin proud"
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The thing about Lana is that next to being just ridiculously hot the girl has charisma, a ton of personality and the stones to commit fully to her persona.

I usually have pretty big issues with girls that come up to the big stage with little to no training (Eva Marie, Cameron to name a few that have recently pissed me off), but with Lana it just works. She sticks to what she's good at, she's not acting nervous in the slightest, and she's not overstepping her skillset (i.e. getting in the ring, she just sticks to straight up valeting).

When twitter responses like this don't feel even remotely forced but just complement a persona like Lana's, it just screams at me "succesfull gimmick". The vote's still out on Rusev, but I think Lana is going to be a hit.

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I feel bad for Wale and the brothers out there, it will take a white guy like Cena or the Big Show to defeat Rusev.

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I looked at his Twitter, he's an idiot

"Seth Rollins gonna be a legend"

"too similar to Goldberg, however if Goldberg sign a part time contract and goes at him . It could turn ryback allll the way up"

"wwe don't like to be bullied by fans. Zack Ryder became popular on his own so they BURRIED em"

"most talented wrestler on roster. His gimmick horrible tho . An African with a Jamaican gimmick ? All he says is "boom" "

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Lana's always in character and is really playing it well.

I have a sudden realisation as to who Big E will be feuding with next...
There's still about 3-4 guys he has to go through on undercard before he gets Big E .. until and unless Vince is done with Big E already and then it's jobbing time.

I would hope that they would treat Big E a little better and at least make him come out strong. At this point Rusev needs a bigger challenge and Big E could be that guy. It would give both guys a tremendous boost to be booked strong against each other.
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