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The video montage package shows the superstars opinions of the Royal Rumble and what has previously happened at this marvellous event. At the end we here J.R saying 30 MEN , 1 RING , 1 WINNER. The Road to WRESTLEMANIA HAS STARTED!
The voice says 'RAW and SMACKDOWN present ROYAL RUMBLE'

The pyro goes off inside Atlanta as J.R and King welcome us to the First PPV of the year 2004.
J.R then sends us down to Michael Cole and Tazz who welcome us to the Smackdown portion of the Royal Rumble and what a way to kick it off..........
With the Tag Team Championships
The Challengers World Greatest Tag Team vs The Champions Los Guerreros.

Eddie and Chavo enter first in their Lowrider to a chorus of cheers.
Next enter the Self Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team to deafening boos and jeers from the audience.

Chavo and Charlie look ready to lock up before the crowd get a EDDIE chant going which brings the tag from Chavo. Eddie and Charlie lock up but Charlie quickly gets the tag to Shelton much to the annoyance of the crowd. Eddie and Shelton lock up and Shelton slowly but surely gets the advantage on Eddie with three successive arm drags. At this point Benjamin is getting over confident and sizing Eddie up but Eddie then comes back with 3 arm drags of his own which winds Shelton up who tags Haas in. Haas looks to lock up with Eddie but slides out and quickly kicks Eddie in the stomach and nails a overhead suplex on Latino Heat , he then goes for a second overhead suplex only to have it reversed into Eddie's three trademark rolling overhead suplexes. Eddie is rolling now and looks to have Haas where he wants him but Charlie eyerakes Eddie and gets the tag. Charlie taunts Eddie to punch him which Eddie tries to do but Eddie misses with two shots but not the third which knocks Haas off of his feet much to the delight of the crowd. Shelton enters but the referee blocks his attempt to get in and whilst his is happening Chavo runs in and claps his hands for the pretend tag. The ref turns around and asks Chavito did he tag. Chavo nods and says ask the crowd who say he tagged so the ref lets it go.
In the meantime Charlie has gathered his composure and is waiting for Chavo who walks straight into Charlie's German. Charlie quickly covers but Chavo kicks out at two. Charlie locks a headlock in which looks to have Chavo out. The ref drops Chavo's hand.....1.......2.......Chavo just manages to keep his hand up and fights back up to a vertical base and delivers a devasting dropkick to the face of Haas. It looks as if Chavo is going to get the hot tag but Shelton on the outside has ran round and pulled Eddie's feet away so Chavo misses the tag and Eddie can't make it back in time so Charlie pulls Chavo to the middle again and sets him up in the centre of the ropes for Shelton to jump over his shoulders and onto Chavo's back. The ref is at this point struggling with Eddie who breaks through and pulls off Charlie from Chavo in the cover position and German suplexes him and drags Chavo closer to his corner for the tag. The ref then finally sents Eddie out who is now looking at the crowd for support. Chavo gets to him and makes the tag. Eddie is rolling now and sets Charlie up for the Superplex from the top which after several moments of struggling he hits.
Cover 1....2......Shelton breaks it up just. Eddie gets up and runs straight into a Superkick from Shelton.
Charlie slowly crawls for the cover.


Both men are down. The referee reaches the count of 8 before both men get the tag to their respective corners. Chavo and Shelton exchange punches before Shelton hits a deadly Belly to Belly on Chavito. Shelton is waiting to deliver the Superkick but when he goes to hit it Chavo moves..........
only for the ref to get the Kick which knocks him out.

Shelton looks down at the ref and smiles. He calls his partner Haas in who gets Chavo in the German Suplex position while Shelton looks to hit the Superkick but Chavo ducks and Shelton kicks his partner accidently. He can't believe it. He looks at Charlie in utter disbelief.
Whilst this has been happening Eddie has gotten one of the Tag Team belts and is waiting for Shelton to turn around which he does to be levelled with the belt. Eddie then places the belt on Shelton and plays dead as if Shelton is the culprit. But the ref is still down and out. Eddie tries to wake the ref but he aint moving so Eddie looks to the top rope and says 'I feel Froggy'.
Jumps off the top but Shelton moves out the way and Eddie hits the belt. Charlie is up and lock in the Haas of Pain.
Suddenly the bell rings but Eddie hasn't tapped and there is no ref.
Charlie is celebrating but he doesn't realise that Chavo rung the bell and the match is not over! Chavo then nails Charlie on the back of the head and signals for the Frog Splash. He jumps off , he flies through the air and he hits it!

