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Alright, Kevin if you didn't want me to post this then sorry. Okay we haven't sorted everythhing out but this is just to hype it up so to speak. Well the only thing we have sorted is the roster.

Kevins Roster
Chris Benoit
Brock Lesnar
Rob Van Dam
Stone Cold
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Rey Mysterio
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Triple H
Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Dave Batista
Nathan Jones
Johnny Stamboli
Big Show
Paul Heyman
John Cena
Stacy Kiebler
Scott Steiner
Juventud Guerrera
Jeff Hardy
Booker T
Sean O'Haire
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lynn
Razor Ramon
Billy Kidman
The Wall
Rick Steiner
Super Crazy
Essa Rios
Bill DeMott
Scotty 2 Hotty
Grand Master Sexay
Justin Credible
Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Mark Jindrak and some one who he hasn't picked
*EDIT Big Boss Man

My Roster
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Lance Storm
William Regal
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Hulk Hogan
Steven Richards
Shawn Michaels
Jamie Noble
Tommy Dreamer
Matt Hardy
Shannon Moore
Ron Simmons
Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Molly Holly
Brian Adams
Bryan Clarke
Steve Blackman
Al Snow
Road Dogg
Devon Storm
Vampire Warrior
X Pac
D'Lo Brown
Randy Savage
Terry Funk
Mick Foley
Sean Morley
Mr McMahon
Dean Malenko
Eric Angle
Pat Paterson
Gerald Briscoe

Well there you go, I will post more when we decide on more things

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Here are our titles and shows.

A-Dust - Raw
Me : Smackdown

Raw Champions
World Champion : Chris Jericho
Cruiserweight : Jamie Noble
World Legends Champion : Randy Savage
Hardcore Champion : Tommy Dreamer
Womens Champion : Victoria
US Champion : Tajiri
World Tag Team Champions : Los Guerreros

Smackdown Champions
WWE Champion : The Rock
Cruiserweight : Rey Mysterio
IC Champion : John Cena
Tag Team Champions : Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli The FBI
TV Champion : Test

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Raw starts off with Mr. McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe talking about what will happen on tonight’s Raw. Vince says nothing can go wrong.

Pyro’s go off.

JR: Welcome everybody, to Monday night Raw with me Jim Ross and of course Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: I wonder what’s going to happen tonight between the ministry and the Holly’s. Also the Guerrero’s and those UnAmerican’s.

JR: Don’t forget Terry Funk and Mick Foley and the RTCC will be in action tonight against KroniK.

Mr. McMahon and the stooges walk to the ring. Vince grabs the microphone off Lillian Garcia.

Vince: Hello, tonight no one will attack me. ‘Unlike last Monday night when for no good reason Edge, attacked me from behind and with a pipe, nothing will go wrong’. ‘Edge you will pay’ shouts Mr. McMahon. Edge, tonight you will be punished as tonight you will face the Acolytes and Jacqueline in a 3 on 1…………3 on 1 Casket match. Pat Paterson then takes the microphone, ‘tonight will also see a ladder match’. The crowd then cheers. ‘Jamie Noble, Hurricane Helms, Shannon Moore and Tajiri, you four will battle it out for the Cruiserweight title’. Also, Mick Foley and Terry Funk will go one on one in a last man standing contest. Gerald Briscoe takes the microphone, ‘lets not forget the Hardcore three way dance. ‘The participants are’, Gerald Briscoe reaches in his pocket and brings out a list, ‘Devon Storm, Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer. Vince McMahon takes the microphone back, ‘there is more but we must let the show commence’. All of a sudden Edge runs to the ring with the pipe and Vince, Pat and Gerald exit the ring. They get to the top of the ramp. Vince goes backstage and brings out a microphone. Vince says ‘I’m to smart for you Edge, besides your like a baby that has lost his rattle. Also your only impersonating Stone Cold, even Stone Cold gave up on fighting me. ‘Are you to scared to come here and face Vince McMahon without a weapon’. Edge them exits the ring and they run somewhere in the back.

JR: ‘Well Edge trying to attack Vince like he did last week and some good matches tonight.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘Oh yeah some great matches but I hope Edge gets what’s coming to him.’

JR: Knowing ‘Vince that could be soon coming.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘I sure hope so, anyway the Ministry and the Holly’s are going to go at in a minute’.

Lillian Garcia: Making their way to the ring, weighting 904 pounds Viscera and Mideon the Ministry.

Team Ministry vs. Holly’s w/ Molly
The Ministry enter the ring, Viscera has a problem going through the bottom rope and crowd laugh. The Holly’s and Molly make there way to the ring and the match begins. Hardcore Holly attacks Mideon and Hardcore clotheslines Mideon out. Crash attempts to attack Viscera who does not move. Crash tries nine or ten clotheslines but Viscera is still standing. Crash then low blows Viscera who just looks up. Crash then runs against the ropes but Viscera hits a Samoan drop, 1.2. Hardcore brakes up the pin attempt. Viscera allows Crash to tag ion Hardcore who punches Viscera and then hits a drop kick, which knocks Viscera down. Viscera gets up and Hardcore goes for another drop kick but Viscera moves out of the way. Viscera goes for the big splash but Hardcore moves out of the way. Viscera gets up again and attempts a leg drop. Hardcore moves out of the way and crawls to Crash. Viscera gets to Mideon and Hardcore gets to Crash. Double tag in, Mideon and Crash are exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Crash runs against the ropes and goes for sunset flip. Mideon sits on him though and the referee gets to two when Crash gets his foot on the bottom rope. Mideon tags Viscera back in, Viscera runs against the ropes but Hardcore hits him from behind. Viscera then punches Hardcore of the apron, Viscera runs against the ropes again, Mideon moves out of the way and Viscera hits a running leg drop. Viscera only gets a two count because Molly put Crash’s foot on the bottom rope. Mideon brings Molly in the hard way and goes up top. Molly kicks the ropes and Mideon falls down. Molly goes up top and hits a Molly Go Round but Viscera clotheslines her down. Hardcore and Crash then double team Viscera but Viscera eventually just stops and the Holly’s run into him and fall over. Viscera lies all three Holly’s next to each other and big splash’s them all for the three count.

