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KOW- Kermack's Own World

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KOW- Kermack’s Own World

Pyros go off and the music “Always” by Saliva starts to play. Kermack then enters the ring in a business suit

Kermack: Welcome to my world let me give you the tour. Here is the ring, the announcers Michael Cole, Tazz and Coach, and here comes up the roster for my world!

“Always” plays as the roster enters the ring

Kermack: Yes this is my world of wrestling and prepared to be shocked at what you see in this ring from now on, because like my slogan says…”In my world things get ugly”. Tonight we will introduce a new way of handing out championships in my world…instead of belts we shall use medals: a gold medal for the Champion of KOW, a silver for the mid card champion of KOW, and two bronze medals for the tag champs. Coming up is two matches to determine who will face each other at my first PPV called Break Out in September for the Bronze Tag Team Medals. After that there will be a Silver Medal match between Batista and Rhyno. Then finally the main event is a 12 man Battle Royal for the Gold Medal featuring: Angle, Eddie, Kane, Jericho, Benoit, Orton, RVD, Booker T, Big Show, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H

crowd cheers

Kermack: Oh by the way…before the first match I would like to introduce your GM Shane McMahon

Shane enters the ring

Shane: Thank you for having me here to be the GM of your world. Before the first match though I would like to introduce my picks to win the tag team medals…Matt and Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Boys.

The Hardys take a bow but Christian comes up with a mic

Christian: I should be in some kind of a match tonight. This is not fair. I am better than both of them.

Matt Hardy takes a mic

Matt: Shut up Christian. You are not in any match tonight because you cannot draw a crowd like the Hardy Boys!

Edge grabs a mic

Edge: I will admit that you can’t draw a crowd more than the Hardys but I know that you and I can together.

Edge spears Jeff unsuspectingly and Christian pulls off a DDT on Matt. Shane and Kermack get the rest of the roster to break them up

Shane: As my first act as GM I will suspend Edge and Christian if they even think about interfering in any of the tag matches tonight to determine who will go to Break Down to try to win the Tag Team Medals.

Everyone leaves but Matt, Jeff, Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn

The Hardy Boys versus HB Bombers where the winner will go to Break Down to go for the Tag Team Medals

Finish: Billy Gunn is working on Jeff’s ribs where Edge hit him with the spear earlier in his corner. Gunn tags off to Holly and he takes over on the beat down of Jeff Hardy.

Tazz: These guys have been doing this the entire match almost.

Coach: The second Jeff got into the ring the HB Bombers have been isolating him from his brother, Matt Hardy to work on his ribs.

Cole: Smart tactic…they may be setting up for a submission move that focuses on the ribs.

Holly throws Jeff into the ropes and on the rebound close lines Jeff. Hardcore Holly signals for the Alabama Slam and then he picks up the Hardy Boy. Going into the Alabama Slam when Jeff got onto Hardcore’s back he grabbed his waist so Holly could not follow through with the slam. Holly starts to get frustrated trying to throw Jeff off of him. Suddenly Jeff Hardy lets go of the waist of Holly and goes for the Hurricanrana on Hardcore Holly. Jeff quickly goes for the tag to Matt. The cheer erupts as Matt goes on the offensive against Holly by drop kicking him and when Billy came into the ring he took a thunderous DDT from Matt. Jeff comes back into the match by going to the top rope and going for the Whisper of the Wind on Holly. Billy Gunn is now standing up but gets thrown out of the ring by Matt Hardy followed by 360 Splash from Jeff Hardy off the top rope onto Gunn. It is now Matt and Holly in the ring and Twist of Fate onto Hardcore Holly followed by Matt climbing the to the top turnbuckle and a Leg Drop across the throat of Holly. 1…2…3!

The Winners and will go to Break Down to go for the Tag Team Medals:
The Hardy Boys

The Hardys celebrate electrifying the crowd for the next match then heading back.

Tazz: That was off the hook

Cole: Everything is off the hook when the Hardys are around.

Coach: Now we bring you the next match Tajiri and the Hurricane versus Paul London and Shannon Moore.

Tajiri and the Hurricane versus Paul London and Shannon Moore where the winner will go to Break Down to go for the Tag Team Medals

The Finish: Tajiri is in the ring sending his famous loud kicks into Moore’s stomach. Shannon Moore is able to grab one of the kicks and drops an elbow onto the leg of Tajiri. Moore goes to tag in London. Paul is in the ring and drop kicks Tajiri and throws him into the ropes. On the rebound Tajiri goes for the Spring Board back to nail London in the mouth with his elbow. Tajiri tags off to Hurricane who goes up top of the turnbuckle. Hurricane drops off to deliver a Drop Kick from way up high to nail London in the mouth. Moore goes running in to only take a Choke Slam from Hurricane. London is able to get up but only receives an Eye of the Hurricane. The Hurricane tags in Tajiri who happens to be on the top turnbuckle. The Japanese Buzzsaw turns around and goes for the Moonsault on London. 1…2…3!

The Winners and will go to Break Down to go for the Tag Team Medals:
Hurricane and Tajiri

While the two celebrate Edge and Christian appear on the titron

Edge: If any of those Nim Rods haven’t figured out Christian and I are back together to win the Tag Team Medals

Christian: We talked to Shane and he agreed that we could face you two next week for the opportunity. Good Luck next week you will need it.

E&C: We will win!

Tajiri and the Hurricane look frustrated and head to the back pissed.


Coach is backstage interviewing Triple H

Coach: So HHH what are your plans for the Battle Royal tonight?

Triple H: The same as always! To become KOW Gold Medal Champion.

Coach: Who will be your main opponent to eliminate? Possibly the Old Man of the group… Shawn Michaels

HHH: Chris Benoit because he won the Royal Rumble once when he entered number 1 in 2004.

HBK comes into the interview and the crowd chants HBK

HBK: What about me? I won a Royal Rumble when I entered number 1 too.

