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I haven't seen threads like this: Kane was the best WHC Smackdown ever had
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I like Kane, but he needs the mask for me to love him. He just doesn't have that appeal anymore.

Instead of writing Taker back in the way WWE seems to be ATM, they should bring him back with Kane's old attire, music, etc. to lead off a Smackdown! or something. Get the people to think it's Kane. Then maybe have Kane confront TakerKane and have them feud for a while they way Kane did with the Impostor Kane back in '06. Then eventually get the mask off TakerKane. Whether it be Taker has a big triumph and reveals himself or Kane removes the mask at the end of the feud.

If it's the former, it could lead into something else. If it's the latter you could maybe have Kane reclaim his old attire as his and start to wear it again.

It would be a great way to rekindle the feud.
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