Winners at 7:37 Viscera and Mideon Team Ministry

At the end of the match Mideon roles out of the ring but Viscera refuses to leave. Viscera grabs Molly and carries her to the back. Viscera puts Molly in the back of a hearse and locks it shut. Mideon and Viscera. Hardcore and Crash get up and realise Molly is not there. They run to the back but Tom Pritchard tells them team Ministry and Molly have already left the arena. Crash and Hardcore wonder where they have gone and go in there cars. They end up going separate ways but it turns out Viscera and Mideon never left the arena, they just parked behind a curtain. They then leave and go the other way to either of the Holly’s.

JR: ‘The Ministry is disgusting, why the hell do they want Molly.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘Sacrifice JR, I will tell you something Mideon told me when he left the Ministry, he never got over the curse and he needs to sacrifice but he does not want to.’

JR: ‘What about Viscera, he joined Undertaker.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘I have no idea what Viscera wants with Molly, I just hope Molly is okay.’

JR: ‘Me to, well next up is, we then go backstage with Edge. ‘

Edge is still looking for Vince, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Edge still has the chair and looks in his office. Vince has left a note saying ‘Do you really believe I am that stupid’, keep trying though’. We then go to a supermarket freezer with Vince, Pat and Gerald in. Vince says ‘It’s freezing in here, do we have to stay here’. Pat says ‘No offence Mr. McMahon but what did you expect in a freezer’. Vince looks irate but Gerald says ‘Yes we have to stay here, Edge is to stupid to look for us here’. Back at the arena though Edge noticed Vince, Pat and Gerald in the freezer. Edge then runs to his car and drives off in pursuit of the trio.

JR: Well things are looking up for Edge. Any way, next up is Victoria vs. Jazz for the Women’s championship.

Jerry Lawler: This one should be a good contest; I wonder whether Steven Richards will be at ringside.

JR: Who knows, with Richards it’s hard to tell anything.

Jerry Lawler: Like a red apple to a green apple.

JR: Possibly, fortunately I’m not as mad as Steven.

Jerry Lawler: Victoria does not have all the marbles either JR

JR.: No, Steven Richards is dumb, Victoria is a nut case though.

Jerry Lawler: She’s the champion though and it works for her.

Victoria w/Steven Richards vs. Jazz for the WWE Women’s championship
Victoria enters the arena with Steven Richards. They pose and they wait for Jazz. Jazz enters the arena, and when she enters and she spears Victoria down. Jazz starts punching Victoria. Jazz gets up and goes for a leg drop but Steven Richards pulls Victoria out of the way. Victoria goes to work with a couple of punches and Irish whips Jazz into the corner. Victoria runs towards Jazz who escapes through the ropes. Victoria distracts the referee whilst Steven Richards grabs a chair. Jazz is leaning against the ring post and Steven goes to hit jazz over the head with the chair. Jazz again moves out of way and the chair bounces back and hits Steven Richards on the head and knocks him out. Jazz gets back in the ring and hits a German suplex. They both get up and Victoria hits a clothesline. Jazz stays down and Victoria goes up top. Moonsault but Jazz moves out of the way and applies the Half Boston Crab. Victoria gets close to the ropes but Jazz reverses her submission into the STF. Victoria gets to the ropes and Jazz releases the hold at 4. Jazz taunts the crowd and Victoria roles her up. Jazz kicks out and knocks her down. Jazz hits the leg drop but Victoria kicks out at 2.9. Jazz Irish whips Victoria into the ropes and lowers her head but Victoria hits a DDT. Victoria goes up top and hits a moonsault. Jazz gets her foot on the bottom rope but Steven Richards pushes back in the ring and Victoria retains the Women’s title.

Winner at 9:45 and still Women’s champion Victoria

JR: Well you were right King.

Jerry Lawler: About what JR?

JR: That Victoria’s mental state works for her.


JR: Well during the break Edge finally got to the supermarket.

Edge enters the supermarket and asks some one where the freezer is and they pointed it out. Edge runs towards it and the door is open. Edge runs in and Vince, Pat and Gerald push the door and lock it shut. They go outside and it’s a lorry with the back as a freezer. They drive off and head towards the arena.

Jerry Lawler: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, I can’t believe what Mr. McMahon just did. I wonder what’s going to happen to Edge.

JR: I wonder to King, anyway Edge is meant to be in a match right now. I’m getting word that the casket match is taking place in the back of that lorry. Lets go there.

