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The following people have been signed...
Basham Brothers-Raw
Mark Jindrak-Raw
Chris Nowinski-SmackDown
Justin Credible-SmackDown
Steve Borden-Raw

Randy Orton
Psycho Sid
John Cena-IC Champ
Zach Gowan
Ultimo Dragon-Cruiserweight Champ
Billy Kidman
Shelton Benjamin
La Resistance
Booker T.
Ahmed Johnson
Legion of Doom-Tag Team Champions
Eric Angle
D'Lo Brown
Mr. Ass
Elix Skipper
Juventud Guerrera

HBK-Heavyweight champion
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle
Nathan Jones
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Charlie Haas-United States Champion
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Matt Hardy
A.J. Styles

The following people are injured...
Triple H
Dudley Boyz

The pyros go off and the Raw Theme Song plays.
JR: "Welcome everybody to Raw...we are just 24 hours removed from Summerslam, and boy that was a hot event!"
Vince: "You're not kidding, both champions from separate brands have been traded off with eachother but not only that...Tonight the main event is gonna be something else..."
JR: "That's right...tonight we are going to have a number one contender match for the WWE Championship...it'll be Psycho Sid taking on none other than Rob Van Dam and Batista in a triple threat match!"
Vince: "And no longer are there two general managers for this show...Eric Bischoff is gone...Austin's gone...that's right, my son is running the show...Shane-O-Mac!"
JR: "Let's kick it off to some cruiserweight action!"

Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon

Both start off quickly with hurracaranas and head scissors. Rey takes the advantage after throwing his opponent to the outside. Suicide dive over the top! Rey throws the dragon into the steel steps. Dropkick by Mysterio, causing Dragon's head to bounce off the stairs. Rey throws his opponent into the ring and goes for the West Coast Pop. Ultimo Dragon reverses it into a powerbomb, flips onto Rey and pins...1...2...kickout! Ultimo Dragon nails a spin kick and goes up top to deliver a moonsault. Ultimo Dragon nails another spin kick and sets Rey up in near the corner. Juventud races down to the ring and nails Ultimo Dragon with a chair and delivers a 450 splash to Rey Mysterio.
Winner: Double DQ thanks to Juventud Guerrera

Tag Team Championship Match: L.O.D. (champions) Vs. La Resistance
Hawk starts off with Sylvan Grenier. Hawk closelines Sylvan five times after taking him to the corner. Hawk does a 10-punch to Sylvan who falls to the mat. Hawk tags in Animal who is bigger and stronger of the two. Animal delivers a gorilla press slam and splashes Sylvan to pin...1...2...Rene breaks up the count. Animal makes the tag to Hawk who twists the arm of his opponent. Hawk suplexes his opponent a couple of times then tags in Animal. Doomsday Device! Hawk gets rid of Rene as Animal pins ...1...2...3!
Winners: Legion Of Doom

The lights go out. When the lights go back on, two people in robes are in the ring behind the Legion Of Doom. The lights go back out. When the lights are back on, The Legion Of Doom are unconscious in the middle of the ring full of blood with the people in robes gone.
JR: "What just happened?"


John Cena walks out.
Cena: "Yesterday, I witnessed a dream. The Rock lost his career by a rookie it seems. Rock claimed to be a Legend Killer but all he met was the true chiller. This guy says he's nonstop action, I bet he's just here for some Stratusfaction! Legend I'm challenging you out-Mr. Slick, you think you can beat me well you can suck my ...."
Legend comes out.
Legend: "No!...No!...No! I'll prove it to you like I did to The Rock... Heroes come and go, but Legends live forever!"

John Cena Vs. Legend
They kick off the match with a tie-up. John Cena fights with his right hands while Legend tries to gain an offense but can't. Cena takes off the turnbuckle pad and as the ref tries to put it on Cena nails a low blow. Cena then rolls up Legend...1...2...kickout! Cena whips Legend into the turnbuckle with no padding. Legend answers back with a spear. Legend goes for a pin but he's too busy putting the turnbuckle pad on. Cena grabs the chain from his neck and nails Legend in the head with it. Legend pins as the ref turns around...1...2...3!
Winner: John Cena with the chain and padlock.

Legend: "Cena I'm not done with you so get back in this ring!"

Cena runs to the ring and Legend tries to fight back but Cena gains the upper hand and gives Legend the F-U!

The Hurricane is looking at Lance Storm as he is lying over one chair looking at the floor with his arms spread out.
Hurricane: "Storminator, you must use your powers to aid you to fly!"
Storminator: "I'm trying, I'm trying!"
Hurricane: "That's not how...let me show you!"
Hurricane flies out of the camera viewing area.
Storminator: "Flying's gonna be so cool!"


D'Lo Brown/Elix Skipper Vs. Mr. Ass/Eric Angle

D'Lo and Angle start it off. Angle gives a couple of suplexes to take out the Brown but it doesn't work as Eric gets a two count. Tag to Mr. Ass who works on D'Lo for 5 minutes. Mr. Ass goes for a Fame-Asser but D'Lo moves and gives the Sky High to Gunn. D'Lo lifts Billy for a suplex and hangs him over the top rope. Elix Skipper gets tagged in and gives a legdrop to Billy who remains hanging on the ropes. Elix Skipper pins...1..2...3!
Winners: D'Lo Brown/Elix Skipper

Elix: "I just proved that pound for pound, I'm the greatest athlete in the world!Ain't nobody gonna stop me from riding to the top!"

