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just a random thought

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forgive me for stating the obvious but apparently Randy Orton & Santino are good friends in real life and like to hang out on the road and since Randy Orton is known as the Viper could it be possible that its because of that that Santino came up with the Cobra since their both named after snakes or is it just pure coincidence? lol
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First of all, what a pair! Santino and Orton.

And that is very interesting. Though it can also be said that both are kind of (intentional or not) referencing the Texas rattlesnake. The WWE just seems to like snakes. And passing down animal designations. The Rock was the Brahma Bull...according to Batista, Cena f**ks cows...what's next in the cattle line? Perhaps a submission hold simply entitled "The Calf Ripper?"
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