Edge vs. Ron Simmons, Bradshaw and Jacqueline
When we enter the lorry the Acolytes and Jacqueline have got Edge on the floor and are kicking him. They go to put Edge in the casket but he will not go in. Edge fights back with punches and elbows but Ron Simmons knocks him back down with a clothesline. Edge low blows both Bradshaw and Ron Simmons and knock them down with a clothesline. Edge hits a drop kick on Jacqueline and starts to climb on some crates. Vince sends Paterson and Gerald Briscoe to the back. Gerald and Pat grabs Edge’s foot and pull him back down but Edge knocks their heads together. Edge climbs again but he realises some one is waiting at the top. When the person reveals himself it is Mideon. Mideon punches Edge back down and Viscera runs out and hits a big splash. The Acolytes, Jacqueline, the Stooges and the Ministry beat down on Edge. They attempt to put Edge in the casket but Edge battles back. They all kick Edge down and then handcuff him. Viscera hits another big splash, Mideon hits a DDT onto some frozen peas, Ron Simmons hits a Dominator, Jacqueline hits the tornado DDT and Bradshaw connects with the clothesline from hell which knocks Edge in the casket. The Stooges put the lid on and Viscera sits on the lid.

Winners at 14:28 The Acolytes and Jacqueline

Backstage Jonathan Coachman is looking for Terry Funk but he runs into Mick Foley.

Jonathan Coachman: Hello Mick Foley, why are you going to take on Terry Funk.

Mick Foley: Why, let me tell you why. Terry Funk betrayed me, a few years ago he let me get beaten up by twenty guys. Twenty, and this is the first time I am able to kick to his ass so badly he will have to it amputated where I can’t get arrested. Do you know how good that makes me feel and how good it will make me feel when I do when I kick his ass. Thank you Mr. McMahon for giving me, again this opportunity.

Mick then walks off. Terry Funk walks up to Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: Hello, we just heard from Mick Foley as to why he is going into this match.

Terry Funk: Oh I heard what that son of a bitch said. The truth is I wasn’t even in the country when he got beaten up. The truth is he hasn’t got the heart to beat me like he said.

Mick Foley: The truth is Terry I haven’t got a heart because you took it from me when you left me in Russia to get beaten up.

Terry Funk: The truth is Mick, Dude Love, Cactus, Mankind you kicked my ass before here in the WWE. In fact it was on Raw that you did it. So tonight I will kick your ass.

Mick and Terry start brawling until the referee’s separate them.

Jonathan Coachman: Well this is boiling up here between two former best friends.

JR: Thank you Coach, well those two are ready to go at it, just like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That is a feud, it has been going for over 20 years and we have it here on Raw.

JR: Oh hell yeah, Savage and Hogan haven’t been friends for a long time.

Jerry Lawler: Much like Mick Foley and Terry Funk.

JR: Well upcoming next is the three way dance for the Hardcore title

Tommy Dreamer vs. Steven Richards vs. Devon Storm for the Hardcore championship

Tommy Dreamer enters the arena and he gets a big pop. Devon Storm walks out to a pop. Steven Richards walks out with Victoria and the crowd boo’s them both. The match begins with some punching. Devon Storm exits the ring to collect some weapons and Tommy Dreamer hits a suplex to Richards. Victoria attacks Devon Storm from behind with a chair and Devon hits her with a road sign and she goes down. Richards hits a side walk slam on Dreamer and kicks Devon Storm of the apron. Steven Richards turns his attention to Tommy Dreamer again and he uses the road sign Devon Storm had dropped and hits Dreamer with it. Dreamer gets back up and goes up top so Richards pushes him over to the barricade. Richards runs over to Dreamer and attempts the pin fall but Devon Storm just about brakes the pin fall up. Richards hits a super kick to Devon Storm and then to Dreamer. Dreamer manages to kick out and Jazz runs to ring side. Jazz brain busters Steven Richards, Jazz then throws Richards into the ring post. Jazz then throws Steven Richards into the crowd. Victoria gets up and follows Steven Richards and Jazz. Devon Storm hits a fisherman DDT on the floor and Dreamer is out but manages to kick out. Devon Storm puts Tommy Dreamer back in the ring and goes for a suplex but Dreamer reverses it and hits the Spicoli Driver. Devon Storm kicks out so Tommy Dreamer goes to the outside and brings a table in. Dreamer drags Devon Storm to the top rope and hits a top rope Spicoli Driver through the table and gets the three count.

Winner at 14:56 and still Hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer


In the back Shannon Moore is walking to the arena when Tajiri attacks him from behind. He uses a variety of kicks and a ladder. Tajiri then gets a spanner and hits Shannon Moore over the head. EMT’s rush in and take Shannon to the hospital.

Mr. McMahon walks out to an arena of boo’s. Following him are Pat Patterson, Gerald Briscoe. Vince McMahon and the superstars then enter the ring.

Vince McMahon: Raw, the number one show in the number one sports entertainment company, the WWE. Now most of you could guess, I mean guess, that I am the owner of the WWE. So I am employing a commissioner. He or She will do what a commissioner is meant to do. He will take the work of my hands, I will have word over what he or she decides. So, without further or do Raw’s new commissioner…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..................................................................................................................................................................ERIC BISCHOFF.

‘I’m Back’ smashes the silence of the crowd and ERIC Bischoff walks out on stage.

Eric Bischoff: Well thank you Mr. McMahon, well my first line of duty is to call out Tajiri.