HHH: You are too old for me to worry about Shawn. You are nothing but a Has Been.

HBK: I will tell you what partner if you or I win the Battle Royal tonight we face each other for the KOW Gold Medal at Break Out? Hells even if we both lose why not have the match anyway!

HHH: I wouldn’t mind an easy title defense at my first KOW Pay-Per-View.

HBK: I will hold you to that promise H.

HBK gets ready to leave but turns around and slaps The Coach

HBK: And by the way Coach…never call me an OLD MAN!

Back to the ring we see Rhyno in the ring and Batista entering the ring

Tazz: Too bad about Coach. LOL

Cole: I can’t believe our first guaranteed match at Break Out is going to be HBK versus HHH for the Gold Medal if one of them wins this match!

Batista versus Rhyno for the Silver Medal

Finish: Batista is in control of the match and Rhyno is backed into a corner. Batista delivers few close lines to keep Rhyno backed into the corner. Suddenly Rhyno goes on the offensive with a knee to the gut of Batista followed by hard punches into the opposite corner. Once Batista is in the corner Rhyno pushes his shoulder into Batista and throws him into the opposite corner. Rhyno sets up for the Gore and charges. Batista sees the Gore coming and uses his knee to block the Gore. Rhyno is unconscious and Batista is holding his knee where the Gore in pain. Some how Batista rolls over Rhyno for the pin. 1…2…3!

The Winner and the First Ever Silver Medal winner:

Batista tries to stand up to grab his medal but can’t because of his knee. Medics rush out to take Batista to the back and the unconscious Rhyno to the back.

Tazz: That was a great match but I am curious to see what Batista and Rhyno’s physical condition is?

Cole: I wonder what will happen if neither of them can wrestle for a while, I wonder where that leaves the Silver Medal?

Coach (he returned during the match): I hope we can see another match between the two of them.


We see a video hyping a match between Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio at Break Down where they will debut

Tazz: This is fantastic! Billy Kidman versus Rey Mysterio at Break Down where they will debut into the KOW!

Cole: they will be great but what is going on in the ring?

Coach: I was going to ask that myself

We see all 12 in the ring with Kermack and Shane

Kermack: Tonight you 12 are chosen to fight for the KOW Gold Medal! 12 of the best in the world today and in my world! I know that you will all fight, bleed, claw, scratch, sweat and kill for my Gold Medal! Kurt Angle…I bet you would like to have more gold around your neck! Triple H…you would like to prove you are the Game! Chris Benoit…you want to prove you are the real deal! Chris Jericho…you would like to show you have skills to back up your mouth! Eddie Guerreo…you want to show you have enough Latino Heat to over power the rest of these guys! Kane…you want to become and you that if you win you will! Big Show…you want to show why you are the Big Show! Shawn Michaels…you want to prove you are still the Heart Breaker and Show Stopper! Rob Van Dam…you want to prove why you The Whole Dam Show! John Cena…you want to prove that your raps about you being the best are true! Booker T…you want to prove why everyone else is a SUCKA but you! Randy Orton…you want to prove why you are still the Legend Killer that has beaten so many Legends except for yourself! This is a chance at glory and to become a legend ion the KOW. So prove it now…in the ring… against 11 other men looking got do the same thing…win! You won’t see me again for a while because I have business to do so you make sure you prove yourselves to Shane here. Let the Battle Royal begin!

Kermack and Shane leave the ring leaving the 12 men hyped up for the match

12 Man Battle Royal for the Gold Medal of KOW

The Match: Everyone seems to like to have split up into partners: Randy Orton is fighting Booker T, Kane is trading fists with The Big Show, Chris Jericho is trading submission maneuvers with Angle, Eddie and Benoit are outside the ring battling, and what has the fans going wild is Triple H and Shawn Michaels facing off in the middle in the ring. Shawn Michaels throws Triple H into the ropes and on the rebound HBK hits his famous close line on HHH. HBK jumps right back up to his feet but gets close lined by Booker T who was aiming for Orton but missed. Triple H takes advantage of Shawn but gets a low blow from him. The fans cheers start for Shawn Michaels as HBK starts to get fired up and goes to the corner to start signaling for the Sweet Chin Music. The fans cheer louder and clap along for each stomp. HBK goes for the kick and nails it on Triple H. Triple H is out cold but all of a sudden Chris Benoit enters the ring and close lines Shawn. When HBK got back in a fiery Chris picked him up for a suplex and dropped him outside the ring. On the outside Michaels landed a little awkward because when he landed his head pounced off the floor.

Tazz: I think Michaels hurt!

Cole: Get the medics out here now!

Coach: Good riddens I say now we got a match.

Tazz: Shut up Coach he is seriously hurt!

Coach: Yeah, Yeah!

The Match: Triple H is starting to stand up but gets close lined over the top rope by John Cena. While Triple H is outside the ring he puts the sleeper hold on Shawn Michaels. After that Triple H starts to stomp on his neck until the medics come and break it up

Tazz: That was sick what Triple H did! How could The Game do that?

Cole: It’s easy…when you don’t have a heart.

Coach: A man after my own heart. They should make that match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels next week…you know why?

Cole: Let me guess so HBK will be in condition to fight? Even if Michaels showed up he would be in condition to fight The Game and lose.

Coach: So you admit Triple H is better than HBK!

Cole: No I did not!

Coach Yes you did. You said he would lose to The Game if they were to wrestle next week.

Cole: Oh come on…Triple H would lose too if he was in the same situation

Tazz: Shut up guys and watch the match. That is our job.

