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Welcome to the JWF
This is JWF(Jayson`s-Wrestling-Federation)

I will be using the real rosters(maybe some changes)

The shows will be: Jakked - Mondays

OverLoad - Fridays

The Champs are: JWF World heavy-weight champ(Jakked):Kane
JWF CHamp(OverLoad):Undertaker
JWF world tag-team(Jakked):Dudley`s
JWF tag-team champs(OverLoad):Edge & Rhyno
JWF IC Champ(Jakked): Booker T
JWF CruiserweightChamp(OverLoad):Shannon Moore

I will have the debut show either today or tomorow

-I hope this works out real good
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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