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Try being informed instead of just opinionated.
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Lol, check out some of the reviews on IMDB.

Rating would be less than 1 if available.

This movie is horrible on an epic scale. Whoever said Kurt Angle could act needs to be shot out of a cannon into deep space. His acting ability sucks so much that light can't escape it. My wife LOVES cheesy movies and she couldn't make it through the first 20 minutes.

As for the movie > I've honestly seen hardcore porn movies with better acting and plot line. For what little time I was able to stomach this cinematic catastrophe, the actors talked to their shoes with their hands in their pockets.

I literally became a member of IMDb because of this movie. I wanted to warn everyone. My wife is forever banned from renting movies. She wasted a $1 in the Red Box movie rental machine when I could've had more entertainment by setting the money on fire and watching it burn in my BBQ grill.
Unbelievably Bad - It's Cecil B. Demile of Bizarro World

Holy Cow ! It's late at night. There's nothing on TV. My wife made her last trip out for the night to Red Box and spent our last $1. We're desperate for TV entertainment. I've watched my last Star Trek VHS tape for the 1000th time so I can't do that again.

I am, instead, watching my blue screen in silence because that is 100 times better than this movie. I made it about 20 minutes and couldn't take it any longer. I'll listen to my Slim Whitman tapes and watch the blue screen before I push that DVD back into the player. I barely escaped with my life.

I'm telling you this thing is bad... I mean really bad.
This movie is awful hilarious

if you want to see a film that sucks at all aspects, i recommend you to see this one.

it's so awful that you will laugh at the acting. the genre of this movie must be comedy instead of drama.

sometime you will think that Kurt Angel Pay for the producer to act in this movie. on the other hand who did pay to produce this movie???? What a waste of money!!!

Kurt angel must be banned from acting. someone must tell him to stay in wrestling....

Anyway a piece of advice to Kurt angel:

Kurt Angel ---- NO ACTING ANYMORE.... It's bad for your reputation...
Lol, I kinda want to watch it now...8*D
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
Not open for further replies.