The Match: It is down to 10 men. Kane gets Show into a corner and Choke Slams him onto the ring floor. Cena then comes up with a FU on Kane. Followed by a Book End on John by Booker T. Booker T is then hit by a RKO from Orton himself. Jericho then bulldogs Orton’s face into the ring floor followed by a 5 Star Frog Splash from RVD. A Reverse Russian Leg Sweep is put on RVD from Jericho plating his face into the ring floor. Benoit now comes into the equation with a Crippler Cross Face on Jericho. After a while Benoit breaks the move but then Eddie comes down with a Frog Splash onto Benoit while his back was on the ground from breaking the move. Kurt Angle sneaks up on Eddie to pull of an Angle Slam, now awake Big Show waits for Angle to get up. Kurt stands up and gets a ride from The Big Show called the Choke Slam. Show goes to pick up Jericho and Choke Slam him outside the ring but Jericho reverses it into a Tornado DDT. Everyone is down. Soon it seems like everyone is getting up at the same time. John Cena gets close lined over the top rope by Orton, but is able to hang and land on the apron outside the ring. Those two start to grapple and try to take control of the situation. Eddie starts to brawl with Angle and gets Angle against the ropes and tries to toss him over to the left of Cena and Orton. RVD and Benoit team up to try to get Kane over the top rope just to the left of where Edie is still trying to eliminate Kurt. Kane goes over but lands on the apron and grabs RVD by the throat trying to throw him over. Benoit goes to try to RVD but Booker T intercepts the save and throws Benoit over the ropes who also lands on the apron like the others. Big Show and Jericho are tied up and found their way against the ropes to the right of Orton and Cena and to the left of Benoit and Booker T. Big Show goes to Choke Slam Jericho over the top rope but fails. Chris reverses it into a DDT over the ropes. He is trying to eliminate Show the same way Benoit did before. Chris gets Show over the top rope and he lands on the floor but he goes with. At the same time Cena FU’s Orton over the top rope and they both fall to the ground. Kane finally gets RVD over the ropes for the Choke Slam but hits the floor too. Once Eddie got Angle went over the ropes Angle pulled him over and they landed at the same time as everyone else. The refs have no idea who won.

The Match was a draw between 10 of the 12 Competitors

All of a sudden “Always” by Saliva plays. I know how to solve this problem of who won.

Kermack: Since this is my world I choose that at Break Out you 10 competitors will compete in the first ever 9 Deaths match.

All the competitors look confused wondering what a 9 Deaths match is

Tazz: What kind of match is that?

Coach: Maybe we will find out next week.

Cole: Also hopefully the conditions of Batista, Rhyno and Shawn Michaels

End of Show
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Well if you are aiming to be different, you are certainly at the top of the pile. It's good and has a lot of potential. Medals for titles is different I guess.

9 Deaths sounds extreme to say the least. Cant wait to see how that turns out.

9/10. Could have done with less commentary in Main Event, but it was all good none the less.

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how about......... 9.5/10 for some of it and 10/10 for other part of it

and I am not saying dat just cause I am your friend, that's how much it is worth

PLEASE CHECK OUT WWE:THE THRILL for my last show before I leave and comeback in like a few months. Link is in my SIG

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pretty good, and it is unique 8.5/10. Lookin forward to the next one.

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PPV Titles

Sept- Break Out
Oct- Hallos Eve
Nov- No Trespassing
Dec- X-Mas Vacation
Jan- New Season
Feb- Gambling Your Life
Mar- Going North
Apr- Down Pour
May- May I Woop Your Candy Ass
June- Rumble In The Jungle
July- Other Worlds
Aug- Kermack's B-Day

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KOW- Kermack’s Own World

Pyros go off and the music “Always” by Saliva starts to play showing a video with showing what happened last week

Matches from last show

Hardy Boys defeated HB Bombers

Tajiri and Hurricane defeated Moore and London

Batista defeated Rhyno to win the Silver Medal

In the 12 Man Battle Royal 2 were eliminated and the rest ended the match in a draw

The Show

Tazz: Welcome to the second episode of KOW where a lot of mysteries may or may not be solved tonight

Cole: One question is what is the physical condition of Rhyno, The Silver Medallist Batista, and Shawn Michaels.

Tazz: Also if the Silver Medallist is injured then what will happen to the Medal?

Coach: Who cares about Shawn when we can find out what a 9 Deaths match is?

Shane McMahon’ music starts and he enters the ring

Shane: Welcome to the second of Kermack’s Own World where in his world things get ugly. A few questions will be answered tonight, but if you tuned in to find out what a 9 Deaths match is you are out of luck because I don’t even know and I am the GM. Kermack will have the news to me next show. Now for the health of the superstars find out for yourself.

HBK’s music starts and he enters wearing a neck brace

HBK: My neck is hurt a bit but I will be a 100 percent for Break Out to face Triple H.

Fans chant HBK

HBK: By the way a friend of mine says that someone has been bad mouthing me while I was hurt and when Triple H attacked me…The Coach. Please get your ass in the ring.

Coach goes to the ring with a mic

Coach: Shawn nothing against you but if you are expecting me to apologize you are out of luck. I will let you kiss my ass though.

HBK: Ah No…I wanted to challenge you to a match to see if you can back up your mouth with muscle.

Coach looks hesitant until Triple H’s music starts and he enters the ring with Booker T

HHH: How about a handicap match instead for next week! Shawn Michaels and your choice of any partner from the Battle Royal last show versus The Coach, Booker T and I

Booker T: Listen Heart Breaker…I am in this to only take out someone in the 9 Deaths match at Break Down. I respect you and all but I want to win my Gold Medal.

Booker T puts his hand out to shake and Michaels excepts. Booker T then goes for a sucker punch but HBK blocks it pushes him back and hits the SCM on him. Triple H comes into the equation knocks down HBK. Soon Coach and Booker T help

HHH: You should have just let me break your neck Shawn! Now it is too late and now I will do it at Break Down!

Soon Y2J’s music hits and he comes out with a steel chair and gets HHH and Booker T out of the ring. Coach tries to jump him but ends up taking a chair shot from Chris. Jericho helps HBK to his feet and then hugs him.

HBK: I found my partner in my friend…Chris Jericho!

