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Kane is a better commentator then King

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I ain't even joking, Something hit me during that segment.

Cole was entertaining when he was alone.
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Kane should commentate for Raw on a regular basis that was impressive
I enjoyed how Cole kept trying to talk to Kane while standing up 4 feet away. And I would take solo Michael Cole for the next year if it meant no Lawler
Kane is better than all of the WWE commentary teams. Have him commentate all the shows by himself.
I cracked up when Cole tried to discuss social media with him.
"Am I annoying you?"
With King being crippled, we could see some more guest commentators for the next few weeks.

thank god
Get Kane to do commentary for both RAW and Smackdown by himself. I'd be okay with that.

Kane and Matthews would provide for a few laughs also.
Cole tonight was the best he has been for years, possibly ever. He was legit entertaining when it was suitable and put over both faces and heels in a way that will garner the desired reaction. All you can ask from a commentator.
Every male wrestler guest commentator on Smackdown or RAW blows the doors off Lawler. Henry, Punk, Barrett, Kane, you name it.
The guy is SO DONE. I would have made him get his win at WM 27, his moment, his triumphant beer bash with Austin and then I would have respectfully "retired" him. How can this company not see what a handicap he is to the product? He's been awful for years. Take the nag out in the pasture and shoot it in the head already. I'd have had Lawler off to the glue factory almost 2 years ago.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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