Nash is shown in the back preparing for his match...next.

Interview with Randy Orton
Terri: "Ladies and gentleman...Randy Orton."
Orton: "Woah! Just Randy Orton? Who are you? You see, I'm the Legend Killer...The Lady Thriller...The Bone Chiller...Randy Orton!"
Terri: "Alright, what do you think about your heavyweight title shot tonight against Kevin Nash?"
Orton: "How do I feel? How do I...What kind of a question is that? This is the greatest moment of my life. A huge opportunity. I'll tell you what Nash...when I take you out with the RKO, I'm gonna take that Heavyweight Title and I'm gonna celebrate at a bar with all the fine ladies who want to be with me."
Terri: "There you have it, Kevin Nash Vs. Randy Orton next!"


Kevin Nash Vs. Randy Orton for the Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton starts early with a chair shot before the match starts. Randy Orton then throws Nash to the stairs. Orton follows up by stomping a mudhole in Nash. Orton then sets up a table right by ringside. Orton throws Nash onto the table. Randy grabs a chair and bashes Nash with it three times. Orton climbs the top rope but meets Nash at the top with him. Nash pushes Orton in the ring and they start the match. Randy Orton tries to back off but Nash boots Orton down to the ground. Nash puts Orton in the corner and gives a few elbows to his head. Nash whips Orton to the ropes and when he bounces back he gets a boot to the head. Nash pins...1...2...kickout! Nash picks up Orton and tries for a JackKnife Powerbomb but Orton backdrops him to the outside through the table. Ahmed Johnson races to the ring with a two by four and cracks it over the back of Randy Orton.
Winner: Randy Orton by DQ

Ahmed continues the assault and drags Orton backstage.

MAIN EVENT: Psycho Sid Vs. Batista Vs. Rob Van Dam to see who the #1 contender is
Rob Van Dam starts by suicide diving onto Batista on his way out. RVD then continues the assault on Batista as Sid makes his way down the ramp. RVD hits many kicks on both of his opponents. RVD leands Batista over the guard rail. RVD spink kicks Batista on the guard rail. RVD hits Sid with a chair and leans him in the corner, sitting down. RVD grabs the chair and goes on the opposite top rope. RVD goes Coast to Coast but misses Sid's head. Batista gets up and gives a spinebuster to RVD. Sid gets in and powerbombs Batista and pins...1...2...RVD breaks up the pinfall. Sid chokeslams RVD and throws him to the outside. Batista delivers a spinebuster to Sid...1...2...kickout! RVD drags Batista to the outside. RVD delivers a spinkick and then whips Batista into the stairs. RVD sets up a table with Batista on it. RVD goes to the top rope looking like he's going to give a 5-star frog splash. Sid comes to the corner and powerbombs RVD off the top rope and pins...1...2...3! Sid wins. Sid then grabs RVD and chokeslams RVD and he lands on Batista through the table. Nash walks down and stares down the number one contender for his title.
Winner:Psycho Sid
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Stephanie McMahon comes out.
Steph: "Welcome to Smackdown! After a most entertaining SummerSlam, I'm proud to introduce our heavyweight champion...the heartbreak kid...Shawn Michaels!"
Shawn walks out and grabs a mic.
Shawn: "Why thank you Steph, you see...this past Sunday, I went through three grueling matches with Chris Jericho...he did put up a fight but it was yours truly who walked away with the gold. And now that I'm on SmackDown! there is no way Chris Jericho can bother me again!"
Steph: "I don't know about that...ladies and gentleman, a newly signed participant of SmackDown! Chris Jericho!"
Y2J comes out.
Y2J: "Hello everybody...no Shawn don't worry, I'm not going to attack you and win that belt...I'm here to congratulate you on a job well done! I'm also here for one more thing...Steph...I want a title shot right now!"
Steph: "Calm down Chris. You see, tonight it's going to be a number one contender's match for the heavyweight championship and the winner can challenge the champion whenever they want. It's going to be...Chris Jericho, against Brock Lesnar...against Goldberg...against Kane in the steel cage hanging above our heads! The first one to make a pinfall in the cage, wins the match! Discussion over!"


Women's Championship Match: Lita Vs. Trish Stratus
Both women had something to prove tonight...who is better? Trish starts off with a chick kick knocking down the champion. Trish follows up with a sleeper hold to stop the high-flying moves of Lita. When Lita gets up she kicks off the ropes and lands on Trish for a pin...1...2...kickout! Lita delivers a head scissors and Trish gets out of dodge to the outside. Trish gets back in the ring after the referee counts to 6. Trish dodges a spinkick and delivers Stratusfaction to Lita! 1...2...kickout by Lita! Lita is set up top for the Stratusphere but Lita powerbombs Trish from the top and delivers a moonsault afterwards.1...2...3!
Winner: Lita

Stephanie McMahon comes back out.
Steph: "Trish stay in the ring. I'll let it go this time because you two didn't strip down at SummerSlam. But you still have to pay! Now we are going to have a battle royale to determine the number one contender for Lita's belt!"

