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Ok, lately I've been thinking about it more and more. WWE needs some kind of huge surprise added to it. Sure they have the Kane thing going on but there only going to be able to milk that for so long before it gets old. The WWE needs to go back to the way it was in the attitude era, not a complete copy, I'm not saying that in any way shape or form. But they need to add excitement to the show, hell I remember going to bed on a Monday night and saying "that son of a bitch Vince Mcmahon he's such an asshole I can't believe what he did this week." They need to put that kind of feeling back into the fans, it's almost there with that Kane thing, but the whole thing about it is there is no suspence. They need edge of your seat wrestling and drama. There are two ideas I have right now that might give a little boost to WWE.

One is bring back a few wrestlers who were released and have them causing hell on Raw and Smackdown. You know one of those kind of "attack on WWE" type things. Something where there pissed off to the max that they lost their jobs and they want them back and eventually they would get them back in some way. Of course they would have been already hired back but it would probably give whoever would be involved a pretty nice push when they got back into the ring.

My second idea is to have an unknown guy in a mask (ski mask) and totally black ring attire interfere in a big match like the Raw main event at a Pay Per View. Have Jr and King snap out about it saying thats not what they planned, what the hell is happening this is out of script. Then the guy runs out through the crowd with security chasing after him. Then the following Monday on Raw have him sneaking around the backstage area being chased by security causing horrible havoc all night for the night. Then the following Monday night have Vince come out and call the guy out. Have Vince do a very, very convincing speech that he has no idea who the hell the masked man is and that if he has any kind of testicular fortitude he will come out. The guy doesnt come out and Vince snaps. Vince eventually calms down and at the end of the show says that if the man wants to be in the WWE arena so much and screw with thing then he can do it in the ring next week. That if he goes to the ring Vince will give him a shot at a WWE contract and the Title. Next week the guy goes to the ring with no music, no nothing. He gets into the ring and gets a mic and calls Vince out. Vince gets on the mic and asks what the guy wants, why the guy is screwing around with all kinds of shit in the back and screwing with matches. Vince looks pissed as he tells him that he is horrible for the business, that he is lower than dirt. Vince says that if the man wants a WWE contract to wrestle, refree, manage whatever that he would have to go through Goldberg or any big name ill just use Goldberg even though i hate him and then unmask. Goldberg comes out and stands at the top of the ramp with Vince as the guy talks. The guy says that Goldberg is nothing, and that he will end Goldbergs winning streak as soon as he puts down his mic. He apologizes to Goldberg in advance for kicking his ass and Goldberg runs to the ring gets into the ring and directly spears the guy. He puts the guy up for a jackhammer and puts him right back down. He covers the guy and he kicks out of the jackhammer. He picks the guy up again to deliver another jackhammer and holds him up in the air for about 30 seconds to let the blood rush to the guys head and the guy gets out of it and gets on his feet kind of and stumbles to the turnbuckle. Goldberg signals for another spear but when he goes to hit it the guy throws him into the ring post. The guy would then take Goldberg and hit whatever WWE would give him for a finisher, but something that looks really painful. Then the ref would take a bump somehow and be out just long enough for the guy to get the ring steps and take them into the ring and throw them into Goldberg's head as he was getting up. Goldberg is knocked out cold and Vince starts to make his was to the ring. Vince gets into the ring with a chair and just as hes going to hit the unknown guy with the chair he turns and nails the defenseless Goldberg who is on the ground knocked out already. Vince pounds the chair into Goldberg and puts him out of action for a couple weeks. They unmask the guy. I dont know who he would be, probably just a guy who the WWE knows is going to be a huge star from OVW. Then in a few weeks when Goldberg comes back he fueds with Mcmahon, they have a few memorable moments, kind of like an Austin Vs. Mcmahon thing but with newer more innovative ideas. They go on with this for the next 5 maybe 6 weeks or so having Goldberg in a match against Mcmahon at the Pay Per View and then like a Raw or two later have a match where the guy has Vince in his corner and Goldberg has someone whos really good in his corner. Then the guy and Goldberg go at it and towards the end of the match Vince trys to get involved and the guy Goldberg has with him comes in to the ring to stop Vince. When he comes into the ring Goldberg spears him and they beat the hell out of the guy in Goldbergs corner and joins Vince to become along with the other guy from the beginning two of the biggest heels in the company. Then get other guys into the stable and have Evolution probably with a fourth or fith member by then turn face and fued with the stable of Goldberg the unknown guy from the beginning and whoever else the WWE would decide to put in it to push. Then there could be a huge fresh rivalry between Evolution and what would pretty much be a new corporation.

Give me feedback, tell me what u think.

Pretty much all im saying is they need the excitement and suspence back
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