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kaientai return? (fun thread)

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had a funny idea why dont during the next royal rumble the wwe bring in the legends as usual but then have kaientai do run ins every 15 mins like they did during the 2000 rumble if im correct?. i think that would be brilliant and both although jobbers were actually great wrestlers. thoughts?
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aslong as taka doesnt get injured like that time i'd be up for it.
Indeed or GTFO. I have no use for them without the dubbed voice overs.
Actually yeah that would be kinda awesome. THey both are supremely talented, and Funaki was even pretty over with the kiddies at one point, doing his Kung Funaki gimmick. Anyway if they chop chop a pee pee I will be pleased.
I'm all for it as long as Funaki will be the number 1 Smackdown announcer again.
All for it just as long as they retro that "EVIL" kaientai shirt :yes
Indeed or GTFO. I have no use for them without the dubbed voice overs.
no question, man. i'd mark for them
That would be nice since I expect the 2013 rumble match to be stacked (just a feeling).
They are far too EEEEEEEEEVIL for this PG product.
I'd mark.

Kaientai were bad ass, really goes to show that era was so great that even the jobbers were awesome!
I would like to see another Kaientai / Brothers of Destruction Encounter. This time around Taker can "teach" Kane how to do the Hell's Gate.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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