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Hey guys, correct me if I missed something but a few weeks ago it looked like Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre were going to enter into some form of relationship, e.g. valet or girlfriend. I was just wondering whether this angle was dropped or it is still on the boil. I don't really care either way but im just interested.

It seems to me like they started the angle, then maybe panicked that the feud between Edge and Dolph Ziggler wasn't strong/interesting enough so shifted KK over to that feud. It all seems very haphazard and messy, although I may have missed something significant that happened on previous weeks of Smackdown.

Any thoughts?
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I'm guessing Kelly getting fired is a way of furthering their storyline. Maybe in her time out she can get some acting lessons.
Haha oh snap man, NT86 just hit Kelly Kelly from the top rope.

By the way, by why is this feud about Kelly Kelly instead of Kaitlyn?
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