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Per Kevin Nash's official Twitter page...


"Fuck going back to TNA, let me drop acid and walk around a mall for a half hour. Now Spike, That's ratings!"

Nash also tweeted...

"TNA calls Sting the icon, yet he never worked for WWE...WTF is up with that?, How come I'm not an icon in TNA's eyes?...How bout prick Nash?"

Sounds like more drunken Nash talk again...I wish this guy would just leave. He is so self obsessed.

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Sting is an Icon because he is the only professional wrestler not to ever been in WWF/E who has instant recognition with people regardless of their wrestling knowledge.

Nash, while really well-known among wrestling fans, I don't think would be identifiable with anywhere as many people as Sting, or guys like Hardy, and even Angle and Foley.

Man likes his wine and his big boots. Who can blame him?

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I'd watch Nash walk around a mall on acid. I don't know if I'd pay to see that but I'd watch it.
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I agree with Nash.
Hes sold out arenas... People rant on because hes 50 odd and hes so limited in the ring.

However fact! He was carrying the WWE as deisel and he didnt ware out there he chose to leave.
Where he carried WCW with Hogan, Hall. For a year then with Sting and Goldberg as well.

And at one point in 1998-1999 carried the WCW as the top man.

Even with the wwf attitude era kicking ass.... Nash carrying WCW 1998-2001 with the other boys kept ratings 3.0 and lowest of 2.1's. Pretty much DOUBLE and TRIPLE what TNA ratings are.

So basically 14 years yes been around and one of the guys that actually sold...

See heres the contraversial truth that allot of people take offence to! Hardcore wrestling fans hate this.... Nash, Hall and Hogan were the guys to sell WCW. Flair and Sting were only carrying the WCW followers. Up until 1997. Few people sell by themselfs... Nash is one of them! Until sting waa re-invented as the darker Sting... He didnt pull any competition to the WWE

Meaning Nash along side Hogan and Hall Jolted proffesional wrestling to a notch that benefited every 90's wrestling fan.

Hes a founding father of the biggest stable in wrestling history.

And heres the facts... If he stepped foot in the WWE.... Hes back in the main event instantly.

So yes he has been under rated.

And you kmow what thats a business statement about Sting! Not a personal insult. Nash as a business man said that and Sting wouldnt have seen that as an insult either.

Expand your minds!! If I did what Nash did and get less respect than Sting And I was a little drunk id write that as well..

What Nash could of respected though!!!!! Is that Sting being an icon is also about character! And TNA pimped that up as far as they could to squeeze the sponge of the Sting character.... Excellently done as well.

Nash's demise is that his character wasnt cartoony like hogan sting goldberg. Nash was a general guy in the business works well which notches his legendary status down a touch.

Like it or not Nash is a legend. Whats he ever done?????? Who ever asked that is a moron!!!!

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You know you're pathetic when you bitch about TNA not recognizing you as a legend.

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i cant believe nash would even compare himself to sting.

i dont think people understand how big sting was at one point. even pre hulk hogan he was huge.. the problem is people compare him to the success hogan had in wwf

sting also never left wcw so a lot of people respect him for that.
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