Tazz: That will be a great match HBK and Y2J versus HHH, Booker T and The Coach.

Commercial- Check Out WWE: The Thrill

A video hyping the debuts of Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman at Break Out when they face each other

Tazz: like I said before I am looking forward to the Mysterio and Kidman match next week

Cole: What I am happy about is that Coach isn’t here any more for thee rest of the night! Thank you Chris Jericho.

Tazz lets get to the first match. Thanks to Edge and Christian, Tajiri and Hurricane have to fight again to secure their position for the Tag Medals at Break Down.

Tajiri and Hurricane versus Edge and Christian where the winner goes to Break Down to wrestle for the Tag Medals against The Hardy Boys.

Finish: Tajiri is in control throwing out a fiery of kicks at Edge. Christian tries to interfere but the ref stops him. While the ref is distracted Edge poked Tajiri in the eyes. Edge throws Tajiri into the ropes where Edge nails a Spear! 1…2…Hurricane breaks the count. Edge goes top mouth off at Hurricane while Tajiri uses the time to recuperate. Christian tries to warn Edge about Tajiri but Tajiri Super Kicks him off the apron. Edgfe turns around after the kick to receive the Kick Of Death from Tajiri. Tajiri goes for the pin. 1…2…Edge got his foot on the ropes. Tajiri tags in Hurricane, who throws him into the ropes. Edge makes a blind tag to Christian. Hurricane tosses Edge over his head and goes for the pin but Christian goes in for a roll up on Hurricane with a handful tights.1…2…3 before Tajiri could break the count.

The Winners: Edge and Christian

Shane’s music starts

Shane: Hold on. You will not win that easily. I am ordering a rematch right now!

Tajiri and Hurricane versus Edge and Christian where the winner goes to Break Down to wrestle for the Tag Medals against The Hardy Boys.

The Match: E&C are shocked and turn around to beat down the two men. Unfortunately for them Tajiri hits a Moonsault on both of them! Hurricane throws Edge out goes for the Tornado DDT on Christian1 1…2…3.

The Winners: Tajiri and Hurricane

E&C are shocked and are trying to understand what happened. First they won then lost?

Shane: Too bad guys. Good luck at

Backstage we see Chris Jericho and HBK together

HBK: Thanks for the help you are a true friend

Y2J: You are welcome man. Next week we will win and then at Break Out we will both win our matches.

Commercial- Check Out WWE: Pain and Bleed

Cole: Here is a chance to find out Batista’s condition

Batista versus Shannon Moore Non-Title match

Finish: Moore has had control for most of the match until Batista pulled off a big Spine Buster. Batista is limping a lot and takes Moore to one of the corner. Using the ropes for support at the same time as punching his opponent senseless. Batista is starting to get confident. Suddenly he hears the roar and music of the man that hurt his knee…Rhyno. The ref looks at the entrance way but behind him Rhyno comes through the crowd and Gores Batista! Batista starts to stand up after awhile looking for Rhyno but only finds Moore on the top turnbuckle! Moore Drop Kicks Batista from way up high and goes for the Boston Crab Leg Lock on his bad leg. Batista can’t do anything. His knee is killing him and he has no choice but to tap out. Batista taps out.

The Winner: Shannon Moore

Batista looks shocked and angered by what Rhyno did. He soon starts to limp back to the locker room to search for Rhyno

8 of the 10 men are backstage (those not being Jericho and Booker T) talking to Shane about the 9 Deaths match.

Shane: SHUT UP! You all have been nagging me all night so I am getting you out of my hair the only way I know how…right now there will be a Survivor Series 4 vs. 4 match with RVD, Cena, Orton and Eddie versus Angle, Benoit, Show and Kane! Now get out!

The Wrestlers leave and Shane uses his intercom

Shane: Betty bring in some aspirin

Suddenly the Hardy Boys enter his office

Matt: So are we facing E&C or Tajiri and Hurricane?

Jeff: Yeah we need to know for our match at Break Out. Last thing we need is to find out we have four opponents!

Shane: It is Tajiri and Hurricane and if you don’t shut up and leave it will be!

Matt and Jeff: Pardon?

Shane: It is now officially E&C vs. Tajiri and Hurricane vs. The Hardy Boys. Now get out.

Matt: Okay don’t spaz out!

Shane: Make that a lot of aspirin Betty.

Suddenly Rhyno enters his office

Rhyno: I want Batista at Break out for the Silver Medal! I want revenge for giving a concussion last show!

Shane: Whatever just get out! Please

Rhyno leaves and there is a knock at the door

Shane: Just come in

Stacy Keibler enters and Shane has cheered up

Stacy: Kermack just signed me for KOW and wanted me to talk to you.

Stacy starts to seduce Shane

Shane: What is it that I can do for you!

Stacy: Anything?

Shane: Anything!

Stacy: I want a Women’s Medal given to me that is sparkly, with a rainbow and my picture on it!

Shane looks pissed off

Shane: Get out of my office now!

Stacy: What a grouch!

Stacy leaves

Shane: Betty…just bring me a bottle of aspirin!

Commercial: check out WWO

4 vs. 4 Survivor Series Match

RVD, Cena, Orton and Eddie versus Angle, Benoit, Show and Kane

End of First Fall: RVD starts to send some kicks at Kane who is able to catch one. Kane throws the leg over RVD’s head but it is reversed it by RVD doing a back flip and driving his elbow into the stomach of Kane once he landed. RVD tries to go for Suplex but fails when Kane reverses it into a Choke Slam. Kane tags Show in. Together the two giant men pull off a Double Choke Slam RVD. Show pins him. 1…2…3. RVD is eliminated.

End of Second Fall: Randy Orton has locked up with Benoit. While the two are locked up Eddie unties his top turnbuckle to expose the steel underneath. Suddenly Benoit takes control of the lock up with Orton with a Snap Suplex followed by a Crippler Cross Face. Randy is able to get to the ropes. Benoit goes to pull his adversary up but Randy plants the RKO on Benoit.1…2…3 Benoit is eliminated.

