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SmackDown! August 21, 2003:
John Cena V Billy Kidman
John Cena wins and World's Greatest TT comes out and attacks Billy. Rey comes down but is overpowered by the Triple Team. Stephanie signs John Cena and WGTT V Kidman/Mysterio/Mystery Partner (maybe Rikishi or Spanky)

John Cena and WGTT defeat Kidman/Mysterio/Mystery partner after Kidman turns on Mysterio.

Benoit and Rhyno draw over Tajiri and Eddie
Just as Benoit has the Crossface on Tajiri, Rhyno hits a Gore on Eddie and goes for the pin. The ref goes to count, 1...2...3, just as the refs hand hits 3 Tajiri taps. Who's the winner?

SmackDown! August 28, 2003:
Chris Benoit defeats Rhyno to capture the US Title.
This match was to determine the true US Champion.

John Cena defeats Billy Gunn
Just a filler.

Prelude to No Mercy:
John Cena and Chris Benoit start a deep fued filled with harsh freestyles, attacks, tag matches and such.

No Mercy:
Chris Benoit defeats John Cena
Great match, Cena hits an FU but Benoit gets a foot on the rope. Cena tries another but Chris Benoit wins with the Crossface. At the end Benoit offers a handshake but Cena hits a cheap shot.

SmackDown! after No Mercy:
John Cena busts a freestyle about Chris Benoit and the bottom rope. Cena talks about different events involving the bottome rope, like Austin/Angle at No Mercy 2001.

Prelude to Survivor Series:
Fued continues as Benoit successfully defends the US Title. After costing Benoit a match for the WWE Title, Benoit challenges John Cena to a match that he's never been in...a US Title Ladder Match.

Survivor Series:
John Cena defeats Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit retrieves the belt but the ref is knocked out. Cena hits a chain punch and steals the belt. The ref awakens and sees that Cena has it and declares Cena the winner.

Prelude to Royal Rumble:
John Cena loses the US Title to someone. Benoit wins a shot at the WWE Title at Royal Rumble against Angle or whoever.

Royal Rumble:
Benoit defeats Angle with help from whoever Angle is feuding with to FINALLY win the WWE Championship.

John Cena wins the Royal Rumble.

No Way Out:
Benoit defends WWE Title.

John Cena wins his match.

WrestleMania XX
Chris Benoit defeats John Cena.
John Cena headlines WrestleMania like he said he would. Chris Benoit finally wins at WrestleMania to retain the WWE Title.

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It looks pretty good at the beginning with the August 21st SmackDown! with the World's Greatest Tag Team and John Cena beating down Kidman and Mysterio, which leads into a pretty cool SummerSlam event. I would go with Ultimo Dragon, instead of Spanky or Rikishi as the mystery partner. Though, I think it is a bit too soon. Having a beginning of a fued play out on SmackDown! then three days later making a match featuring the wrestlers three days later. There is hardly any buildup, despite the WGTT/Mysterio & Kidman part of the fued. I think the Billy Kidman angle is rather stale now, its not your fault I have just seen it and heard people's opinions that state that is what they picture happening.

The Rhyno/Beniot who won scenario sounds like a cool idea, but I would have just already pictured Rhyno and Beniot being at it like cats and dogs throughout the entire match, reminding me of back when where he had some pretty great matches against Kevin Sullivan. I am happy you gave Chris Beniot the push, and giving him a title to his name.

I don't think John Cena wrestling Billy Gunn was the way to go, I would have said have him beat Rey Mysterio Jr., or even that mystery partner; Rikishi, Spanky, or Ultimo Dragon, as a filler. Just brings some questions into the air as Billy Gunn was in the six-man tag match and turned on Rey, and John Cena was also against Rey, just seems like they would be in cohoots. John Cena versus Chris Beniot would be a great fued, I am not too keen on hearing Chris Beniot freestyle, but the matches and backstage attacks would be some of the best. The No Mercy match is played out real-well, and I do believe Chris Beniot would shake the hand of Kurt Angle after a hard-fought match, or Rey Mysterio Jr., or anyone to be honest. Though, to be perfectly honest would you shake the hand of your opponent after he has been attacking you in the backstage area and freestyling about you in the non-positive way? That is like Kurt Angle shaking hands with Brock Lesnar, if he beats him at SummerSlam, just something that you won't see happen. So shame on Chris Beniot for even thinking of doing that.

The building up to the Survivor Series is really good. And, a ladder match involving the two would be phenomenal. John Cena smashing Beniot's face with the chain and then stealing the belt is so his character, and I think you worked that pretty well.

I am a bit disappointed at the Royal Rumble results. One Beniot beating Kurt Angle, I believe that is possible, but having Angle's fueding opponent help Beniot to get the win is not right. Beniot tried to shake hands with a wrestler he had been fueding with for a month, but then in a guy who is just as stand-up as him he will let himself win the belt through someone else's interference. Shame. And, John Cena winning the title shot by winning the Royal Rumble isn't too good. I mean in six months, he has won the Royal Rumble, recieved a World Title Shot, and won the United States Title, that is something most wrestlers haven't done who have been in the business two, three, or even four times longer than Cena.

You are kind of vague on what happens after Royal Rumble, but I think it could be written a bit better. I mean with superstars like Undertaker, The Rock, Big Show, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar, they are having Chris Beniot and John Cena headline it? Again, we have had someone like Goldust who has been in the business forever, but he has never got to headline any WrestleMania. I think he is getting pushed to fast, in a two or three year period he has attained the highest honor of any superstar so where can someone go if they have attained the highest honor. The only place is down. You are the President of the United States, but four years later you know you aren't going to be the President anymore and will have to take a backseat to watch everyone else.
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