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Juicy J Sig & Avy Request

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Subject: JUICY J (We Trippy Mane)
Size: Don't Care, as long as it's awesome.
Link to last request: EHHH it was three months ago.
Colors: PURPLE. I want something that's going to look SICK with my username, Avy, & sig. A secondary color in this case could be anything in order to keep away from a "pure purple" look... White or black maybe?
Text: 'Juicy J' 'Evan Stays Trippy' (New Username incoming)
Pictures: http://www.artmoth.com/images/content/backgrounds/13-1284578611-bg-juicy-j-three-six-mafia.jpg

USE ANYTHING MAN. The second last pic is the coolest and would probably work as a backdrop or something as well as THIS;


I really wanna emphasize PURPLE in this (Kush & Codeine baby). I just want something CLEAN and awesome looking here.
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That's awesome man. Repped.

Anybody wanna try and give a sig/Avy combo a go?

Maybe an animated one like my current? I don't care, as long as it's slick.
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