Tajiri’s music plays and the Japanese Buzz saw enters the arena and makes his way to ring side. Tajiri then enters standing face to face with Tajiri.

Eric Bischoff: Now Tajiri, I saw what you did to poor Shannon Moore. Attacking him from behind, that’s not right. Shannon is in the hospital now because of you, one of my cruiserweights, my specialty in managing. Well Tajiri you are out of the Cruiserweight title ladder match later tonight. So it will be Hurricane Helms vs. Jamie Noble in a ladder match for the Cruiserweight title.
Tonight Tajiri, you will defend you United States title tonight against Goldust.

Tajiri leaves but Eric gets the microphone back of Lillian Garcia.

Eric Bischoff: Yo Tajiri where in the hell are you going? Your match against Goldust, it’s now.

Eric, Vince and the Stooges leave the ring.

Tajiri vs. Goldust for the United States championship

Goldust enters the arena and the crowd cheers. Goldust enters the ring and Tajiri kicks him back out of the ring. Goldust gets on the top rope and Tajiri does the handspring to try and hurracanrana Goldust back in. However Goldust holds on and punches Tajiri down under. Tajiri falls back in the ring and Goldust goes up top. Tajiri gets back up and Goldust gets the clothesline. Goldust gets Tajiri up and Irish whips him into the corner. Goldust sets Tajiri up for Shattered Dreams but Tajiri manages to lift himself out of the way. Tajiri then kicks Goldust out of the way and then missletoe dropkicks him down to the mat. Tajiri tries to get the three count but Goldust kicks out at two. Goldust gets up quickly and clotheslines Tajiri down. Goldust then starts kicking Tajiri before exiting the ring. He looks underneath the ring and grabs a Golden Shovel. Goldust throws it into the ring, when Goldust gets back in the ring Tajiri knocks him down with the kick of death. Tajiri though only gets a two count. Tajiri uses Green Mist. Goldust goes for the clothesline and Tajiri ducks but Goldust manages to push both the referee and Tajiri into the mist. Goldust picks the shovel up and hits Tajiri with it. Tajiri is still standing and Goldust hits the Curtains Call. Goldust gets the two count. Tajiri tries the inside craddle, Goldust though manages to use one of his legs to reverse it into his own but Tajiri again counters. Goldust Irish whips Tajiri back into the corner and sets him up for Shattered Dreams. Goldust begins to run but Tajiri escapes again. Goldust then punches Tajiri who is on the top rope. Goldust re-sets him up and hits Shattered Dreams and gets the three count.

Winner at 15:59 and new WWE United States champion Goldust

Jerry Lawler: The Guerrero's believe they are the best technical team going, but so do the UnAmericans. I can't choose between them.

JR: Me either King but these teams have been going at it for a month now and neither will back down.

Jerry Lawler: Well no WWE superstar can back down.

Backstage we see Terri Runnels ith the UnAmericans.

Terri: Well tonight Lance, William you will take on Chavo and Eddie, how do you feel.

William Regal: How do feel? I'll tell you what we bloody feel, we feel disgusted that the Guerrero's think they are better than us.

Lance Storm: The purpose of this match tonight, to finally prove we are the best technical team in the world. I mean William Regal, so talented and can handle anyone in the ring. Me, I'm the technically sound one. I don't make mistakes, I along with fellow Canadian Chris Jericho were the only ones out of about fifteen students to pass the dungeon.

William Regal: Now please Miss Runnels go and pester someone else, we have a match to win.

Terri talking to Timmy White: What's got into them.

Timmy White: Their always like that.

Timmy White and Terri go further backstage still talking as we go back to JR and the King.

JR: Well thank you Terri and don't you think the UnAmericans are a bit over confident.

Jerry Lawler: I think Timmy White is a bit over confident. Anyway when you are as talented as the UnAmericans you can be a little bit cocky.

JR: Well what about Chavo and Eddie, they are very talented as well.

UnAmericans vs. Los Guerrero's
The UnAmericans enter to a host of heat, the Guerrero's enter to a huge pop. The match begins with Lance Storm holding Eddie in a headlock. Eddie pushes Lance into the ropes and jumps over him when he comes back. Chavo hits Lance and when Lance turns around Eddie dropkicks him down. Eddie picks Lance back up and Irish whips him into his corner and he taunts William Regal. Regal enters and the Guerrero's double team Storm. Eddie Irish whips Storm into another corner and uses the Stinger Splash. Eddie then drags Lance into the middle of the ring and goes up top. Eddie flies using his frog splash but Lance moves. Lance and Eddie crawl and make tags. Chavo and Regal enter the ring and exchange punches in the ring. Eddie hits Regal from behind and picks Lance up again. The Guerrero's each Irish whip one of the UnAmericans into the ropes but they hold on. They start to laugh and the Guerrero's start to fell the person behind them. Their eyes open and when they turn round it's KroniK. KroniK boot down each Guerrero. They pick Chavo and High Time him. Then they pick up Eddie up and then High Time him as well. The UnAmericans and KroniK shake hands and leave the arena.

Winners at 8:15 by disqualification Los Guerrero's

Eric Bischoff: Well, tonight has been a good night. I am changing the main event to a battle royal. It will involve Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Haku, Kane and the Undertaker. Jamie Noble and the Hurricane will still go at it in a ladder match. Tonight, Goldust won the United States championship, Hardcore championship was defended.

Backstage Nidia is talking to Jamie Noble.

