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I bounced this idea over in the WWE chatroom some months ago, I got a few pleasant comments ;) And just wondered what you folks think of it...

The idea goes like this...
Raw and Smackdown both run their own KOTR contest, starting off with a number of wrestlers untill each show has it's own king, then at the next PPV (whichever ppv it may be) Raws king teams with the Smackdown champ, the Smackdown king teams with the Raw champ in a tag team main event, winner takes all, whichever team wins, the champ retains the title and the king becomes his respective champ.
This way neither show loses credibility by being handing over top of the bill to it's rival and at least one show is sure to get a new champion.. Plus, we'd be left with the possibility of some pretty interesting team ups....
Thoughts? :)
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