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Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio

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Looks like this match is going to happen at EC, which is awesome. But will it be for the IC title? Del Rio doesn't really need it, unless they want to make his match at WM at "title for title" match, which really wouldn't make sense. But I also can't see Kofi going over Del Rio clean at EC, so it would almost have to either be a non-title, or end in some kind of DQ.

Personally, being a Kofi Kingston mark, I'd like to see the match be "IC Title vs #1 Contendership", with Kofi either winning it or having some controversy that leads to a triple threat match at Mania with ADR vs Kofi vs Whoever wins the EC. I know that's unlikely, but I think it would be cool.
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While Kofi is almost definitely being fed to Del Rio, I'm sure he's gonna lose by interference by none other than Jack Swagger. That way, both men can move on from their feud almost instantly.

Del Rio won't walk out as IC champ. There's no reason for him to. Besides, only a few guys have ever held a world title and a midcard title simultaneously (Ultimate Warrior in 1990 and Shawn Michaels in 1997), and both unloaded the midcard title almost immediately after winning the world belt. I don't see the point in putting the IC title on Del Rio, then having him get rid of the belt a month later.
You forgot HHH (No Mercy 2002):shocked:, shame on you!
and RVD - WWE and ECW Champion.
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