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Justin Gabriel's new finisher

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Justin Gabriel's new finisher ((UPDATED*)) with Tyson Kidd

I just watched last week and this week's NXT, I noticed he used Jumping Tornado DDTas his finisher. I thought this was much better than the 450 splash which was slower for him to execute and very risky, that is also made him got injured a few months ago. The new finisher looked pretty painful as he jumps from the second-rope turnbuckle and catches the opponent's head and drops on the mat. I just hope he uses that 450 splash again :sad:. This finisher is what the fans are expecting to see more from him. I hope its temporary since his elbow isn't fully recovered yet. Here's the video of his new finisher

What do you guys think of the new finisher?

This week's NXT, they also perform a Hart Attack at 10:58 as their tag finisher. Pretty much these two click together as a team. I had to use the full match video. Sorry. Please do enjoy the match though :)

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Good finisher. Might cause a few injuries or botches though.
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