End of Third Fall: Cena is in the ring with Angle and the two are beating each other down hard. Cena takes advantage by pulling out a FU on Kurt. Unfortunately while Angle was on Cena’s shoulders he tagged in Big Show. Unknowingly to Cena Big Show comes into the equation with a Choke Slam on him into his corner. He beats down on Cena for a while until he escapes and tags in Orton. The two pull Show head first into the exposed turnbuckle that Eddie untied earlier. Cena and Orton start to trade off and in fast to beat down on Show. Soon the ref loses track. Suddenly Show throws both men down and pulls them towards the ropes by his turnbuckle. Show picks them both up but Cena and Orton start to fight back. Cena and Orton are double-teaming Big Show who then Choke Slams both men. Show pins them both while Angle and Kane hold their feet down. 1…2…3 both Orton and Cena are gone.

Fourth Fall: Eddie is all and ready. The Big Show charges him but Eddie reverses it so Show lands on the exposed turnbuckle again. After climbing a different turnbuckle edie goes for the Frog Splash. 1…2…3 Big Show is gone.

Fifth Fall: Eddie is pulling something out of his trunks. Angle enters the match to only eat Eddie’s fist. 1…2…3 Angle is gone?! On the replay we see that Eddie used brass knucks on Angle!

Sixth Fall: Eddie tries the brass knucks again on Kane and nails him. 1...2…kick out from Kane. Eddie is shocked that Kane kicked out and starts to complain to the ref that it was three! Soon Eddie turn around to receive a Choke Slam. Kane grabs the knucks from Eddie’s tights and nails him hard. The ref calls for a DQ on Kane

The Winners: RVD, Cena, Orton and Eddie

The Survivor(s): Eddie Guerreo

Kane continues to hit Eddie with the knucks until he bleeds. Soon his teammates come to the rescue to only receive a punch from the knucks. Kane goes straight back to work until the refs and security and some of the roster break up the beat down of the century. While the medics look at Eddie, Kane walks away smiling and wiping the blood on his chest laughing.

Show End


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You have a unique idea, and it's a good one.

Your first show was good but to me it didn't seem to flow very much, ie there were little backstage segments/interviews between matches. The ending of the main event I'm not sure of either, but I know that they will put out a great match at BreakDown.

Your second show was better in my opinion. It seemed to flow more that your first show and I think the ending was better also. Hardyz/E&C/Hurricane and Tajiri should be a great match as will Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. Can't wait to find out what a 9 Deaths match is.


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Can't wait to see the nine deaths match and I think at Break-out E and C will have the bronze medals.

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KOW- Kermack’s Own World

The pyros go off and Shane McMahon enters the ring

Shane: As the GM of KOW I am pleased to inform you of a few details about the next few shows and the PPV including how a 9 Deaths match works! First off the PPV is taking place in Toronto, Canada and the theme song is “My Sacrifice” by Creed. Now to talk about the 9 Deaths Match! As you know there are 10 participants where one man will be eliminated in a single round until 9 rounds have passed and one man is left! In each round there will be a stipulation to help decide who will be gone. The first round will be a First Blood match where the first to bleed will be eliminated. Then we go onto the next round where a Street Fight will take place and the first to submit or be pinned is gone. Following that round will be a Tables Match where the first man to be put through a Table is gone. Next is a Battle Royal where the first to go over the top rope is leaving the match. Then we go to a cage match where the last man to escape the cage will be eliminated! Now we go into a casket match where one-man max can be put into a casket and when the casket is locked and closed the man inside will be eliminated. Now we go onto a Chain Match where both arms are going to be chained to a different man. Next is a Last Man Standing Match where the last man to reach the count of 10 is gone. Finally but not least is a ladder match where the man to grab the medal is the First Ever Gold Medallist of the KOW! There will also be break periods. So here is the Order

First Blood

Street Fight



Battle Royal





Last Man Standing


Now for the next show we will have in order of the 9 Deaths Match have these 10 men face one another in these stipulations! So tonight is Eddie Guerreo versus Randy Orton in a Lumberjack Match where the winner gets to do a cage match against the man of their choice. Then next week we begin the 9 Deaths Series! Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy the night!

Tazz: This is great! That will be a great Main Event for a PPV

Coach: It sure will be! By the way tonight was going to be HBK and Jericho versus HHH, Booker T and I but the match is now a 3 vs. 3 match where HBK and Jericho have a mystery partner!

Cole: Oh too bad! Also tonight is a Triple Threat match with Jeff Hardy, Edge and Tajiri! Then later on tonight we will be interviewing Eddie Guerreo about Kane and Randy Orton!

Tazz: Also there is a tag team match with Kane and Batista versus Cena and Rhyno.

Coach: Wait I am getting an announcement that the Lumberjacks will be for the Eddie versus Randy match is RVD, Angle, Big Show and Chris Benoit

Cole: This a huge night! Stay tuned!

Commercial- Check Out WWO

Kane and Batista versus John Cena and Rhyno

Finish: Kane has Rhyno in his corner and is distracting the ref while Batista gets a few shots in illegally. When Batista has finished Kane charges Rhyno but Rhyno counters Kane’s charge by ducking and tossing him over the top rope! Rhyno runs to go tag in John but Batista garbs Rhyno’s hair and pulls hard dropping Rhyno hard to the floor headfirst! The ref starts to argue with Batista while Kane grabs Rhyno and pulls him outside. Kane sets up for a Choke Slam but Cena joins the equation and attacks Kane. John throws Rhyno back into the ring and Kane into the audience. Batista realizes what has happened and tries to distract the ref but the ref starts to ignore him. When the ref reached 8 Batista punched out the ref. With no ref Batista charges Rhyno but Cena intercepts him with a Close Line. When Batista got up he charged Cena again but would only take a Spine Buster instead! Cena starts to Pump It Up signaling for a FU! Batista is up and Cena gets him up on his shoulders and delivers a FU! A new ref runs when Cena goes for the cover 1…2…3!

