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Just a suggestion

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Now, I'm not one of those people that rushes judging or anything like that. But, it has been over a month now since the last deadline and no results have been posted. I don't even think all the judging is even finished. I'm still missing a debate to judge.

But since we're in the midst of the holiday season and I can imagine that more people will be occupied with real life than usual, why not just shut it down until the new year?

Because, let's say these results are posted within the next week (for the hell of it, December 3). The new card gets posted December 5. With a 10 day deadline, results are posted December 15. Should judging be expected anytime after December 15 and before the top of the year? Seems like that's when people would REALLY be busy.

Also, with new signups who are debating (or waiting to debate for the first time), why not have Dojo-like debates for them and allow those of us that are here to judge those, give feedback and help prepare them for their actual debut on the main card? They're being put on ice which, IMO, would probably make them lose interest if they're having to just sit & wait till God knows when.

Again, just a suggestion. But, it makes the most sense. It's not like everybody is gonna become consistently less busy for the next 5 weeks and for those who aren't as busy as others, you have something for them to do for the next 5 weeks that could adequately prepare them for when it counts.
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