Battle Royale for the women's championship: Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Shaniqua, Nidia, Sable, Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Victoria, Gail Kim, Chyna.
Everybody works together and eliminates the ninth wonder of the world immediately. Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie take eachother apart in one corner while Shaniqua and Stacy Keibler fight it off in the middle of the ring. Molly Holly closelines Nidia to the outside and Gail Kim dropkicks Molly out for her efforts. Gail Kim and Victoria go at it now. Trish gets eliminated by Sable because she was tired from her previous match. Gail Kim and Victoria eliminate eachother. Torrie Wilson gets eliminated by Dawn Marie. Stacy Keibler delivers a spin kick to eliminate Shaniqua. Dawn Marie and Sable double team Stacy to eliminate her. Dawn Marie goes for a DDT but Sable breaks out of it and delivers a SableBomb! Sable throws Dawn Marie over the top to win the match.

Goldberg is shown getting ready for his match.


Highlight Reel
Y2J: "Every once in a while I see this 'Fallen Angel' promo on the titantron. So I went and found this 'Fallen Angel' and I brought him here for you to all see on the Highlight Reely...ladies and gentlemen...A...J...Styles!"
A.J. Styles enters the ring as everybody chants TNA.
Y2J: "AJ, what's your purpose here in the WWE?"
A.J.: "I've been sitting at home watching Raw and SmackDown! and I've always wanted to be here so I signed a contract with Stephanie. Then as I was waiting to make my debut, I see boring action in and out of the ring here. My mission here is to save all the fans from the boring snoozefest that has become SmackDown!"
Y2J: "Boring? What do you mean boring?"
AJ: "Let's face it Chris...my grandmother is more exciting than this programming!"
Y2J: "I think it's been quite exciting working here."
AJ: "And that's the problem. The fans and even some superstars have been forced to believe that mediocrity is excellence...no, no, no...AJ IS EXCELLENCE!"
Y2J: "You're problem is you're a cocky arrogant showman with no talent!"
AJ: "Much like yourself? You see, when I get into this ring next week...I'm going to be taking on you Chris...and I'm going to show you who the real Highlight Of The Night is!"
Y2J: "You're on!"
Both stare eachother down.

Brock Lesnar is shown in the back getting ready for his match.


Kane is shown backstage in darkness with just a spotlight on him.

Charlie Haas comes out.
Haas: "Everyone, bow down and chant my name for I am still United States Champion! I had to go through five guys in a cage at SummerSlam and I did that! That proves that I'm the greatest professional wrestler in the business today...I had to go through 5 of the greatest stars in this business."
Chris Benoit comes out.
Benoit: "How's about me against you right now!"
Haas: "Fine, just hop in this ring so i can beat you again."

United States Championship Match: Chris Benoit Vs. Charlie Haas
Haas runs around the ring because he's being chased by Benoit. Haas runs into the ring and stomps away at Benoit. Haas delivers variations of suplexes until Benoit returns the favor. Haas tries running away with his belt but Eddie Guerrero comes down with his Lowrider and blocks off the entrance from Haas. Benoit comes down and throws Haas back in. Benoit goes for a diving headbutt and misses but lands on the U.S. Championship Belt that he placed in the ring. Haas slaps on the Haas Of Pain and Benoit taps out.
Winner:Charlie Haas

Jericho is shown getting ready for his match.
Footage is shown from SummerSlam where Undertaker's stalker is Paul Bearer.

Undertaker comes out.
Taker: "On Sunday, Paul came back...Paul attacked...Paul is going to get his ass whipped!"
Paul Bearer comes out.
Paul: "Hello, Undertaker. You see I came back because I want to bring back the Undertaker. You're just a tall biker boy that wants to beat up everybody...you're a fake! That's why I've brought back the real Undertaker!"
A guy comes out dressed like the old Undertaker.
Paul: "That's right. You're exposed as a fake! But for now...you have a match against Edge!"

Undertaker Vs. Edge
Undertaker gives the Last Ride to Edge and pins...1...2...3!
Matt Hardy races to the ring to slow down The Undertaker as Paul Bearer and the other Undertaker disappear in a cloud of smoke. Matt Hardy recieves a Last Ride and Taker rides his bike to the backstage area.


Undertaker is shown backstage unconscious and bloody.

MAIN EVENT: Chris Jericho Vs. Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg Vs. Kane for the number one contender spot
Lesnar and Goldberg go after eachother trying to get rid of eachother's undefeated streak. Kane chases Y2J around the ring. Y2J grabs a chair and continuously smacks Kane in the head and lays him down on the announcer's table. Jericho climbs to the top and crashes through Kane and the table. Both are down and out cold as Lesnar and Goldberg continue their action in the ring. Spear by Goldberg! Goldberg pins...1...2...kickout! Lesnar gets right back up and F5's Goldberg...1...2...kickout! Jackhammer by Goldberg...1...2...kickout! Kane gets up and tombstones both Lesnar and Goldberg. Jericho comes from behind and nails Kane with a chair. Kane is unaffected and chokeslams Jericho and pins him...1...2...3!