The Winners: John Cena and Rhyno

Coach: This is unfair! Cena was not the legal man and neither was Batista.

Cole: Maybe Batista and Kane should not of cheated and knocked the ref out!

Tazz: here comes the Eddie’s interview.

We go backstage to see Josh Matthews interviewing Eddie Guerreo

Josh: Are you okay Eddie from what Kane did before? Like are there any injuries?

Eddie: It will take more than a Big Red Bastard to injure Latino Heat!

Josh: Is there anything you would like to say to Kane?

Eddie: You bet! When I win my match I will face Kane in a steel cage!

Josh: Well I was told earlier that the loser of the match with Randy Orton that he must face The Big Show next show in a 2 out of 3 Battle Royal Match.

Eddie: I guarantee that will be Orton’s problem Hommes!

Josh: That is about it! Lets…

Suddenly Orton enters the interview and crowd boos

Orton: You think I will lose Eddie? I don’t think so. I will be sure to add a legendary Drug Addict to my long list of Dead Legends!

Eddie: Really Vato? I think not!

Josh: I guess we have to wait for tonight to find out.

Suddenly the two attack each other until security comes and breaks them up.

Tazz: It is now time for the Triple Threat Match

Tajiri versus Edge versus Jeff Hardy

Finish: Tajiri is outside the ring after just being thrown into the stairs by Edge, who is now in the ring confronting Jeff. Thinking fast Jeff runs out towards Edge and hits a Hurricanrana knocking edge down. Following his dare devil instincts Jeff goes to the top turnbuckle and when Edge stood up he went for the Whisper In The Wind! Jeff goes for the count. 1…Tajiri breaks it up and for his trouble Tajiri s thrown out of the ring again by the Hardy Boy. Jeff closes in on Edge only to get rolled up into a pin by him.1…2…kick out by Jeff. After throwing Jeff into the corner, Edge is alarmed to see Jeff counter it with a quick Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…Tajiri breaks up the count once more. Instead of being thrown out of the ring again Tajiri fights back with a series of hard kicks on Jeff and the now risen Edge. Tajiri finishes the rush of kicks with two to the head of Edge and Jeff. Thinking fast Tajiri goes to the top rope and waits. Once the two warriors were standing Tajiri attempts the Moonsault. Unfortunately Tajiri misses the move on both men when they dodged it. The two men pick up Tajiri forming an unholy alliance and throws Tajiri into the ropes, to only take an Elbow to the face as Tajiri counters the move with a Hand Spring! Everyone gets up quickly and Tajiri kicks Edge in the gut and when Edge bent over rolled off his back to kick Jeff in the gut sending him to his knees and finishes Hardy with a Kick Of Death! With Edge still bent over Tajiri drop kicks Edge from behind sending him between the bottom and middle turnbuckles. Tajiri gets Edge’s legs wrapped around him and grabs his waist and hoists him up and plants Edge’s head on the top turnbuckle followed by when Edge fell back to the ground with a Kick of Death. Tajiri pins Edge! 1…2…Tajiri breaks the pin to avoid an elbow from Jeff. Thinking fast Jeff pins Edge! 1…2…Tajiri plants his own elbow, but on Jeff’s back. Tajiri gets Jeff up for the Kick Of Death and pins him! 1…2…3!

The Winner: Tajiri

Tajiri now knows he will go to Break Out with a huge advantage when the Triple Threat Tag Team Match takes place! Edge and Jeff stare at each other and start to mouth off at one another and leave separate.

We now find ourselves in Shane’s office with both Batista and Rhyno

Shane: What is it do you two want?

Batista: I want to know why I am defending my Silver Medal against the man that tried to injure me to win the Medal at our first PPV?

Rhyno: Hey you knocked me out cold for 4 days!

Batista: That was an accident! Any ways you injured me on purpose so you could win the Medal by default!

Rhyno: What are you talking about? You knocked me out so you would win that match and the Medal:

Batista starts to say something but Shane interrupts him

Shane: You both are going to settle this at Break Out end of story! Now get out!

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HBK, Jericho and ??? versus HHH, Booker T and Coach

Before The Match: HHH, Booker T and Coach are in the ring and HBK and Jericho are at the ramp waiting for their partner. Suddenly Cena’s music starts

Cena: I know I already wrestled and would like to but I am here to replace the man working in this match. That man being Michael Cole!

Cole: WHAT!?!

Cena: You heard me gay man! It is you, the Legendary men called Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho versus The Big Nosed Freak Triple H, The Even gayer Jonathon Coachman and The SUCKA OF DICKS…Booker T! Now get to movin’

Cena kicks Cole down to the ring

Finish: Only the wrestlers have been in the match so far. Right now Jericho is hitting a Bulldog on Triple H. Going for the Loin Sault on Triple H, Jericho doesn’t even get the chance to because booker T pulled down on the ropes Jericho was using to go flying over them. HHH is distracting the ref where Booker T takes advantage and goes for a double hammer on Jericho. Booker T is beating down on Jericho where Jericho stops the beat down with a low blow. Thinking fast Jericho picks up Booker T and drops him on the guardrail. Jericho runs into the ring to tag in HBK. When HBK is tagged in Triple H knocks him down to the apron and hits two pedigrees on Jericho. Shawn enters the ring and the two men go on a huge assault on each other. HBK goes to throw HHH in the corner but accidentally gets HHH to hit the ref. With the ref out HHH just plain runs out of the ring and grabs a chair. Shawn is alarmed at how fast HHH went to get a chair. With HHH back in the ring with a chair HBK goes for a super kick out of nowhere and hits the chair sending it into HHH’s face. Michaels falls down holding his leg in pain. HHH goes to tag in Coach and goes out cold. HBK goes to tag in Michael Cole. It is Michael Cole and Coach who are left to wrestle! Cole quickly Close Lines Coach who was expecting an easy fight. Cole runs into the ropes and some how was able to do a cross body on the way back! Coach is stunned as Cole hits the Stunner on Coach! Cole goes for a pin! 1…2…3!