Nidia: Jamie do you want me at ringside.

Jamie Noble: No, it’s to dangerous.

Nidia: It’s Hurricane Helms, he’s not going to hurt me.

Jamie Noble: It’s not the Hurricane, it’s the ladder. What if the ladder falls on you.

Hurricane Helms vs. Jamie Noble Ladder match for the Cruiserweight championship

Hurricane Helms makes his way to the ring and gets the biggest pop of the night. Jamie Noble makes his way out to a host of boo’s. Jamie goes round the ring and throws the ladder in the ring. Hurricanes Helms throws the ladder back out. Jamie Noble puts it back in and Nidia runs through the crowd and attacks the Hurricane. Jamie Noble sets the ladder up and starts to climb. Hurricane pushes Nidia back into the ladder. The ladder begins to fall but Jamie Noble manages to jump off. Jamie Noble goes straight back to work with some kicks in the corner. He sets the ladder up in the corner and returns to the Hurricane. Hurricane Helms fights back with a couple of punches and Irish whips Jamie Noble on to the ladder. Hurricane Helms goes over and Jamie Noble low blows him. Jamie Noble throws Hurricane Helms on to the ladder. Jamie Noble then scoop slams Hurricane Helms on the ladder in the corner. Hurricane Helms is out on the floor and Jamie Noble sets the ladder and begins to climb the ladder. Hurricane Helms though gets up and pushes the ladder over. Jamie Noble’s head goes flying into the top turnbuckle. Hurricane Helms hits the Eye of the Hurricane. Hurricane begins to climb the ladder the opposite side to the corner that Jamie Noble is in. Nidia gets in the ring though and grabs Hurricane’s foot. Hurricane gets down from the ladder and stares at Nidia. The two are standing there for about 30 seconds just staring. Nidia attempts a low blow but the Hurricane grabs her foot. He swings her leg round and hits the Eye of the Hurricane. Meanwhile Jamie Noble has got the ladder down and laid out on the floor. Hurricane turns round and Jamie Noble tiger bombs him on the ladder. Jamie Noble goes to see how Nidia is. After that he climbs the ladder but the Hurricane pulls him down. Jamie Noble tiger bombs him again and puts the bottom of the ladder over the Hurricane’s neck. Jamie Noble is on the top rung but the Hurricane tips the ladder using his superhero strength. Hurricane gets back up on his feet and hits the HurriSlam to Jamie Noble. Hurricane begins to climb the ladder but Nidia stops him and DDT’s him down. Nidia climbs the ladder and grabs the belt for Jamie Noble.

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner and the new Cruiserweight champion Nidia.

Nidia can not believe it and when Jamie Noble comes round he has a fit. Hurricane Helms escapes the chaos in the ring and goes to the back. Jamie Noble attempts to take the Cruiserweight title back off Nidia who will not let go. Jamie Noble gets the microphone.

Jamie Noble: Nidia what the hell are you doing. That is my Cruiserweight title.

Nidia: Well I heard Lillian announce my name as Cruiserweight champion.

Jamie Noble: Well we will just have to see who is the Cruiserweight champion. Eric Bischoff come out here right now.

Eric Bischoff walks on the stage with a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: All right I can see that there is some tension between you two over the belt. So my decision is as of now the Cruiserweight champion is Hurricane Helms.

Jamie Noble: You can not do that, it is either Nidia or me.

Eric Bischoff: Actually I am your boss and I can do it. Besides you two will only argue against each other and as Hurricane was the number one contender it seems sensible.

Crowd Cheers for Eric’s decision and Eric leaves the stage. Jamie Noble and Nidia argue before leaving.

Backstage Hurricane Helms is celebrating. He meets up with Tajiri who has had a bad night. Tajiri beats him down with a round house kick before kicking the Hurricane. Jamie Noble and Nidia find Tajiri and the Hurricane and help Tajiri in kicking Hurricane Helms. Shannon Moore attacks them all with a chair and saves the Hurricane.

Hurricane Helms: Thank you loyal citizen for saving your favourite superhero. Now I must get to commissioner Bischoff’s office to collect my Cruiserweight championship before leaving on my Hurricycle. Goodbye.

Shannon Moore: Where are you going, can I come with you.

Hurricane Helms: Why don’t you become a superhero and fight alongside the Hurricane. Sensational Shannon. Now Sensational Shannon lets go to Eric’s office before going to the secret hideout.

Terry Funk is walking to the ring with a smile on his face. We go to Randy Savage who is not so confident and he bumps into Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan: ‘Well Randy Savage, good luck in tonight’s main event. You are going to need it.’

Randy Savage: ‘Let me tell you your going to need the luck.’

Eric Bischoff is in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: ‘Well before the main event I would like to present this WWE Life Time Achievement Award to the ****** Tonk Man.’

****** Tonk Man enters the ring.

Eric Bischoff: ‘Thank you for coming. Well I thought that as you are getting this we ought to make a video in tribute. Play the footage.’

The video plays and it shows moments like when he became Intercontinental champion, Royal Rumble 2001 and other memorable moments.

Eric Bischoff: ‘How does that make you feel?’

****** Tonk Man: ‘It makes me feel like it was all worth it. I would like to thank Vince McMahon Senior and Vince McMahon Junior for giving me the opportunity’.

Eric hands the Award over and they leave talking.

Battle Royal for the World Legends championship.