Shawn Michaels races to the ring and stares down Kane. Kane grabs Michaels by the throat but Shawn delivers a low blow and then hits Kane with the belt. Kane sits up and Shawn runs away.


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Raw to Unforgiven-Week 2


The music hits and the pyros go off.

JR: "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Raw!"
Vince: "We're here at the Keystone Center and my son's here for the first time since SummerSlam! as the GM of Raw!"
JR: "No telling what's going to happen tonight!"

Shane's music hits as he walks to the ring with a huge pop.
Shane: "Hello everybody. Now, you may be wondering why I wasn't here last week and that's because I've been taking care of business. You see I've signed two great athletes who are going to entertain you like only Raw can do!"

Randy Orton enters the ring.

Orton: "Woah, woah, woah. Shane first off I want to say congratulations on becoming General Manager of Raw. Now...I'm sure you saw last week in my title match, I got screwed out of the title! I won the match but not the title! This thug comes from behind me and smashes a two by four over my back...what I'm saying is that I want a rematch tonight for the title with no interference!"

Shane: "Let me think about that one...uh...no! You see, you don't demand from me or else you'll pay and tonight you're going to be the example of that. Tonight...in this very ring...Randy Orton...versus...KANE!"

Randy Orton becomes scared and tries to get his way out of that match.

Orton: "Please...not Kane!"

Shane: "You're right...you shouldn't have to go against Kane in a one on one singles match...you should go against Kane in a street fight! Now, what I really came out here to say is that tonight...in this very ring...we're going to have a heavyweight title match between Kevin Nash and one of the guys that I signed last week. I'm not going to say who he is but you guys will see later."

In the back, a masked man is interviewing Kevin Nash.

Interviewer: "Nash, you to face a mystery man for the heavyweight title...how does that make you feel?"

Nash: "That's bullshit! I should know who I'm facing for the title because I'm a movie star! I'm getting ready to go make a movie and Shane puts me against somebody I don't even know? Is that fair? Hell no!"

Interviewer: "Do you think you would have been screwed over like this if Eric Bischoff was still General Manager of Raw?"

Nash: "What kind of a question is that? Of course not! He'd screw me over twice as bad...that jackass!"

Interviewer: "Hey, I wasn't....I mean he wasn't that bad of a guy."

Shane comes from behind and rips of the mask of the interviewer to reveal Eric Bischoff. Shane gets security to escort him out of the building.

Eric: "I'll be back Shane! Raw is my show not yours! You'll see!"


Number 1 contender's match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Ultimo Dragon Vs. Juventud Guerrera
Both start off dodging eachothers moves until Juventud delivers a head scissors to the dragon. Juventud then delivers two hiptosses and goes for a pin but Dragon kicks him away. Ultimo Dragon throws Juventud to the outside and then gives his opponent an Asai Moonsault followed by a suicide dive. Ultimo Dragon bring Guerrera back in the ring and goes for a moonsault but Guerrera moves out of the way. Guerrera then delivers a piledriver and bring Ultimo Dragon to the corner. Juventud delivers a 450 splash and pins...1...2...foot on the ropes by Dragon. Juvy brings Dragon to the center of the ring and delivers a springboard legdrop but misses. Ultimo Dragon goes to the outside to take a breather. Guerrera comes over to pull him back in the ring but Ultimo Dragon turns around and blows fire into his opponent's face. The Dragon gets disqualified but it doesn't stop him from continuing the assault. Rey Mysterio comes in the ring and chases Ultimo out of the ring. Ultimo then demands to face Rey Mysterio right now for the Cruiserweight Title. Rey accepts.
Winner: Juventud Guerrera by DQ

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon
Before the match begins Ultimo Dragon blows fire into Rey's face. Ultimo Dragon the does a victory roll and hooks the tights of Mysterio...1...2...3! Ultimo Dragon runs off with the belt.
Winner: Ultimo Dragon


Tag Team Championship Match: L.O.D. Vs. D'Lo Brown/Elix Skipper
Hawk and Elix start off the match. Hawk annihalates Skipper throughout the entire match not allowing him to tag. Hawk tags in Animal after a beating on Elix and they do the Doomsday device. As Animal goes for the pin...1...2...the lights go out! When the lights go on the men in robes are in the ring and they attack the Legion of Doom! The lights go back off and we hear chair shots repeatedly. When the lights are on, Animal and Hawk are in the center of the ring busted up as the men in robes are gone.
Winner: No contest

Lance Storm is in the back with his super hero costume on, Hurricane comes in.
Hurricane: "Storminator...are you ready to perform a heroic act?"
Storminator: "Yes I am."
Hurricane: "Now, say your catchphrase and you'll be off."
Storminator: "...Do I have to say it?"
Hurricane: "You want to be a superhero and don't even want a catchphrase...watzupwitdat?"
Storminator: "...alright...To protect the innocent and destroy the evil...I'll be storming off to save the day!"
Storminator flies away as Hurricane looks on.


Shane is being interviewed by Terri.
Terri: "Shane is there something wrong?"
Shane: "Yeah, you know that guy who is supposed to be facing Nash tonight...well he's not here because somebody hit him with a car. He's at the hospital but he can't make it."
Storminator flies into the scene.
Storminator: "I will solve this crime and catch who ran over this wrestler of yours."
Shane: "Fine..whatever!"
Storminator flies off.
Shane: "Now...who's going to face Nash?"
Sid walks up to Shane.
Sid: "I am your man, Shane! After all not only am I the master and the ruler of the world but I am the number one contender!"
Shane: "You're right...it's you and Nash tonight."

