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#KeepImpactLive campaign!!

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I and many others believe TNA has been producing some of it's best work every since going Live. Dixie Carter has always said that the fans involvement can Impact the company. So I'm asking all TNA fans who want to continue to see TNA Live every Thursday to join this campaign. It's simple.

Just tweet @TNADixie, @IMPACTWRESTLING and most importantly @SpikeTV with the hashtag #KeepImpactLive and if you want, a reason as too why you want to continue to see #ImpactLive past it's Summer Bash.

Other ways of contact:
Spike Contact E-Mail: [email protected]
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I dont care about the ratings at all, Spike TV is not the network for TNA, but iMPACT needs to stay live, its just another feeling of not knowing what will happen, better than having spoilers, i hope they stay live for a long long time, they have money and Spike will eventually back them up.

A crazy jump to FX, TNT or even TBS would be a better move for TNA, probably, but those networks wont probably give them backup.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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