The Winners: HBK, Jericho and Michael Cole

Tazz: What just happened?

Cena: SHIT! Cole can wrestle!

Coach goes back to the announce table and Triple H and Booker T go to the back. In the ring the winners are celebrating. After the wrestlers leave the ring, Cole goes back to the announce table

Cole: That was amazing!

Tazz: Tell me about it!

Cena: Cole ain’t so gay after all.

Coach: It was luck!

Cole, Tazz and Cena: Yeah right!

Cena then leaves the table laughing all the way to the back

Tazz: Here comes the Main Event next.

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Lumberjack Match with Angle, RVD, Show and Benoit

Winner chooses his opponent for a Cage Match

Eddie Guerreo versus Randy Orton

Finish: Eddie has just tossed Randy outside of the ring towards Benoit’s section. There Chris slaps Orton while the crowd starts their WHOOO chants. Soon Benoit is joined by Show, which scares Randy to think of Show at the moment and escapes from Benoit and goes into the ring. Eddie goes to throw Orton back out but thinking fast Randy hits the RKO on Guerreo. Also thinking fast Eddie rolls out of the ring towards RVD’s section. RVD has just gone and climbed the Guardrail and is now standing not too far away from Eddie. RVD goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash, but Eddie counters by pushes his knees up into RVD’s stomach. Angle is now around the corner as Eddie is now standing by the ring post. Angle charges but Eddie makes Angle go head first into the Ring Post. Eddie goes back into the ring and starts to pull something out of his tights. Without the ref noticing Eddie knocks Orton out with the brass knucks. Eddie goes for the cover but the ref is distracted with Booker T trying to interfere. Eddie goes to take out Booker but Kane enters the ring and Choke Slams Guerreo and rolls Orton over Eddie for the pin! Booker T backs off and the ref goes for the count! 1…2…3!

The Winner: Randy Orton

With Randy and Eddie out cold, all the 6 men around the ring go into it to raise hell until Jericho and Cena arrive to clean house with a couple of chairs! That is where the show is cut off!


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would anyone like to write shows with me? You can make your own roster just dont pick mine without asking. Write it the way you want and give it your own name. if anyone would just answer on the thread

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KOW- Kermack’s own World

Pyros go off and Shane McMahon enters the ring

Shane: Tonight will be an enormous night for the KOW “where in Kermack’s Own World…things get ugly!” In this ring we will see the first 5 stipulations of the 9 Deaths match take place. Now I would like Randy Orton to come out and announce whom he will face in the Steel Cage tonight!

Randy Orton enters to “Evolution Is A Mystery” by Motor Head with the crowd booing at the self-acclaimed Legend Killer.

Randy Orton: Greatness is now speaking! In this ring tonight I would like to face someone who one of the most deserving men for the Gold Medal besides me. I want to face someone who feels he is on top of the world! I want to face Y2J Chris Jericho in the steel cage!

Shane: With that announcement over I will now announce the matches for tonight. In the first match…

Randy: I am not done yet! You can’t rush greatness!

Shane: We don’t have time for this!

Randy: Too bad!

Shane: Don’t mess with Orton.

Randy: I will mess with you if I want.

Randy shoves Shane around

Shane: Do piss me…

Randy continues to push and shove the GM around. Shane now looks like he will explode.

Shane: That is it. Randy Orton your cage match will not take place after all. Instead you will be in the 1 on 1 Battle Royal Match with The Big Show instead of Eddie taking on Show! Now if you don’t get out of my ring I will take you out of the 9 Deaths Match all together!

Randy starts to leave the ring looking pissed off and shocked.

Shane: Get moving now!

Soon enough Randy has left the stage

Shane: Now that that is over. I will announce the matches now! In the first match we will see John Cena versus Booker T in a First Blood match. Then we will see…

Suddenly Cena’s music starts and the crowd goes crazy.

John: Yo, Yo, Yo! Stand up and make some noise! Shane I would like to make a special request for me match. Could you make it a Tag Team First Blood match?

Shane: And how would this work and what would be the teams?

John: It would be The Franchise and Michael Cole versus Booker T and The Coach…and when the first man bleeds…he will lose it for his team!

Cole and Coach: WHAT????

Shane: Okay…fine…but lets start this match now!

First Blood Match

John Cena and Michael Cole versus Booker T and The Coach

Finish: Cena has just thrown Booker T over the top rope while his partner; Cole is stomping on The Coach. Soon Coach counters the stomp with a low blow. Taking advantage of his last attack, Coach is picking up Michael for the Body Slam.

Unfortunately for Coach Cena stops the move from taking place and nails the FU on Coach. Cena starts to rally the crowd behind him when Booker T comes back into the match and hits a Book End on Cole followed by one on John Cena! Thinking fast Booker T goes to the outside and grabs a chair to aid him in winning the match. Booker T is entering the ring with the chair waiting for someone to stand up. Soon Cena is able to get and Booker T goes to use the chair…but something has just grabbed Booker T by the boot! It is Michael Cole and he just saved Cena from a chair shot! Cena sees that Cole just saved him and goes for a close line while Cole trips Booker T. With Booker T tripping and Cena’s close line hitting the chair and forcing it into Booker’s face…making him start to bleed!

The Winners: John Cena and Michael Cole

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Back stage we see Kane holding Orton by the throat

Kane: I was just in Shane’s office and he told me that I would be facing Eddie in a Steel Cage Match…tonight and it is your entire fault with that big mouth of yours! Orton you better watch where you go from now on if I lose my match!

Kane lets Orton go and leaves

Randy: Shit!

Back to the action

Tazz: That was a great match you had Cole! You too I guess Coach

Cole: So far I am undefeated

Coach: It was luck!