John Cena Vs. Mr. Ass​
John Cena opens up a can on Mr. Ass. John Cena continues to attack Billy and uses a steel chair on him. Cena continuously hits Mr. Ass and then grabs the microphone.
Winner: Mr. Ass by DQ

Cena: "LEGEND! Get in the ring now. I'm here to take you out, nobody cares about Billy!"

Legend appears on the titantron.
Legend: "No!No!No! You're trying to be a hero Cena, you know what happens to heros? The Rock was a hero and I ended his career! Don't make me do the same to you Cena."
Cena: "Shutup and get out here!"
Legend: "No!No!No! You think I'm joking? Well how's about you take on somebody who's really joking?"
Doink The Clown makes his way to the ring with Dink by his side.

Doink The Clown with Dink The Clown Vs. John Cena​
John Cena immediately gives the F-U to Doink and pins him...1...2...3! Dink runs into the ring and tries hits Cena in the knee with a steel chair. Dink continues the attack and Doink joins along later. Legend then makes his way to ringside.
Legend: "I told you Cena...I don't joke around. You don't call out me and get it right away...you have to earn it. But you haven't earned it...hell, two clowns can take you out. You're about to learn a lesson Cena...Hero's come and go, but Legends live forever!"


Randy Orton Vs. Kane in a Street Fight​
Kane chokeslams Orton five times. RVD comes out and tries to stop Kane but he gets tombstoned for his efforts. Superstars and referees try to stop Kane but they all get knocked out. Kane reaches under the ring and gets a tank of gas. Kane places the tank on Orton and lights a match. Kane's about to drop the match but Ahmed nails Kane with a two by four. Kane tombstones Ahmed and Orton nails Kane with the tank of gas. Kane sits right back up and tombstones Orton...1...2...3!
Winner: Kane

JR: "Ladies and gentlemen, the next Raw Pay-Per-View is two weeks away and it sounds like it's going to be one hellacious night. Shane's been working on this card for a while now and he says that it's going to be the best pay-per-view that SmackDown! could only dream of."
Vince: "That's right. We already know now that it's going to be Legend taking on John Cena."
JR: "And don't forget this one just made...Ultimo Dragon defending the Cruiserweight Championship against Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera in a triple threat match!"
Vince: "My son has also make Randy Orton versus Ahmed Johnson in a two by four on a pole match."
JR: "Of course the Heavyweight title will probably be on the line but we're not sure who the champ is because tonight Kevin Nash is taking on Psycho Sid...that's after this commercial break!"


MAIN EVENT:Heavyweight Championship Match: Kevin Nash Vs. Psycho Sid​
Kevin Nash and Sid just punch eachother out for 5 minutes. Nash gains the advantage with an unseen lowblow and goes for the Jackknife powerbomb. Sid backbody drops Nash and pins...1...2...kickout! Sid nails his powerbomb and pins...1...2...kickout! Sid then tries to powerbomb again but Kane makes his way to the ring with a tank of gas. Sid drops Nash and Kane knocks out the referee. Kane and Sid stare eachother down. Kane then tombstones Nash and wakes up the referee. Sid pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Psycho Sid

While Sid celebrates Kane dumps the gasoline on every side of the ring. He lights it up leaving Sid surrounded in fire.
Kane: "You're going to feel my pain Sid...I want...a...title shot!"
Sid stands in horror as the referees extinguish the fire and Kane laughs his way backstage.


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Alright, that's coming from a rookie who rarely posts, how can you even comment on my storylines. Plus, it may sound pathetic now but it's going to be a huge storyline in the end that will blow you away. It's going to be a really good storyline it just needs to be developed but you guys don't know how to develop you just give something a month to make a storyline and then you got your ppv match over and over again well this is different so wait and watch.

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The pyros go off and Stephanie McMahon makes her way out.
Steph: "I was watching Raw this past monday when I saw Kane come out and declare himself the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title while he is the number one contender for the WWE Championship here on SmackDown! Well, Kane, for your actions you are no longer the number one contender here on SmackDown!"
Vince McMahon struts to the ring.
Vince: "Shutup Steph! You see, Kane is still the number one contender for the WWE Championship and he will be competing against Shawn Michaels at Unforgiven for the title! You're trying to cheat Kane out of a title shot...for your actions...you will be competing tonight...in this very ring...against Kane!"
Steph: "You can't do that! I'm the General Manager...not you!"
Vince: "No...I'm the owner! No don't push me or I'll fire your ass!"
Steph: "Fine...then I'm booking you against Goldberg!"
Everybody cheers and starts chanting Goldberg's name. Goldberg comes to the ring.
Goldberg: "That's right Vince...You're Next!"
Vince: "Good one...but I believe you're next Goldberg. That's right because if you win this match against me...you're fired! And if you lose this match...you're going to have to face Kane next week in a Hell In A Cell Match with me as the special referee!"

