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Just A Hypothetical Question...

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So with Stone Cold in the air with all the Tough Enough buzz it made me think about all he's accomplished and his path to stardom. One of the things I found interesting was that his KOTR win in 1996. HHH was originally set to win the event, but because he was punished for the MSG incident WWF was forced to find someone else to push and that man was good ol' SCSA. The win pretty much launched his career and it's funny to know that, if it wasn't for the MSG incident, he would have never won the event. If he didn't win he may never have been pushed, which may have affected the future product of the WWF, the MNW, etc. Which then leads into the hypothetical question of this topic.

Had HHH never been axed from the event and went on to win, do you think Stone Cold would have been pushed the same way he was and if not how would that have affected the future of the WWF/E?
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