The referee is stirring and he slowly counts 1..........2.............3!

Here is your winner and still WWE Tag Team Champions.............
At 15:40.

Part II

J.R and King talk quickly about the next match and then show us how these two worked there way to the Royal Rumble.
The video package shows us the highlights of the last two meetings between HBK and Y2J and then shows us the buildup to there third encounter which is a Ladder Match for the Interconitental Championship.

Were back LIVE and the clock is counting down before the I.C Champ Jericho makes his entrance to the ring with boos echoeing around the arena.
Next enters the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to an eruption of cheers.
Both men look up at the I.C Championship. Before they lock up in the centre of the ring. After several seconds of struggling Jericho gets the upper hand and armdrags HBK but in turn HBK armdrags Y2J which gets the crowd going but then both men think alike and go for the dropkick at exactly the same time.
Jericho doesn't like that and gets in HBK's face then he slaps HBK across the face. HBK looks hard at Jericho before slapping him back. Jericho then pushes HBK in the chest but HBK just smiles before knocking The King of Bling Bling down with a right hand. HBK sends Jericho into the corner but Y2J reverses HBK into the corner. Jericho looks to send his shoulder into HBK's ribs but Michaels moves and The King goes straight into the ring post. HBK takes this opportunity to get the ladder stood up outside the ring near the entrance and he stands on the apron with the ladder but what Shawn does not realise is that Y2J is up and jumps off the second rope straight to the dropkick into the ladder which goes into HBK and knocks him off the apron onto the floor. Jericho goes to pick up the prone body of Michaels and sends him into the ring. He picks up the ladder and slides it in the ring. He seemingly traps HBK underneath the ladder before slowly climbing the ladder cockely. Shawn is struggling to get out and just as Jericho loks to have the belt Michaels tips the ladder over and sends Jericho straight into the top rope. Both men are down. But after roughly 20+ seconds motionless both men nip up at the same time to the delight of the crowd. But Jericho quickly gets the advantage and looks to throw Michaels out the ring but HBK skins the cat whilst Jericho poses as HBK on the other side of the ring. Jericho realises the cheers and turns around but he turns straight around into some Sweet Chin Music!
HBK falls to the canvas but negotiates the ability to get a ladder but instead of setting the ladder up he folds the ladder and lays it down in the ring. He then picks Jericho and sets him up for Suplex onto the ladder which Jericho manages to fight out of and reverses HBK into a Suplex of his own onto the ladder. Jericho gets arrogant and goes for another one but this HBK reverses Y2J into a Suplex on the ladder. With Jericho down HBK goes up top on the ladder looking for the Crossbody which he hits but Jericho rolls him over (just like HBK did in his prime) and looks for the Walls but HBK fights out of it. Jericho is down but slowly gets to his feet. HBK runs at him looking for the Hurricanrana but suddenly just like that HBK finds himself in the Walls of Jericho and after seconds he TAPS! But this is a Ladder Match so he has to fight it which he does and finally gets out of the Walls. Jericho strangely goes to the corner and signals for the................
SWEET CHIN MUSIC on the inventor of the Sweet Chin Music.
He is stomping and stomping. Michaels is up and WHAM!
Is hit with the Sweet Chin Music.
Jericho has it won.
He is climbing the ladder when Michaels nips up again to the shock of Jericho. HBK pulls Jericho off of the ladder and grabs both legs of Jericho and turns him over for the ...................
WALLS of JERICHO on Jericho.
Jericho is tapping like crazy but Michaels knows he can't win by submission so he lets go after 30 seconds of pain for Y2J.
The REAL Sweet Chin Music is signalled for by Michaels and WHAM!
Down goes Y2J.
Michaels sets up the ladder , has it WON. BUT then the Showstoppa' comes out of HBK again and he signals for the Elbow Drop off of the ladder. He jumps but he MISSES.
Jericho moved. Jericho slowly gets to his feet and strangely puts the ladder on top of Michaels and goes for the Lionsault which he HITS!
But to no suprise Jericho hurt himself aswell. Both men are down.
After 10 seconds both superstars get to their feet and both head for the ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring.
They both climb the ladder and throw punches at the top of the ladder. Jericho gets the upper hand after an eyerake. He then executes the
WALLS of JERICHO on the top of the ladder. Michaels is screaming in agony. Jericho eventually lets go and Michaels falls to the mat.
Jericho reaches up and grabs the Championship.
At 22:20