The lights go off. When they're back on Stephanie McMahon and Goldberg are out cold and Kane is on the stage with Vince laughing.


Women's Championship Match: Sable Vs. Lita
Both start off slapping eachother. Sable gets the upper hand with a headlock but Lita reverses it into a backdrop. Lita delivers a couple hiptosses and then a head scissors. Sable goes to the outside to take a breather but Lita follows her with a suicide dive. Lita throws Sable into the steps and goes into the ring and cheers. Paul Bearer and the Undertaker clone go to the ring. Undertaker tombstones Lita while Paul Bearer talks to the referee. Sable delivers a Sable Bomb and pins...1...2...3!

Paul Bearer grabs a mic.
Paul: "Come on, deadman. You think you're big and tough then come on out here and face the REAL Undertaker man to man!"
Undertaker comes down on his bike and gets in the ring. Paul Bearer gets out of there as Undertaker stares down the Undertaker. Nathan Jones appears from under the ring and rides off with the Undertaker's bike. Undertaker looks behind to see that his bike is missing as the 'real' Undertaker chokeslams the biker and tombstones him. Undertaker and Paul Bearer walk backstage laughing.


Trish is shown stretching. A.J. Styles comes from behind as Trish bends over to touch her toes. Styles slaps her ass.
A.J.: "That's one fine can."
Trish: "You perverted loser!"
Trish goes to slap A.J. but he grabs her hand and rubs it all over his body. A.J. then kisses her by force and walks away with Trish disgusted.

United States Championship Match: Charlie Haas Vs. A.J. Stlyes
Charlie Haas starts off with about 5 suplexes and pins...1...2...kickout. A.J. fights back with a standing dropkick and then a springboard shooting star press. Styles continues the assault on the outside by throwing Haas into the steps, the ringpost, the railing, the announcer's table and the ring itself. A.J. throws Haas back into the ring and goes up top. Trish comes out and when she gets in the ring she stares down A.J. Styles, Haas stands up and Trish low blows him without the ref seeing. Trish then goes to the outside and cheers for A.J. Styles as he delivers a moonsault and pins...1...2...3!
Winner:A.J. Styles

Stephanie McMahon is shown backstage getting ready for her match. She steps out the door and heads her way to the ring with Kane seen not too far away following her.


Vince comes out.
Vince: "Steph, it's your lucky day...I was looking at some old video tapes when I saw this match...it inspired me then to make your match...a table match!And since I like stipulations so much...if my daughter loses this match, she is no longer general manager of SmackDown! but if she wins...I will never appear on television again!"

Table Match: Stephanie McMahon Vs. Kane
Stephanie runs around the ring as Kane chases her. Kane catches her and rips off wrestling uniform. Shawn Michaels runs down to try and stop Kane's assault but he gets chokeslammed onto the ramp. Kane sets up a table and lays Stephanie on it. Kane goes to the top rope. Steph moves out of the way and Shawn pushes Kane and he almost goes through the table. Stephanie then lays the table against the corner and gets help from Shawn to put Kane on it. Vince runs down to the ring and gives a chair shot to Shawn Michaels. Vince goes to hit Steph but she low blows him then DDT's her own dad onto the chair. What she doesn't notice is that Kane has set up the table. Steph turns around and gets chokeslammed through the table by Kane. Security comes down to try and throw Steph out of the building but she hangs onto the ropes. Kane pulls off her thong as Steph covers up. Security then pulls her away. Kane follows though and gets Steph into the parking lot. Kane then rips the top off of Stephanie as she is there unconscious on her stomach nude. Kane throws her into a limo and takes off with her into the night.


Highlight Reel
Y2J: "I remember last week when I introduced everybody to A.J. Styles and he said that he would be taking on me...well instead he takes a title shot and wins the title. Well I've had it with that kid and I'm going to take it out on him next week when I get the chance. But that's not important, what is important is my guest...ladies and gentlemen...Eddie Guerrero!"

Eddie comes out in the lowrider as everybody chants...Eddie!

Eddie: "Odelay Essa!"
Y2J: "Yodelayeehoo to you too Amigo. Now...many people are talking saying that Eddie Guerrero is possibly the best wrestler alive today. Do you think so yourself?"
Eddie: "Of course! I have the mic skills, I have the wrestling skills, I got my lowrider and all these losers chanting my name. That's right, you're just a bunch of losers. The only reason you chant my name is because of my lowrider! Before that everybody had their signs saying 'Eddie mows my lawn'!...Eddie stole my car!...you people were making fun of me! Well it's my turn to make fun of you rotten, fat, stinking, american hillbillies! You chant my name because you want to see my lowrider jump...well let me tell you something compadros, Eddie is no longer bringing the lowrider. Eddie is no longer bringing hydraulics, Eddie is no longer going to demand attention from you...I'm going to show my skills in the ring...that's it!"
Y2J: "...you egotistical, self-righteous, son of a bitch! You let go of your fans just like that! These people buy your t-shirts...these people come here to see you and you just turn your back on them? I wish everybody would chant...Y-2-J, Y-2-J..."
Everybody starts chanting Y2J.
Eddie: "See, you depend on these fans all of a sudden and it costs you matches...I'll prove it to you right now. Me and you!"
Y2J: "You're on!"