Lilian Garcia: ‘This battle royal will have Royal Rumble rules. Over the top rope elimination but the participants will come out every 30 seconds instead of every two minutes’.

Terry Funk makes his way to the ring, as does Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho gets the upper hand with a clothesline and Terry Funk stays down. Chris Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Terry Funk moves. Chris Jericho gets up and Terry Funk clotheslines him out for the first elimination. Kurt Angle comes out and knocks Terry Funk down. Terry gets up and Angle hits the Angle Slam. Angle pulls the straps on his attire down and locks in the ankle lock. Terry Funk though manages to kick Angle off. Terry fights back as Mick Foley enters the ring. Mick Foley attacks Terry Funk from behind before eliminating him. Kurt Angle starts punching Mick Foley. Kurt Angle Irish whips Mick into the ropes and Kurt Angle moves out of the way when Mick comes back off the ropes. Terry Funk low bridges the ropes and Mick falls out. Haku enters the ring. Kurt Angle runs towards him but Haku locks on the Tongan Death Grip. Kane enters the ring and grabs Haku by the throat. Kane throws Haku over the top rope by his neck and eliminates him. Kane grabs Kurt Angle by the neck and chokeslams him out of the ring. Kane waits for 15 seconds and Shawn Michaels enters the ring. Kane exits and grabs a chair. Haku distracts Shawn Michaels and Kane enters the ring with the chair and hits Shawn’s back with it. Meanwhile Undertaker has made his way to the ring. Kane and the Undertaker Irish whip Shawn Michaels into the corner. Undertaker does the running splash and throws him to Kane who hits a side walk slam onto the chair. Shawn gets up but Kane and the Undertaker double chokeslam him out of the ring. Kane walks into the middle of the ring. Undertaker is leaning over the top rope yelling at Shawn Michaels and Kane sneaks up from behind and eliminates him. Hulk Hogan enters the ring and begins to punch the Big Red Machine. Kane is still standing and Hulk Hogan clotheslines him down. Hulk Hogan hits the leg drop. He is celebrating and Randy Savage enters the ring without any music. He eliminates Hogan by throwing him over the top rope. Kane sits up and realises it is him and Savage. Kane gets on his knees and bows down to Randy Savage. Kane then eliminates himself by exiting the ring. Kane gets back in and they two men stand one infront of the other. Randy Savage poses and Kane raises his arms. Kane makes the pyro’s go off and he does it four times. Kane and the Macho Man leave the arena together.

Winner at 11:52 and still World Legends Champion Randy Savage

JR: ‘Well what a controversial ending to the show with Kane and the Macho Man teaming up.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘Well tonight has been an exciting night, what with KroniK destroying the Guerrero’s, the Hardcore title match, the battle royal, the return of the ****** Tonk Man, the ladder match and the Women’s title match it’s hard to see how Raw could be better.’

JR: ‘I’m sure there is a way. Well also don’t forget Eric Bischoff was made the Raw commissioner.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘Yes and he has made some great decisions already, he has also managed to annoy Tajiri, Nidia and Jamie Noble.’

JR: ‘Well Tajiri lost his United States title fairly and I have to agree with Eric Bischoff’s decision. So until next week’s edition Raw this is the King and myself saying goodbye and see you next week.’

Well this is half the show :):):):):):):):):)

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A-Dust good style.And please you are good when you posting your matches like you do,not like 1st Match and etc...
Nice show,Mathes are realy good.But please use Word. to finish your matches.I can`t grade the show yet,because you didn`t finish.

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WWE Smackdown

Cole : Welcome to WWE Smackdown what a brilliant night we have ahead of us

Tazz : Yeah Cole i can't wait for some of the matches here tonight.

Time to Play the Game plays through the arena and out comes Triple H with Ric Flair,Batista and Randy Orton.

The Crowd boo lowdly

Triple H : Let me get something straight You people do not have the right to boo me. I am the Game I am the best in the buisness I am that Damn good.

Crowd chant asshole

Triple H : But im not WWE Champion and that is not right. Rock come on out here right now.

Crowd Chant Rocky Rocky Rocky

The Rocks music hits and out comes the rock.

Rock : You know Triple H you are everything you just said you are the best in the buisness for wining and complaining
You are that damn good at running your mouth and you are not the WWE Champion because you suck.

Crowd Cheer

Triple H : Well why don't we see if i suck tonight Rock put your title on the line against me.

Rock : The Rock knows you have a plan Triple H but it dosen't matter if you have a plan so Just Bring it !!!.

Triple H : Fine Rock make sure you bring help cause you're gonna need it.

Rock : Help oh yeah thats right the rock just made this a No DQ match. And I have one small suprise for you.

Rocks music hits and he leaves and closely followed by triple H

Cole : Well Rock against Triple H later tonight whats your call Tazz

Tazz : I don't know i want to know The Rocks suprise.

