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Just an idea

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When nosing (not posting, you'll understand) at a certain other popular wrestling forum, I noticed they now not only make members register to view the forums, but before you can look at their Women Section, you must have at least 50 posts elsewhere. Would that work here or would it just discourage people? Of course, people don't know about this rule until they register, which wouldn't be detrimental to membership as things stand, just post counts.
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Sounds like NoDQ there. I think. Their WOW section is there without the 50 posts, you just get another forum. I suppose that forum contains nudity.

The idea won't get them any more posts, I don't think. Hell, could scare them away. I think if we did that then we'd get a lot of questions and e-mails (I would) regarding why they can't see the forum etc.

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It made me stop visiting NoDQ when they did that switch. I used to only use it for the porn(seeing if theres any new pics we don't have here that I could post....I swear) and their graphics forum. Then they took the Celebrities forum away for people with less than 50 posts, so I stopped visiting so often. Now I just pop in there for the graphics once in a while.
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