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho uses one of the stools and hits Eddie over the back. He then ties Eddie up in the carpet on the ring. Jericho delivers 3 Lionsaults and then takes Eddie out of the carpet. Jericho throws Eddie right into the Jeritron 5000 and then powerbombs him through the LowRider. Jericho argues with the ref. Eddie grabs a steel pipe out of his car and nails Jericho in the head with it. Eddie delivers a frog splash and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Eddie Guerrero


Vince McMahon Vs. Goldberg
Goldberg delivers spear after spear to the boss. But since he doesn't want to win he just continues the assault. Goldberg brings Vince to the outside and just keeps him outside until the ref counts ten. That way none of them lose or win...it's a draw. Brock Lesnar comes out and F-5's Goldberg into the ring post and drags McMahon backstage.

In the back Stephanie McMahon is shown tied up to a street sign. (She has clothes on now...it's a black dress.)
Kane: "The billion dollar princess...is about to be...burnt to the ground!"

Kane grabs a gasoline can from the limo and pours it all over Stephanie. He then grabs a lighter and is about to burn Stephanie until the police show up.
Officer #1: "Is there a problem here?"
Kane: "Go away!"
Officer #2: "Oh my god, he's gonna light her on fire!"
Officer #1: "Sir...put the lighter down and nobody will get hurt..."
Kane drops the lighter and the cops advance to arrest Kane. Kane punches out one cop and chokeslams the other he then chokeslams both cops into the windshield of their car. Kane grabs the lighter and throws it off the bridge into the river. Kane pulls the stop sign out of the ground.
Kane: "I have a better idea...you can get wet!"
Kane throws the sign over the bridge with Stephanie tied to it.
Kane: "No more Steph...everybody is going...to...feel my pain!"


(It's still being developed so don't worry...it's going to be good.)

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Raw-2 weeks from Unforgiven


The pyros go off and the theme song plays.

Shane McMahon comes out.
Shane: "I was watching SmackDown! and I saw the most hideous thing in my life...my father turned on my sister and had Kane throw her off a bridge...well since my father allows Kane to be on both shows...I'm calling him out right now!"
Vince McMahon comes out.
Vince: "...Shane...this is the beginning of the end. I knew that if my daughter and son were running both shows than this company would come to an end...that's why I've come up with a group that will stop all of this. You see...at Unforgiven...it's going to be you against Kane. But that's not all...Kane is performing triple duty that night as he will take the heavyweight titles from both shows...giving me full power! Now Shane...I'd like you to meet this group up close and personal...that's why I'm booking the main event tonight...It will be Kane, Brock Lesnar, and the other member of my group taking on Shane McMahon...Kevin Nash...and a partner of your choosing!"
Shane: "Alright, you want to play a dirty...I'm booking another match tonight...with you in it! It's going to be you against Psycho Sid in a cage match tonight!"
Vince: "That's fine with me Shane...just wanting to say Good Luck to you...because you're going to need it!"


Danny Basham Vs. Hawk
Hawk starts with three flying shoulder tackles followed by a closeline and a pin...1...2...kickout. Hawk then goes for another flying shoulder tackle but is dodged and Hawk falls to the floor. Doug Basham comes out and starts assaulting Hawk and Danny Basham crawls under the ring. They just switched! Doug Basham continues the assault with suplexes and closelines. Doug with the cover...1...2...kickout! Doug and Danny switch again but the ref doesn't see it. Danny delivers a powerbomb...1...2...kickout! Hawk delivers a closeline to take out his opponent. Doug throws a ladder in the ring and Danny sets it up standing near the corner. Danny puts Hawk onto the corner and decides to suplex him over the ladder. Hawk fights out of the suplex attempt and delivers a Doomsday Device with the ladder! Hawk goes for the cover...1...2...Doug pulls the referee out of the ring. The Bashams give Hawk a double powerbomb as Animal races down to chase Doug to the backstage area. Danny crawls for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Danny Basham

Elix Skipper comes out.
Elix: "And lights on me...all cameras on my...you know why? Because I'm pound for pound, the greatest athlete in the world!"
Mr. Ass comes out.
Mr. Ass: "Pound for pound ain't saying much for a scrawny guy like you...you see...pound for pound...I'm the greatest Ass-lete in the world! And I plan on kicking your ass tonight...and if you ain't down with that...I got two words for ya...SUCK IT!"
Mr. Ass Vs. Elix Skipper
Elix Skipper breaks his scale over Mr. Ass and the bell rings. Elix Skipper makes the pin...1...2...3!
Winner: Elix Skipper
Mr. Ass grabs a mic.
Mr. Ass: "This ain't over...you think you can hit me in the face with a scale and get away with it? Well you're wrong! I challenge you to a match at Unforgiven...just me...and you...however there has to be a stipulation..."
Elix: "Fine...me and you at Unforgiven...now what's the stipulation?"
Mr. Ass: "...It's going to be a kiss my ass match!"
Elix Skipper looks shocked.