Cole : Well up first Rey Mysterio takes on Big Show

First Match : Rey Mysterio V Big Show
Rey comes out to a good reception and Big Show comes out to heel heat. Big Show laughs at mysterio before the match starts. Rey pretends he wants to tie up with show and stamps on his foot then low blows him. Rey Dropkicks Big Show to No Effect Rey Dropkicks him again but big show delivers a huge clothesline to Rey then covers 1-2-Rey raises his shoulder Big Show Laughs. Big Show picks Rey back up and taunts him. Big Show hits a sidewalk slam on Rey 1-2-kickout. Big Show picks up Rey and sets him for the chokeslam but rey low blows the tries to knock down the Big Show but can't Rey goes up top and hits a missile dropkick but it dosen't knock him down. Rey goes up again and hits another one but it doesn't knock him down. Rey goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for the third time and knocks him down rey covers him 1-2-kickout. Rey tries a cross body but is caught by Big Show then powerslammed. Big Show picks up Rey andwhips him Big Show runs after rey but gets the 619 Rey then tries the West Coast Pop and gets powerbombed. Big Show signals for the chokeslam hepicks up rey and hits it then pins him 1-2-3.
Winner = Big Show

Cole : Well a real mismatch in size there.
Tazz : To say the least
Cole : Yeah coming up next 3minute warning against the Dudley Boyz
Tazz : Yeah can't wait

Second Match : 3-Minute Warning v Dudley Boyz Table Match
Bubba and Rosey start off. Rosey attacks Bubba from behind Rosey kicks away at Bubba in the corner. Rosey picks up Bubba and hits a pumphandle slam. Tag to Jamal. Jamal tries to elbow drop bubba who moves. Bubba tags D'von. D-von tries to suplex Jamal but can't do it. Jamal clotheslines him. Jamal tags rosey. Rosey sidewalk slams D-von. Rosey gets the Table Rosey brings the Table in the ring and sets it up he tags jamal they try to double suplex D-von through it but bubba moves the table now its chaos all four men are in the ring. D-von runs at rosey who Samoan Drops him through a Table

Elimanated = D'von

Bubba gives Jamal the Bubba cutter and then gets powerslammed by Rosey. Rosey helps Jamal up they mock D'von and Bubba by going Rosey get the tables. Rosey gets a table but the Dudley Boyz low blow Rosey and Jamal. They set Jamal for the 3-D through the table and hit it.
Elimanated = Jamal

Bubba shoves D-von and shouts D'VON GET THE TABLE !!!!!
D'von gets the Table while Rosey is getting up. D'von puts the Table in the ring. Bubba scoop slams Rosey then calls for WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZAAAAAAAA. they hit it and then a 3-D through the table
Elimanated : Rosey
Winners = Dudley Boyz

Cole : Well the usual carnage there after the Dudleyz wrestle
Tazz : Definatley these guys are obsessed with tables
Cole : Yeah thats for sure.

Triple H,Ric Flair,Batista and Randy Orton are in the locker room Triple H walking round looking worried

Triple H : What plan is the Rock talking about what plan does he have.

Flair : Don't worry Hunter its probably something pathetic to cheer up the stupid fans.

Triple H : Yeah you're probably right.
Orton : Relax man you've got us to back you up
Batista : He's right Rock making it No DQ plays right into your favor
Triple H : Yeah okay thats a good idea but Rock wouldn't be making this match No DQ unless he has got a plan.
Flair : Just Calm Down I'll be at ringside and Randy and Dave will be standing by backstage.
Triple H : Well at least there isn't any DQ
Orton : thats the spirit

Cole : Well the Evoulotion trying to prepare triple H
Tazz : Yeah but there is a point why would the Rock want No DQ that does favour the Game
Cole : Well maybe up next the intercontinental title is on the line John Cena defends against Jeff Hardy.
Tazz : That'll be good

Third Match : John Cena V Jeff Hardy Intercontinental Title
Jeff comes out to a huge pop while Cena comes out to some heel heat from the fans. John Cena attacks jeff and takes him in the corner delivering quick right hands. Cena takes Jeff up top and fights him up there but jeff pushes cena off. Jeff jumps at Cena and does the sunsetflip 1-2-kickoutby Cena. Jeff tries the Twist of Fate but Cena counters with an inverted suplex with the bridge 1-2-kickout. Cena picks up Jeff and Gives him a belly to back suplex then goes up top but Jeff gets up and gives him the Hurricanrana then into the cover 1-2-Cena Raises his shoulder but just. Jeff picks up Cena who hits a low blow. Cena Tries a Death Valley Driver but Jeff Gets out of it and hits a DDT and into the pin 1-2-kickout. Jeff signals for the swanton bomb and goes up top. Cena shakes the ropes causing Jeff to fall. Cena catches Jeff hanging from the turnbuckle and gives him a DDT. Cena covers Jeff 1-2-kickout by Jeff. Cena picks up jeff. Jeff kicks Cena and gives him the Twist of Fate then pins him 1-2-kickout by Cena. Jeff can't belive it. Jeff picks him up and tries to kick him but Cena catches his foot jeff goes for an enziguri but Cena ducks and he gets the ref. Jeff then hits a scoop slam on Cena then signals for the Swanton Bomb. Jeff goes up top and hits it and then covers Cena but there is no ref. Jeff can't belive his luck and he tries to revive the ref but can't. Cena gets a low blow then the Death Valley Driver and covers him. Another ref runs down and goes to count the 1-2-kickout again by Jeff. Cena can't belive it. The new ref Tim White takes Earl Hebner to the back. Cena tries to shout for the ref to come back but he dosen't. Cena turns around and gets the second twist of fate from Jeff who covers him to once again see that there is no ref. Jeff waves down another ref but behind him Cena is putting a chain around his fist Cena punches Jeff with the chain and covers him referee Tim White runs down and counts a 1-2-3.
Winner = John Cena

Cole : Well John Cena retains the Intercontinental Title through cheating.
Tazz : Well time and time again ive told you that you do what you have to do to win and cena showed that yeah right.
Cole : Yeah right well coming up next the TV Title is on the line as test takes on Batista.

