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Lambo to the slaughter

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A LAMBORGHINI is wrecked by a mallet-wielding mob - paid to destroy it by the car's disgruntled OWNER. The millionaire entrepreneur was protesting at his local dealer after the £465,000 Gallardo's engine packed up within a month.

The garage failed to fix the fault and damaged the bumper and chassis in the process.

After arguing with bosses, the owner paid the men to wreck the car to draw attention to his grievances in Qingdao, China.

A Gallardo costs £140,000 in the UK, but the price is higher in China due to import taxes.
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· Lucy Snorebush
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Wait so he thought "My engine isn't working, my local garage couldn't fix the problem and damaged my bumper, I think I'll now DESTROY THE WHOLE FUCKING THING!!!"
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