Billy Kidman/Juventud Guerrera Vs. Ultimo Dragon/Rey Mysterio
Ultimo Dragon starts off by blowing fire into Juventud's face. Ultimo Dragon continues the assault outside as Rey Mysterio and Billy battle inside. Kidman starts off with a closeline. Rey answers back with a hiptoss. Kidman kicks Rey away and delivers a standing dropkick. Rey rolls to the outside. Kidman shows his true cruiserweight skills by delivering a shooting star press from the top rope to the outside onto Rey. Ultimo Dragon blows fire into Kidman's face and rolls him into the ring. Ultimo Dragon makes the cover...1...2...450 splash by Juventud onto Ultimo Dragon, Guerrera then rolls Kidman outside of the ring and makes the cover on the Cruiserweight Champion...1...2...3!
Winners: Juventud Guerrera/Billy Kidman

Randy Orton Vs. Dink The Clown
Randy Orton suplexes the midget and then delivers an elbow drop off the top. Orton makes the cover...1...2...kickout. Doink comes in and hits Randy Orton with a circus whip. Doink and Dink continue the assault and then Ahmed Johnson comes to the ring. He back the clowns away as they take off their masks. Doink is D'Lo Brown and Dink is some black midget. Ahmed gives Orton the Pearl River Plunge and leaves.
Winner: Randy Orton by DQ


John Cena Vs. Legend Vs. Mark Jindrak Vs. Garrison Cade

John Cena delivers an F-U to Mark Jindrak knocking him out. Legend delivers the Hero Destroyer (Rock Bottom) to Garrison Cade. Both copy eachother trying to outdo one another. Suplexes, Closelines, shoulder tackles, headbutts, right hands, left hands. After all the copying, Jindrak and Cade are completely out cold and bloody. They both make a pin...1...2...3! They both argue with the referee of who won. John Cena nails Legend with the padlock and chain as he leaves having won this battle.
Winner: John Cena and Legend (Tie)

JR: "Folks, I know we said last week that Unforgiven was 2 weeks away...we apologize...Shane McMahon has moved it one more week. That's right...it's 2 weeks away from yesterday."
Vince: "This card is magnificent! We have Shane McMahon taking on my Kane. Kane going for the heavyweight Championship of Raw against Psycho Sid...Kane going for the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels. I know it's supposed to be all Raw but I though Shawn Michaels should defend the title against a worthy opponent. Don't forget also...my undefeated Brock Lesnar taking on the undefeated Goldberg. Again Goldberg will be joining us even though he's from SmackDown!"
JR: "Also...Randy Orton Vs. Ahmed Johnson in a two by four on a pole match...Randy Orton may have alot of trouble with this one... Don't forget the Kiss My Ass Match, sorry for my language momma, as it will be Mr. Ass and Elix Skipper. Another one is Legend against John Cena...and for the Cruiserweight Championship...Ultimo Dragon taking on Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio...and BILLY KIDMAN! In what is now a fatal four way elimination match."
Vince: "And Tag Team Gold will be on the line as Legion Of Doom defends the titles against the Basham Brothers in what will be a great tag team match...speaking of matches I've got one after this commercial break with Psycho Sid!"


Cage Match: Psycho Sid Vs. Vince McMahon
Sid throws Vince from side to side absolutely destroying the boss's face. Sid delivers not one...but two powerbombs! Sid is about to go out the door but Kane rips the ring open from underneath and drags Sid down the hole. Vince slowly climbs outside of the cage to win the match. Kane gets back in the ring with Sid. Kane throws Sid from side to side just like he was doing to Vince during the match. Kane drags Sid to the top of the cage and chokeslams him through the Spanish Announce Table.
Winner: Vince McMahon


Six Man Tag Team Match: Kane/Brock Lesnar/??? Vs. Shane McMahon/Kevin Nash/???

Two mystery men going into this matchup. Brock Lesnar grabs a mic.
Brock: "I'd like to introduce you to...the returning Deadman...The Undertaker!"
Undertaker comes out.
Shane: "Good one...but not as good as the guy that I have just picked...I made the phone call...he ran down here as soon as he could...ladies and gentlemen...my assistant...Stone Cold Steve Austin!"
Stone Cold comes out to a huge ovasion.

The match starts off with Kevin Nash and Brock Lesnar who just tear eachother apart. This continues to happen between all six competitors until a tag is made to Kane and Shane. Kane and Shane both stare eachother down. Kane throws Shane to the outside. Shane tries to fight back but Kane proves to be too powerful and throws him into the steel steps. Kane gets a chain and wraps it around Shane's ankles, tying them up. Kane drags Shane to the back as the ref counts to ten making this match a double count out. Vince laughs at the commentator's table watching his son getting dragged into the parking lot. Shane is attached to what appears to be a crane. Shane is then lifted upside down and high in the air. Shane is dropped into what appears to be a water tank. Shane is drowning in the water! Stone Cold shows up and knocks Kane outside the crane. Austin drives the crane into the tank, taking all the water out. Kane sits up and grabs Austin by the throat. Austin moves out of the way and a car crashes into Kane knocking him out. Sid comes out of the car and powerbombs Kane through the windshield of the limo.
Sid: "How do you like that big man? Just because you're a monster doesn't mean you can defeat the master and the ruler of the world! Come Unforgiven...I will remain supreme and you will just become a minority in this world as I will crush you."
Austin: "You know why? Because I'm the special referee for that match...and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So!"
Winners: Double Countout

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