After the match HBK goes face to face with Y2J but then puts out a hand in a show of respect. After several seconds Y2J...............................
SHAKES HBK's hand and raises it high in the air. Both men leave together after a ***** match.

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Part III

After an advert for the next PPV , a Smackdown exclusive No Way Out.
We are back with J.R and King who introduce us to the next the match which is about the biggest prize on Raw ..... The World Heavyweight Championship.
HHH vs Goldberg. Flair & Orton Banned From Interference
We go to the video package which shows the HHH Returns story. But HHH didn't return alone. He returned with his leather denim jacket look. And also one.
Billion Dollar Princess by the name of Stephanie McMahon.
He has returned for one thing and one thing only and that is 'HIS' World Heavyweight Title.
After the package.
ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME plays around the arena to a mixed reaction. Boos and cheers for the Game.
The drums play and GOLDERG chants echo. Da Man enters to a standing audience.
Earl Hebner gives the competitors the 'Title Talk'.
Verbals are exchanged before both men go nose to nose in the centre of the ring. HHH steps back.
But Goldberg gets straight back in his face. HHH tries to pull the 'I'm turning away....Before nailing you , Trick'. Goldberg doesn't fall for it and nails Goldberg with a shot of his own which takes The Game off of his feet.
Goldberg shouts at HHH "YOURE NEXT" much to the annoyance of the challenger.
HHH tries the cheap shot but Goldberg turns quickly and Screams at the Game. HHH looks at the crowd before being stiffly clotheslined.
Goldberg quickly goes to the corner for the Spear.
HHH is up and turns around.
But he gets his knee up to the face of the Champ.
Suddenly HHH calls for the Pedigree. He has him set. Looks to have it before
a backdrop to the outside from Goldberg.
Goldberg slides outside as HHH slowly crawls around. Goldberg is waiting to Spear his a** through the barricade. But Steph argues and complains to the Champ. Goldberg places Steph to one side before running off to deliver a thunderous Spear
Only for HHH to move at the very last second. Goldberg crashes and burns. Through the barricade. HHH raises to his feet with a wry grin across his face. He looks across at the Spanish Announce Table and says that
"Goldberg IS NEXT!"
He lifts the panel and monitors off the desk. Looks over at Goldberg before lifting him up and rolling him on the announce desk. He sets him up for the Pedigree and does his legendary taunt before
Wood flys everywhere. As Goldberg crashes through the announce table , head first from a Pedigree.
20+ seconds later HHH lifts the prone body up and rolls it in the squared circle.
HHH is angry now and strangely goes to the corner and signals for the SPEAR!
After several moments of waiting. He hits it.
On the referee! Goldberg moved out the way only for Earl Hebner to get it.
HHH is in utter shock and is trying to wake the ref.
Goldberg is up and as HHH turns around . SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!
Spear to The Game.
He only partly hit it. But he is going for it AGAIN!
HHH is down but wait....Steph slides the Sledgehammer to HHH. Goldberg hasn't realised. He Runs. But HHH has the Sledge waiting for him right to the stomach. Both men are down. But HHH is now slowly getting to his feet. Kick to the sternum. In position for the Pedigree. But Goldberg picks up the Hammer. Which The Game doesn't see.
WHACK! Both men are out cold!
Seconds go by......
Before The Klique Music hits!
What is This!
Nash and Michaels together! Steph has a smile on her face.
Nash has a referee shirt on.
They ENTER the ring.
Michaels tunes up the van.
Sweet Chin Music To.........
Michaels puts HHH on top.
Nash counts
1......2......3! NEW World Heavyweight Champion. HHH
At 12:45.

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