Fourth Match : Test (with Stacy V Batista with Flair
Test and Stacy Keibler come out to a decent reception and Batista and Ric Flair come out to heat from the fans. Batista starts off aggresivly attacking Batista and taunting stacy. Batista Kicks away at Test in the corner. Test fires back with a clothesline then punches away at Batista. Test brings Batista outof thecorner and tries the big boot but dosen't get it Batista Backbreakers Test. Batista picks Test up and delivers a pumphandle slam to him then covers 1-2-kickout by test. Test fights back on Batista and hits a pumphandle slam of his own and covers 1-2-kickout. Test picks up Batista and gives him a full nelson powerbomb and pins him 1-2-kickout. Test picks up Batista and sets him for the Test Drive but Batista fights out and hits the sidewalk slam 1-2-kickout. Batista taunts Stacy but turns around and gets the Big Boot from Test 1-2-Flair puts Batistas foot on the rope. Test stares at Flair but does nothing. Instead Test picks up Batista and gives him the test Drive but. Test Turns around and sees Ric Flair threatning to hit Stacy. Test goes after flair instead of covering Batista. Test gets Flair and sends him over the barricade into the crowd. Batista is threatning Stacy in the ring Test runs to Big Boot Batista but gets Stacy. Batista gives Test the sitout powerbomb then covers him for the 1-2-3.
Winner = and new WWE Tv Champion Batista

Cole : well i hope stacy alright after getting the Big Boot
Tazz : Yeah me too
Cole : But Batista is new TV Champ and just two matches left now first of them Nathan Jones V Nunzio.
Tazz : Yeah That'll be a good one.

Fifth Match : Nathan Jones V Nunzio with FBI
Jones waits in the ring for the FBI to make there way down. Jones attacks all three FBI members throwing Chuck into the Barricade and throwing Stamboli into the ring pole then putting Nunzio into the ring. Jones kicks away at Nunzio in the corner. Chuck gets in the ring but Jones beats him up again then throws him out. Jones then takes stamboli and tombstones him however Nunzio hits a low blow. Nunzio stomps away at Jones. Nunzio's advantage is short lived as Jones delivers a powerbomb to him. The Fbi get in the ring and attack him causing the ref to ring the bell. Undertaker runs down and saves Jones hitting a chokeslam on Nunzio. Then a Last Ride to Stamboli. But from behind the Big Show hits Taker with a steel chair then Chokeslams him onto it. Jones gets up and he and the Big Show stare each other down. Big Show leaves the ring and heads to the back.
Winner = by DQ Nathan Jones

Cole : Well interesting there why didn't Jones help out taker
Tazz : Don't know cole
Cole : Up Next the WWE Title will be on the line as the Rock defends against Triple H.

Footage is shown of the History of Rock and triple H

Main Event : The Rock V Triple H WWE Title No Dq
The Rock comes out to a thunderous ovation from the fans triple h comes out to huge heat from the fans with Ric Flair. Rock and Triple H Stare down before the match starts. They exchange right hands the rock winning and laying the Smackdown on Triple H. Triple H responds by hitting a low blow then a facebuster to the rock. Triple H stomps awayand picks up the rock and goes fro an early pedigree but is backdropped by the great one. The rock opens up with right hands again then a ddt. Triple H Quickly slides out of the ring for some advice from Flair. Triple H slowly gets back in the ring and Triple H clotheslines the rock and starts to work on the leg. Triple H takes the Rock over to the ropes then does cannonballs to The Rock Triple H applies the figure four leg lock to the rock. Rock screams in pain and fights to get to the ropes. His shoulders are down 1-2-he raises them up again. Rock fights and eventually gets to the ropes. Triple H picks up the rock but rock fights back and gives him the Dragon Screw and into the sharpshooter. triple H screams in pain and is about to tap but dosen't. Flair gets in the ring and attacks the rock as its No DQ. The Rock Rock Bottoms Flair. Triple H hits Rock with a chair then covers him 1-2-kickout by rock Triple H goes out of the ring and takes the top of the announce table off. Triple H sets Rock up for a Pedigree through the announce table. Rock low blows the game then rock bottoms him through the announce table. Ric Flair picks up the ring bell and waits for Rock to get up flair clocks the Rock with the ring bell. Triple H gets up and puts the Rock back in the ring. Triple H covers Rock 1-2-kickout. Triple H picks up the Rock who fights back with a samoan drop. Batista runs to the ring and delivers a sitout powerbomb to the rock. Triple H Gets a cover 1-2-kickout by the Rock. Randy Orton approaches ringside to Triple H tries to pedigree the rock near the corner. The Rock trips up Triple H and slingshots him into the corner but the ref is there and it takes out the ref. The Rock hits a Rock Bottom but there is no ref. The Evoulotion jump in the ring and start beating up the rock. Wolfpac music plays and out comes Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. They get in the ring and beat up the evoulotion. Nash picks up the Game and Jacknife Powerbombs him. They Leave and Rock gets up and sets the game for the peoples elbow he hits it and covers him the ref sturs round and counts 1........2......3.
Winner = and Still WWE Champion The Rock

End of Show
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