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Kane is backstage watching a video- tape of himself getting pinned by Rene Dupree. Kane looks furiously at the screen, before picking the television up and smashing it on the floor.

Co-Raw Gm Eric Bischoff hears the shattering of the glass while walking down the corridor and rushes inside.

Bischoff: What the hell… (Bischoff sees the broken TV on the floor).
Kane: Get the hell out of my locker room!
Bischoff: How dare you destroy my valuable property! I could suspend you for this!
Kane: This is what’s gonna happen from now on if I don’t get what I want…
Bischoff: You can’t threaten me!
Kane: There’s one valuable property of yours I wanna destroy tonight…
Bischoff: What?
Kane: Triple H – I want the World Heavyweight Title and I want it tonight!
Bischoff: You wanna shot huh? Well, you’ll have to earn it – in a match against Rob Van Dam!

Kane smiles at hearing this, then grabs Bischoff by the throat.

Kane: I’ll kick Rob’s ass tonight – but a Singles Match with RVD is too easy. I want Rob in a No Holds Barred Match!
Bischoff (is still being choked): Alright, alright, But if you lose…

Kane strengthens his grip on Bischoff’s neck…

Kane: Kane doesn’t lose – Kane destroys and wins.

Kane lets go of Bischoff and leaves…

Bischoff (to himself): Damn you Austin! Why did you have to bring the old Kane?!

After a few matches, (Christian def. Test and Scott Steiner by DQ to retain the WWE IC Title after Test loses his temper with Steiner and lays him out with a steel chair; La Resistance def. The Dudley Boyz in a non-title match after Dupree hits Buh Buh with a low blow (the ref is distracted by Sylvain attacking D-Von on the outside) and then Dupree rolls up Buh Buh for the win. After the match, Kane runs out and Chokeslams Dupree. RVD stands at the top of the ramp and observes Kane. RVD then claps and leaves) Austin is seen is his office, on the phone to someone…

Austin: So you wanna come to Raw? What’s in it for you?
Austin: I see, I see. Well, I’ll have to trade someone to Smackdown for you to come to Raw.
Austin: Alright, yeah, see ya later tonight.

Bischoff walks in…
Bischoff: Who was you just talking to?
Austin: The newest Raw superstar.
Austin: Who do you wanna trade?

Bischoff has an evil smile on his face (it’s obvious he wants to trade Kane)…

Bischoff: The loser of the Kane/RVD match will be traded.

Austin has a worried look on his face (he doesn’t wanna trade Kane)…

Austin: OK, but I’m adding another stipulation to the match – a Casket Match!
Bischoff Woah, Austin…
Austin: I’ve found an opponent for Triple H to defend the World Heavyweight Title against tonight.
Bischoff: Who is he?
Austin: Batista.
Bischoff: Batista?
Austin: Yeah, he’s pissed off at HHH because he offered Kane to be the fourth member of Evolution. That’s Batista’s spot.
Bischoff: Oh…
Austin: And that’s the bottom line ‘coz Stone Cold says so!

After two more matches (The Hurricane def. Rico and Maven def. Al Snow after a confrontation backstage), Kane and RVD head to the ring for their match.

Kane def. RVD in a No Holds Barred Casket Match after smacking RVD with a steel pipe and then gives him a Chokeslam into the casket for the win. After the match, RVD tries to get out of the casket before Kane opens it and Chokeslams RVD back into it. After the match, Undertaker’s music hits (he’s the new Raw superstar) and he gets into the ring and stares at his brother, Kane… ‘Taker lifts Kane’s arm into the air and ‘Taker takes the mic…

‘Taker: Kane and me, we’re gonna rule WWE Raw from now on. So, whoever the champion is, Triple H or Batista, Kane will take the World Heavyweight Title next week - and I’ll kick Christian’s ass for the Intercontinental Title next week! But as for right now… La Resistance, get your asses out here right now and put your World Tag Team Titles on the line – if you’re both men and not wimps!

La Resistance come out and the match begins…

Kane and ‘Taker def. La Resistance for the World Tag Team Titles after Kane and ‘Taker hit Grenier and Dupree with simultaneous Chokeslams and then Kane pins Dupree for the win, in revenge for his upset loss to Dupree weeks ago on Raw.

After a commercial, Batista and HHH head to the ring for the World Heavyweight Title Match…

Batista def. HHH by DQ after Evolution triple team Batista before he can Powerbomb HHH. After the match, Bischoff comes out…

Bischoff: Kane, ‘Taker, your title shots will be delayed to Judgment Day because next week, you two will team up with Batista against Evolution!

Kane and ‘Taker come back out and lay out Evolution. The Brothers of Destruction hit Flair and Orton with Double Chokeslams. They then stamp all over The Game, before Batista delivers a Powerbomb to the World Heavyweight Champion! Batista stares HHH down as Raw goes off the air!
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