Cole: Sure!

Tazz: Here comes our next match! It is a Tables Match with Kurt Angle versus RVD

Tables Match

RVD versus Kurt Angle

Finish: RVD throws Kurt into the corner where Kurt lands facing RVD at the corner. The fans start to roar at the action! RVD goes to force his shoulder into Kurt’s waist…suddenly Van Dam does a back flip followed by another shoulder into the stomach. Continuing on the offensive, RVD goes for the Monkey Toss on the Olympian with much success. Keeping his momentum going RVD runs into the ropes and attempts a Rolling Thunder that nails Angle hard! The fans are cheering You Suck! You Suck! Mr. Thursday night on a Sunday goes outside to get a table. With a table now set up in the ring, RVD places Angle onto the table and heads up top. Signaling for the 5 Star the fans chant RVD! The hyped up Van Dam goes for his patented move…that fails! Angle moved out at the last second. RVD is out cold and Angle now has the advantage. Kurt grabs a new table and goes towards RVD. Kurt picks him up and hits and Angle Slam! Thinking a little like the fallen RVD, Angle places Van Dam onto the Table and goes up top. Angle with his back to RVD goes for a Moonsault and nails it!

The Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match the EMTs come out to check on RVD. The show is stopped for now to get an injured RVD out of the ring.

Tazz: That is terrible to what happened to RVD

Coach: It is always sad when a superstar gets hurt

Cole: We have to continue the show though so here comes Benoit versus Jericho in a Hardcore Match

Hardcore Match

Chris Jericho versus Chris Benoit

Finish: Benoit hits a Snap Suplex on Jericho followed by the Cross Face! Jericho struggles to get out of the move and is able to flip the move over into a pin on Benoit! 1…2…Kick out by the Wolverine! Jericho gets and hits a Hip Toss on Benoit followed by an Arm Drag once again on the Crippler. Y2J chants start as Jericho goes for a Bull Dog. That move is followed by a Lion Sault but Benoit is able to get up in time to shove Jericho over the top rope! Benoit runs back into the ropes opposite to the opposition and runs towards Jericho on the rebound. Jericho is back up in time to take a Suicide Dive from Benoit. Both men are hurt and down. Benoit pulls out enough strength to put his arm on Jericho. 1…2…Kick Out by Jericho! Benoit is sitting up stunned and tries the pin again. 1…2…Kick Out once again! Benoit is agitated now and gets a plan. The Wolverine prepares the announcers’ table to put Jericho on it and does so. With Jericho on the table, Benoit goes into the ring and on the top turnbuckle. Benoit goes for a Flying Head Butt and nails it on Jericho! Benoit and Jericho are out cold! After checking on both men and announces the match a draw!

The Winner: Draw due to both men no longer able to compete

The EMTs come back out once more to take the men back stage

Tazz: Everyone is getting injured tonight!

Coach: So is our table

Commercial- WWE: Rise of Glory

Shane is in his office working when Stacy Keibler enters the room with Tajiri and the Hurricane

Hurricane: We want our own name!

Shane: What?

Stacy: These two men would like their own team name

Shane: So make one up

Tajiri: Wesh wants you opinshin on names

Shane: What?

Stacy: We want to run the names by you

Shane: Okay fine…what do you have?

Stacy: JapaFlight

Shane: That name is taken at another promotion

Stacy: Okay the…TSH.

Shane: TSH

Tajiri: Tajiri

Stacy: Stacy

Hurricane: and Hurricane

Shane: So it stands for Tajiri, Stacy and Hurricane

Stacy: Yes

Shane: Has a ring to it I like it

TSH: Thanks

TSH then leaves the room

Shane: That is the worse name ever

Back to the action

Cage Match

Eddie versus Kane

Finish: Kane has Eddie in the corner and is delivering a few hard punches to his head. After a kick to the gut Kane uses the Irish Whip on Eddie to send him into another turnbuckle. Once Eddie gets to the turnbuckle, He slams into it hard and starts to walk forward dazed. Kane sees the opportunity and hits Eddie down with a Big Boot to the face. Kane is in control of the match. Kane picks Eddie up onto his shoulder and uses Eddie as a battering ram into the cage wall. Edie falls in-between the cage and ropes. Once again Kane pulls Guerreo to his feet and hits him down with a single straight punch. Kane goes to climb the cage right beside Eddie but Guerreo is able to grab Kane by the tights. Pulling on Kane’s tights to help him climb the cage while Kane is climbing Edie gets up onto Kane’s back and goes for a Sleeper. Kane is now almost at the top. He starts to try to get Guerreo off of him with little success. Eddie lets the Sleeper go to replace it with a Russian Leg Sweep from the top of the Cage! Both men fall hard to the ground. Soon both men some how get the strength to stand up. Kane goes to Choke Slam Eddie but receives a kick right between the legs! Eddie grabs Kane and gets a Vertical Suplex on him. Eddie is attempting to go for the Hat Trick. The crowd is amazed that Eddie is able to hit a second Suplex. Going for the final Suplex Kane hits Eddie with a kick between the legs to even the score! Kane picks Eddie up for a Choke Slam and goes for the pin! 1…2…Kane just got off of Eddie but why? The crowd is stunned that Kane broke his own pin. Picking Eddie up onto his shoulders Kane starts to climb the turnbuckle and stops at the second one. The crowd starts to boo when they realize what is going to happen! Kane sets up Eddie for a Tombstone Piledriver off the second turnbuckle and nails it! Kane goes to pin the motionless Latino Heat 1…2…3!

The Winner: Kane

After the match the EMTs once again come to get an injured superstar and bring him back stage

Tazz: A Tombstone Piledriver off the second turnbuckle!

Coach: I believe this is the first time that move has ever been done!

Cole: That is sick! How could Kane do that? He has the match won!

Tazz: I hope Eddie is okay.

The End

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